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B/astorb       Orbits of Minor Planets                     (Bowell+ 2014)
The following files can be converted to FITS (extension .fit or fit.gz)
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ReadMe18-Sep-2017 18:00-r--r--r--14K
astorb.dat.gz17-Sep-2017 08:33-r--r--r--51M - txt - txt.gz - fits - fits.gz - html
astorb.html17-Sep-2017 08:32-r--r--r--63K
astorb.txt18-Sep-2017 17:39-r--r--r--23K
convert20-Apr-2015 14:49-rwxr-xr-x3.6K
flags4.htx18-Nov-2010 14:54-r--r--r--650
flags5.htx15-Mar-2009 17:58-r--r--r--925
flags6.htx15-Mar-2009 18:00-r--r--r--673
update_copy27-Oct-2013 11:11-rwxr-xr-x977

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