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  ISM towards IC 348 and Per OB2 (Cernis, 1993)
    II/197/table1(c)The results of photometry (all stars) (189 rows)
    II/197/table2The results of photometric quantification of stars in the vicinity of the dark cloud L1470 (40 rows)
    II/197/table4The results of photometric quantification of IC 348 stars (46 rows)
    II/197/table6The results of photometric quantification of stars in the region of the association Per OB2 (100 rows)
  Extinction law in the Cep OB3b young cluster (Allen+, 2014)
    J/ApJ/786/113/table1(c)Sources used to determine Extinction Law (76 rows)
  σ Orionis cluster stellar population (Hernandez+, 2014)
    J/ApJ/794/36/table1(c)Compiled membership information of the σ Orionis cluster (297 rows)
    J/ApJ/794/36/table2(c)Photometric candidates (728 rows)
    J/ApJ/794/36/table4Low resolution analysis (340 rows)
    J/ApJ/794/36/table5High resolution analysis (142 rows)
    J/ApJ/794/36/table6Membership for stars with spectral types (340 rows)
    J/ApJ/794/36/table7Membership for Stars without Spectral Types Studied in Section 3.2 (25 rows)
    J/ApJ/794/36/table9Known members compiled in section 2.3 and new disk bearing candidates not listed in Table 6 and Table 7 (125 rows)
    J/ApJ/794/36/table10Additional photometric candidates not listed in Table 6, Table 7 and Table 9 (59 rows)
  Abundance in stars of the outer galactic disk. IV. (Yong+, 2012)
    J/AJ/144/95/table2(c)Photometric data (14 rows)
    J/AJ/144/95/table4Red clump data (5 rows)
    J/AJ/144/95/table5Atmospheric parameters (9 rows)
    J/AJ/144/95/table6Equivalent widths for program stars (228 rows)
    J/AJ/144/95/abundChemical abundances for the program stars (tables 7-11) (153 rows)
    J/AJ/144/95/table13Compilation of (LTE) abundance ratios for open clusters (68 rows)
    J/AJ/144/95/table14Mean [X/Fe] ratios, standard error of the mean, and level of significance when comparing the inner and outer disks for different boundary values (15 rows)

       (c)  indicates tables which contain celestial coordinates 
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