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J/ApJS/164/81/nuclear Spectrophotometry of nearby galaxies (Moustakas+, 2006)
Nuclear emission-line fluxes and equivalent widths (148 rows)
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ColumnValue  Explain   (UCD)
25recno 25  Record number assigned by the VizieR team. Should Not be used for identification. (meta.record)

ID 74  Unique identification number (;meta.main)
l_OII3727<  Upper limit (3σ) flag on OII3727 (meta.code.error)
OII3727 0.37 aW/m2 [OII] 3727 flux (Note 1)   (phot.flux)
e_OII3727  aW/m2 1σ uncertainty on OII3727 (stat.error)
l_Hdelta<  Upper limit (3σ) flag on Hdelta (meta.code.error)
Hdelta 0.200 aW/m2 Hδ flux (Note 1)   (phot.flux)
e_Hdelta  aW/m2 1σ uncertainty on Hdelta (stat.error)
l_Hgamma<  Upper limit (3σ) flag on Hgamma (meta.code.error)
Hgamma 0.220 aW/m2 Hγ flux (Note 1)   (phot.flux)
e_Hgamma  aW/m2 1σ uncertainty on Hgamma (stat.error)
l_Hbeta<  Upper limit (3σ) flag on Hbeta (meta.code.error)
Hbeta 0.200 aW/m2 Hβ flux (Note 1)   (phot.flux)
e_Hbeta  aW/m2 1σ uncertainty on Hbeta (stat.error)
l_OIII5007<  Upper limit (3σ) flag on OIII5007 (meta.code.error)
OIII5007 0.220 aW/m2 [OIII] 5007 flux (Note 1)   (phot.flux)
e_OIII5007  aW/m2 1σ uncertainty on OIII5007 (stat.error)
l_OI6300   Upper limit (3σ) flag on OI6300 (meta.code.error)
OI6300 0.220 aW/m2 [OI] 6300 flux (Note 1)   (phot.flux)
e_OI6300 0.200 aW/m2 1σ uncertainty on OI6300 (stat.error)
l_Halpha   Upper limit (3σ) flag on Halpha (meta.code.error)
Halpha 1.280 aW/m2 Halpha flux (Note 1)   (phot.flux)
e_Halpha 0.250 aW/m2 1σ uncertainty on Halpha (stat.error)
l_NII6584   Upper limit (3σ) flag on NII6584 (meta.code.error)
NII6584 1.490 aW/m2 [NII] 6584 flux (Note 1)   (phot.flux)
e_NII6584 0.250 aW/m2 1σ uncertainty on NII6584 (stat.error)
l_SII6716   Upper limit (3σ) flag on SII6716 (meta.code.error)
SII6716 0.990 aW/m2 [SII] 6716 flux (Note 1)   (phot.flux)
e_SII6716 0.250 aW/m2 1σ uncertainty on SII6716 (stat.error)
l_SII6731   Upper limit (3σ) flag on SII6731 (meta.code.error)
SII6731 0.670 aW/m2 [SII] 6731 flux (Note 1)   (phot.flux)
e_SII6731 0.240 aW/m2 1σ uncertainty on SII6731 (stat.error)
l_EWOII3727<  Upper limit (3σ) flag on EWOII3727 (meta.code.error)
EWOII3727 1.90 0.1nm [OII] 3727 equivalent width (Note 1)   (spect.line.eqWidth)
e_EWOII3727  0.1nm 1σ uncertainty on EWOII3727 (stat.error)
l_EWHdelta<  Upper limit (3σ) flag on EWHdelta (meta.code.error)
EWHdelta 0.550 0.1nm Hδ equivalent width (Note 1)   (spect.line.eqWidth;em.line.Hdelta)
e_EWHdelta  0.1nm 1σ uncertainty on EWHdelta (stat.error)
l_EWHgamma<  Upper limit (3σ) flag on EWHgamma (meta.code.error)
EWHgamma 0.550 0.1nm Hγ equivalent width (Note 1)   (spect.line.eqWidth;em.line.Hgamma)
e_EWHgamma  0.1nm 1σ uncertainty on EWHgamma (stat.error)
l_EWHbeta<  Upper limit (3σ) flag on EWHbeta (meta.code.error)
EWHbeta 0.370 0.1nm Hβ equivalent width (Note 1)   (spect.line.eqWidth;em.line.Hbeta)
e_EWHbeta  0.1nm 1σ uncertainty on EWHbeta (stat.error)
l_EWOIII5007<  Upper limit (3σ) flag on EWOIII5007 (meta.code.error)
EWOIII5007 0.410 0.1nm [OIII] 5007 equivalent width (Note 1)   (spect.line.eqWidth;em.line.OIII)
e_EWOIII5007  0.1nm 1σ uncertainty on EWOIII5007 (stat.error)
l_EWOI6300   Upper limit (3σ) flag on EWOI6300 (meta.code.error)
EWOI6300 0.340 0.1nm [OI] 6300 equivalent width (Note 1)   (spect.line.eqWidth)
e_EWOI6300 0.300 0.1nm 1σ uncertainty on EWOI6300 (stat.error)
l_EWHalpha   Upper limit (3σ) flag on EWHalpha (meta.code.error)
EWHalpha 1.880 0.1nm Hα equivalent width (Note 1)   (spect.line.eqWidth;em.line.Halpha)
e_EWHalpha 0.370 0.1nm 1σ uncertainty on EWHalpha (stat.error)
l_EWNII6584   Upper limit (3σ) flag on EWNII6584 (meta.code.error)
EWNII6584 2.190 0.1nm [NII] 6584 equivalent width (Note 1)   (spect.line.eqWidth)
e_EWNII6584 0.370 0.1nm 1σ uncertainty on EWNII6584 (stat.error)
l_EWSII6716   Upper limit (3σ) flag on EWSII6716 (meta.code.error)
EWSII6716 1.470 0.1nm [SII] 6716 equivalent width (Note 1)   (spect.line.eqWidth)
e_EWSII6716 0.370 0.1nm 1σ uncertainty on EWSII6716 (stat.error)
l_EWSII6731   Upper limit (3σ) flag on EWSII6731 (meta.code.error)
EWSII6731 0.990 0.1nm [SII] 6731 equivalent width (Note 1)   (spect.line.eqWidth)
e_EWSII6731 0.350 0.1nm 1σ uncertainty on EWSII6731 (stat.error)
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