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J/AJ/152/8/table4 Impact of stellar multiplicity on planetary systems I. (Kraus+, 2016)
Keck/NIRC2 imaging detection limits (465 rows)
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ColumnValue  Explain   (UCD)
327recno 327  Record number assigned by the VizieR team. Should Not be used for identification. (meta.record)

TypeC  Candidate type (C=Candidate, FP=False Positive) (meta.code.class)
KOI2542  Kepler Object of Interest number (linked to stellar parameters in table1 ) (;meta.main)

Prop 1  Number of properties for this candidate binary system (table7) (meta.number)
I/PSF 1  Number of Keck/NIRC2 imaging or PSF-fitting (table 5 or 6) (meta.number)
NRMl 1  Number of Keck/NIRC2 NRM detection limits (table2) (meta.number)
NRMc   Indicates a Keck/NIRC2 NRM candidate companion (table3) (meta.ref.url)

MJD56868.46 d Modified Julian Date of the observation (time.epoch)
FiltKp  Filter used (Kc or Kp) (instr.setup;instr.filter)
Inst   Instrument (coronagraph) used (C06) (instr.setup)
Nf17   [1/17] Number of frames obtained (Nfram) (meta.number)
Tint340.00 s [10/340] Integration time (tint) (time.epoch)
L150 5.8 mag [2.9/6.9] Magnitude limit at 150mas projected separation (phot.mag)
L200 6.5 mag [3.6/7.6] Magnitude limit at 200mas projected separation (phot.mag)
L250 7.0 mag [3.8/7.7] Magnitude limit at 250mas projected separation (phot.mag)
L300 7.2 mag [4/8] Magnitude limit at 300mas projected separation (phot.mag)
L400 7.9 mag [4.6/8.8] Magnitude limit at 400mas projected separation (phot.mag)
L500 8.1 mag [4.6/9] Magnitude limit at 500mas projected separation (phot.mag)
L700 8.2 mag [3.7/10] Magnitude limit at 700mas projected separation (phot.mag)
L1000 8.5 mag [4.6/10.7] Magnitude limit at 1000mas projected separation (phot.mag)
L1500 8.8 mag [5/12.1] Magnitude limit at 1500mas projected separation (phot.mag)
L2000 8.8 mag [4.9/12.7] Magnitude limit at 2000mas projected separation (phot.mag)
elapse time 0

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