VI/32       Bidelman-Parsons Spectroscopic/Bibliographic Cat (Parsons+ 1980)
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Beginning of ReadMe : VI/32 Bidelman-Parsons Spectroscopic/Bibliographic Cat (Parsons+ 1980) ================================================================================ Bidelman-Parsons Spectroscopic and Bibliographical Catalog Parsons S.B., Buta N.S., Bidelman W.P. <CDS Bull. No. 18, p. 86 (1980)> =1980BICDS..18...86P ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Combined data ; Spectral types ; Bibliography Description: The Bidelman-Parsons Spectroscopic and Bibliographical Catalog (BPSB; Parsons, Buta, and Bidelman 1980a, b) contains data compiled from the astronomical literature by W. P. Bidelman. These data include diverse catalogs and lists, especially from pre-1950 journals (minor as well as major), and from pre-1962 observatory publications. From more recent years, the data on any object frequently are limited to one item with a reference; for example, a spectral type. No data published after 1973 are included. Over 200 publications are represented. The BPSB has information on 40,312 objects. The catalog contains most of the same information on MK spectral types as the Catalogue of Stellar Spectra Classified in the Morgan-Keenan System (Jaschek, Conde, and de Sierra 1964) and its updates, but it also includes such items as spectral types without a luminosity class (certainly better than nothing); spectroscopic absolute magnitudes; notes on multiplicity; notes on high proper motion or radial velocity (with the values, if probably variable, or if greater than 60 km/s); unpublished remarks and spectral types from several sources, including Bidelman and Henize; and Bidelman's preliminary identifications of many sources in the Two-Micron Sky Survey (Neugebauer and Leighton 1969). Some of the longer lists included in the catalog are those of OB stars from the Tonantzintla-Tacubaya and Heidelberg-Koenigstuhl surveys (Iriarte and Chavira 1957; Chavira 1958; Klare and Szeidl 1966); that of OB stars with emission from the Case-Hamburg surveys (Hardorp et al. 1959; Stock, Nassau, and Stephenson 1960; Hardorp, Theile, and Voigt 1964; Nassau and Stephenson 1963; Hardorp, Theile, and Voigt 1965; Nassau, Stephenson, and MacConnell 1965; Stephenson and Sanduleak 1971); and stars from the General Catalogue of Variable Stars (Kukarkin et al. 1969); and the Catalogue of Suspected Variable Stars (Kukarkin et al. 1951, 1965). Although the catalog is mainly of stellar data, it includes many galactic nebulae of various kinds.