V/8         Space Velocity Catalogue (Eggen 1962)
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Beginning of ReadMe : V/8 Space Velocity Catalogue (Eggen 1962) ================================================================================ Space Velocity Catalogue Eggen, O.J. <Royal Obs. Bull. No. 51 (1962)> =1962RGOB...51...79E ================================================================================ ADC_Keywords: Space velocities Description: New "post-1900" proper motions have been derived for all of the stars with known radial velocity of quality class A or B that are also contained in the General Catalog (GC, catalog I/113). The catalog lists the space motion vectors of the 3483 stars for which the differences between the pre- and post-1900 proper motions and the probable error of the combined values are small enough to cause less than about 5 km/s uncertainty in the total space motion based on the best available determinations of the stellar distances. In addition to the weighted means of the pre- and post-1900 proper motion components on the N30 system, the best available values of the radial velocity and the space-velocity vectors (UVW), based on these motions and on an assumed luminosity derived from considerations of all available estimates. Compared to the Table 1 of the publication, note that the following elements are missing: - the 3rd designation of Column I - the spectral classifications of Column III - all annotations of Column VIII: the uncertainty flag related to the distance modulus m-M, and also the annotations about binarity or clustering.