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11.2J/A+A/481/16917 20 53.3-35 47 01ATCA 3mm obs. of NGC 6334I and NGC 6334I(N) (Beuther+, 2008)[AladinJava] NGC 6334 I = NAME NGC 6334-I
21.2J/A+A/466/98917 20 53.3-35 47 01Hot ammonia from NGC 6334I and NGC 6334I(N) (Beuther+, 2007)[AladinJava] NGC 6334 I = NAME NGC 6334-I
30.8J/ApJ/851/L4617 20 53.3-35 47 01CH_3_OCH_2_OH ALMA detection in NGC 6334I (McGuire+, 2017)[AladinJava] NGC 6334I = NAME NGC 6334-I = (CH_3_OCH_2_OH parameters)
40.8J/ApJ/832/18717 20 53.3-35 47 01ALMA and VLA radio continuum obs. of NGC 6334I (Brogan+, 2016)[AladinJava] NGC 6334I = NAME NGC 6334-I
50.8J/A+A/593/A3717 20 53.3-35 47 01Spectral cube toward NGC 6334 I and I(N) (van der Wiel+, 2016)[AladinJava] NGC 6334 I = Name NGC 6334-I
60.8J/ApJ/854/17017 20 53.3-35 47 01Methanol (CH_3_OH) and OH masers in NGC 6334I (Hunter+, 2018)[AladinJava] NGC 6334I = NAME NGC 6334-I
70.8J/ApJ/866/8717 20 53.3-35 47 01VLA 22GHz water masers obs. in NGC6334I-MM1 (Brogan+, 2018)[AladinJava] NGC 6334-I = NAME NGC 6334-I
83.2J/ApJ/866/8717 20 53.4-35 46 58VLA 22GHz water masers obs. in NGC6334I-MM1 (Brogan+, 2018)[AladinJava] MM1B = [BHC2016] MM1B
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