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J/ApJS/204/24/planets Kepler planetary candidates. III. (Batalha+, 2013)
New planet candidate characteristics (tables 4 and 5) (1108 rows)
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ColumnValue  Explain   (UCD)
1018recno 1018  Record number assigned by the VizieR team. Should Not be used for identification. (meta.record)
StarStar  Characteristics of the star from table3 (meta.ref.url)

KOI2542.01   [5.02/2841.01] Kepler Object of Interest id (;meta.main)
Dur 1.2613 h [0.3/33.6] Transit duration, first contact to last contact (time.duration)
Depth 336 10-6 [20/21002] Transit depth at center of transit; part per million (src.var.amplitude)
SNR 18.3   [5/450] Total SNR of all transits detected (Note 1)   (stat.snr)
t0 65.37570 d Time of a transit center; BJD-2454900 (Note G2)   (time.epoch)
e_t0 0.00150 d Uncertainty in t0 (stat.error)
Per 0.7273148 d [-1548/346] Average interval between transits, negative if estimation (Note G2)   (time.period)
e_Per 0.0000111 d Uncertainty in Per (stat.error)
d/R* 2.473   Ratio of planet-star separation to stellar radius (Note 3)   (pos.distance)
e_d/R* 1.184   Uncertainty in d/R* (stat.error)
r/R* 0.01919  Ratio of planet radius to stellar radius (pos.distance)
e_r/R* 0.00363   Uncertainty in r/R* (stat.error)
b 0.876   Impact parameter of transit (Note 4)   (src.impactParam)
e_b 0.55740   Uncertainty in b (stat.error)
Chi 1.19   [0.39/17.45] Goodness of fit metric (
Rp 1.07 Rgeo [0.3/58.1] Planetary radius in Earth radii (=6378km) (Note 5)   (phys.size.radius)
a 0.013 AU [0.01/0.99] Semi-major axis of orbit (Note 6)   (phys.size.smajAxis)
Teq 985 K [187/3866] Equilibrium temperature of planet (Note 7)   (phys.temperature)
O/E1 0.17   [0/28.5] Ratio of odd to even numbered transit depths derived from light curve modeling (stat)
O/E2 0.03   [0/6.46] Ratio of odd to even numbered transit depths reported by Data Validation pipeline (stat)
Occ -0.62   Relative flux level at phase=0.5 divided by noise (phot.flux;arith.ratio)
dra -0.09 arcsec Source position in RA relative to target (Note 8)   (pos.eq.ra;arith.diff)
e_dra 0.88 arcsec Uncertainty in dra (stat.error)
ddec -0.87 arcsec [-15/11] Source position in DEC relative to target (Note 8)   (pos.eq.dec;arith.diff)
e_ddec 1.83 arcsec Uncertainty in ddec (stat.error)
Dist 0.5   [0/51.5] Distance to source position divided by noise (pos.distance)
MES    [0/170] Multiple Event Statistic; MES (Note 9)   (

SimbadSimbad  ask the Simbad data-base about this object (meta.ref.url)
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