VII/208             Faint Galaxies at the North Galactic Pole  (Infante+ 1995)
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Beginning of ReadMe : VII/208 Faint Galaxies at the North Galactic Pole (Infante+ 1995) ================================================================================ Faint Galaxies at the North Galactic Pole: The Catalogue Infante L., Pritchet C.J., Hertling G. <J. Astron. Data 1, Ndeg2 (1995)> =1995JAD.....1....2I ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Galaxy catalogs ; Galaxies, photometry ; Galactic pole, north Abstract: The North Galactic Pole Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope Catalogue of faint galaxies is made available. We provide positions, photometric and structural parameters for more than 50000 galaxies. The J and F magnitudes were obtained from IIIaJ and IIIaF CFHT prime focus plates respectively. This catalogue have been used in many studies of faint galaxy properties. Galaxy counts, colour distributions and clustering properties of faint galaxies have been obtained with these data. Statistical properties of stars have been studied as well. For details refer to Infante and Pritchet (1992ApJS...83..237I), Pritchet and Infante (1992ApJ...399L..35P), Infante (1994A&A...282..353), Infante (1994A&AS..107..413I) and Infante and Pritchet (1995ApJ...439..565I). The magnitude errors range from: +/-0.3mag at J=24 to less than +/-0.1 at J=20 +/-0.3mag at F=23 to less than +/-0.1 at F=19 The rms uncertainty in the zero points is 0.022 (J) and 0.038 (F)