FORTRAN Generation

Conversion of standardized ReadMe file for file /./ftp/cats/J/AJ/117/1905 into FORTRAN code for loading all data files into arrays.

Note that special values are assigned to unknown or unspecified numbers (also called NULL numbers); when necessary, the coordinate components making up the right ascension and declination are converted into floating-point numbers representing these angles in degrees.

      program load_ReadMe
C  F77-compliant program generated by readme2f_1.81 (2015-09-23), on 2018-May-21
*  This code was generated from the ReadMe file documenting a catalogue
*  according to the "Standard for Documentation of Astronomical Catalogues"
*  currently in use by the Astronomical Data Centers (CDS, ADC, A&A)
*  (see full documentation at URL
*  Please report problems or questions to   

      implicit none
*  Unspecified or NULL values, generally corresponding to blank columns,
*  are assigned one of the following special values:
*     rNULL__    for unknown or NULL floating-point values
*     iNULL__    for unknown or NULL   integer      values
      real*4     rNULL__
      integer*4  iNULL__
      parameter  (rNULL__=--2147483648.)  	! NULL real number
      parameter  (iNULL__=(-2147483647-1))	! NULL int  number
      integer    idig			! testing NULL number

Cat. J/AJ/117/1905      Speckle interferometry at USNO. II.    (Germain+, 1999)
*Speckle interferometry at the US naval observatory. II
*    Germain M.E., Douglass G.G., Worley C.E.
*   <Astron. J. 117, 1905 (1999)>
*   =1999AJ....117.1905G

C  Internal variables

      integer*4 i__

c - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

C  Declarations for 'table2.dat'	! USNO speckle interferometry data II

      integer*4 nr__
      parameter (nr__=2406)	! Number of records
      character*92 ar__   	! Full-size record

C  J2000 position composed of: RAh RAm DE- DEd DEm
      real*8        RAdeg      (nr__) ! (deg) Right Ascension J2000
      real*8        DEdeg      (nr__) ! (deg)     Declination J2000
C  ---------------------------------- ! (position vector(s) in degrees)

      integer*4     RAh        (nr__) ! (h) Right Ascension (J2000) (1)
      real*4        RAm        (nr__) ! (min) Right Ascension (J2000) (1)
      character*1   DE_        (nr__) ! Sign of the Declination (J2000) (1)
      integer*4     DEd        (nr__) ! (deg) Declination (J2000) (1)
      integer*4     DEm        (nr__) ! (arcmin) Declination (J2000) (1)
      character*15  Name       (nr__) ! Discoverer designation, number, and
*                                   component names
      real*4        Pvmag      (nr__) ! (mag) Visual magnitude of the primary
      real*4        Svmag      (nr__) ! (mag) Visual magnitude of the secondary
      real*8        Obs        (nr__) ! (yr) Observation date
      real*4        PA         (nr__) ! (deg) Position angle
      real*4        Sep        (nr__) ! (arcsec) Angular Separation
      integer*4     Power      (nr__) ! Power of the microscope objective used
      character*1   Filt       (nr__) ! Type of filter used
      character*1   q_Name     (nr__) ! Estimate of the quality of the parabolic
*                                   fit (2)
      character*1   n_Name     (nr__) ! Further notes on the system (3)
*Note (1): Coordinates from the Washington Double Star catalog
*Note (2): The fit grades are subjective and are intended to provide only
*          a qualitative assessment of the measures
*    G = Good fit with most of the points lying on the x and y parabolas
*    F = Fair fit with at least three points lying on the parabolas
*    P = Poor fit with points scattered about the parabolas
*    V = Very poor fit with large scatter about the parabolas and a week and
*        fuzzy secondary image
*Note (3):
*    B = Bar effects
*    D = Double secondary
*    E = Elongation in x and y
*    F = Elongation in x
*    G = Elongation in y
*    U = Uncertain results
*    W = Weak and fuzzy secondary


C  Loading file 'table2.dat'	! USNO speckle interferometry data II

C  Format for file interpretation

    1 format(
     +  I2,1X,F4.1,2X,A1,I2,1X,I2,3X,A15,1X,F3.1,4X,F3.1,3X,F8.3,5X,
     +  F5.1,3X,F4.2,4X,I2,3X,A1,3X,A1,3X,A1)

C  Effective file loading

      write(6,*) '....Loading file: table2.dat'
      do i__=1,2406
     +  RAh(i__),RAm(i__),DE_(i__),DEd(i__),DEm(i__),Name(i__),
     +  Pvmag(i__),Svmag(i__),Obs(i__),PA(i__),Sep(i__),Power(i__),
     +  Filt(i__),q_Name(i__),n_Name(i__)
        RAdeg(i__) = rNULL__
        DEdeg(i__) = rNULL__
c  Derive coordinates RAdeg and DEdeg from input data
c  (RAdeg and DEdeg are set to rNULL__ when unknown)
        if(RAh(i__) .GT. -180) RAdeg(i__)=RAh(i__)*15.
        if(RAm(i__) .GT. -180) RAdeg(i__)=RAdeg(i__)+RAm(i__)/4.
        if(DEd(i__) .GE. 0) DEdeg(i__)=DEd(i__)
        if(DEm(i__) .GE. 0) DEdeg(i__)=DEdeg(i__)+DEm(i__)/60.
        if(DE_(i__).EQ.'-'.AND.DEdeg(i__).GE.0) DEdeg(i__)=-DEdeg(i__)
c    ..............Just test output...........
     +  RAh(i__),RAm(i__),DE_(i__),DEd(i__),DEm(i__),Name(i__),
     +  Pvmag(i__),Svmag(i__),Obs(i__),PA(i__),Sep(i__),Power(i__),
     +  Filt(i__),q_Name(i__),n_Name(i__)
        write(6,'(6H Pos: 2F8.4)') RAdeg(i__),DEdeg(i__)
c    .......End.of.Just test output...........
      end do