Submitting your Data in VizieR

The data distributed by the CDS, via FTP or VizieR, are described and documented by a ReadMe file (see some tips for the preparation of the ReadMe file) This form allows to verify and send the data to VizieR.

  Let know whether your ReadMe file is 
  (example), or just 

either your ReadMe and data files were already deposited 
in the CDS FTP service:
just complete with the name of the directory you created at node
Your Directory: (where you uploaded your data via ftp)     
  or you have the files on your local computer: 
  enter their filenames below 
(it is also possible to combine your local files with files previously deposited in the CDS FTP service)
binary files like PDF FITS ZIP, can only be uploaded via FTP
Your ReadMe: Your data file#1: Your data file#2: Your data file#3: Your Email:   
 If the number of data files doesn't fit your needs, 
enter your value 

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