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J/ApJ/706/1253/table1 MOJAVE VII. Blazar jet acceleration (Homan+, 2009)
Components for acceleration and non-radial motion analysis (203 rows)
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ColumnValue  Explain   (UCD)
117recno 117  Record number assigned by the VizieR team. Should Not be used for identification. (meta.record)

QSO1510-089  Source designation (HHMM+DDd, B1950) (;meta.main)
Seq 4  Component number (meta.code.multip)
N10  Number of epochs (meta.number)
<R> 2.04 mas Mean radial separation from core (averaged over all epochs) (spect.dopplerVeloc;stat.mean)
PA -34.9 deg [-179,180] Mean structural position angle (pos.posAng;stat.mean)
dProj 10.20 pc Mean projected radial distance (pos.distance;stat.mean)
pm 909 mas/yr Angular proper motion (
e_pm 52 mas/yr pm uncertainty (stat.error)
beta20.3  Apparent speed in units of the speed of light (phys.veloc;arith.diff)
e_beta 1.2  beta uncertainty (stat.error)
phi -33.7 deg [-180,180] Proper motion position angle φ (;pos.posAng)
e_phi 3.6 deg Phi uncertainty (stat.error)
Diff 1.2  Absolute difference between mean structural position angle and proper motion position angle (
e_Diff 4.0  Diff uncertainty (stat.error)
dmu 88 mas/yr2 Angular acceleration parallel to the proper motion position angle (pos.posAng)
e_dmu 89 mas/yr2 dmu uncertainty (stat.error)
dmup -11 mas/yr2 Angular acceleration perpendicular to the proper motion position angle (pos.posAng)
e_dmup100 mas/yr2 mup uncertainty (stat.error)
etaPa 0.13  Relative parallel acceleration as defined in Section 3.3 (
e_etaPa 0.13  etaPa uncertainty (stat.error)
etaPe-0.02  Relative perpendicular acceleration as defined in Section 3.3. (
e_etaPe 0.15  etaPe uncertainty (stat.error)
elapse time 0

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