FORTRAN Generation

Conversion of standardized ReadMe file for file /./ftp/cats/J/A_A/535/A38 into FORTRAN code for reading data files line by line.

Note that special values are assigned to unknown or unspecified numbers (also called NULL numbers); when necessary, the coordinate components making up the right ascension and declination are converted into floating-point numbers representing these angles in degrees.

      program load_ReadMe
C  F77-compliant program generated by readme2f_1.81 (2015-09-23), on 2018-Jun-24
*  This code was generated from the ReadMe file documenting a catalogue
*  according to the "Standard for Documentation of Astronomical Catalogues"
*  currently in use by the Astronomical Data Centers (CDS, ADC, A&A)
*  (see full documentation at URL
*  Please report problems or questions to   

      implicit none
*  Unspecified or NULL values, generally corresponding to blank columns,
*  are assigned one of the following special values:
*     rNULL__    for unknown or NULL floating-point values
*     iNULL__    for unknown or NULL   integer      values
      real*4     rNULL__
      integer*4  iNULL__
      parameter  (rNULL__=--2147483648.)  	! NULL real number
      parameter  (iNULL__=(-2147483647-1))	! NULL int  number
      integer    idig			! testing NULL number

Cat. J/A+A/535/A38   Observations of NOAO Bootes field at 153MHz   (Intema+, 2011)
*Deep low-frequency radio observations of the NOAO Bootes field.
*I. Data reduction and catalog construction.
*    Intema H.T., van Weeren R.J., Rottgering H.J.A., Lal D.V.
*   <Astron. Astrophys. 535, A38 (2011)>
*   =2011A&A...535A..38I

C  Internal variables

      integer*4 i__

c - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

C  Declarations for 'table3.dat'	! Full source catalog of GMRT 153MHz sources

      integer*4 nr__
      parameter (nr__=598)	! Number of records
      character*63 ar__   	! Full-size record

C  J2000 position composed of: RAdeg DEdeg
      character*14  Name        ! Source identifier (JHHMMSS+DDMMSS)
      real*8        RAdeg       ! (deg) Centroid right ascension (J2000)
      real*8        DEdeg       ! (deg) Centroid declination (J2000)
      real*4        e_RAdeg     ! (arcsec) rms uncertainty on RAdeg (1 sigma)
      real*4        e_DEdeg     ! (arcsec) rms uncertainty on DEdeg (1 sigma)
      real*4        S153        ! (mJy) 153MHz flux density
      real*4        e_S153      ! (mJy) rms uncertainty on S153 (1 sigma)
      real*4        Noise       ! (mJy) Local RMS image noise near source (in mJy/beam)
      integer*4     Nf          ! Number of gaussians fitted to source


C  Loading file 'table3.dat'	! Full source catalog of GMRT 153MHz sources

C  Format for file interpretation

    1 format(
     +  A14,1X,F9.5,1X,F8.5,1X,F4.2,1X,F4.2,1X,F6.1,1X,F5.1,1X,F3.1,
     +  1X,I2)

C  Effective file loading

      write(6,*) '....Loading file: table3.dat'
      do i__=1,598
     +  Name,RAdeg,DEdeg,e_RAdeg,e_DEdeg,S153,e_S153,Noise,Nf
c    ..............Just test output...........
     +  Name,RAdeg,DEdeg,e_RAdeg,e_DEdeg,S153,e_S153,Noise,Nf
c    .......End.of.Just test output...........
      end do