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VII/85A           Hickson Compact Groups of Galaxies (Hickson 1982)

Systematic Properties of Compact Groups of Galaxies Hickson P. <Astrophys. J., 255, 382 (1982)> =1982ApJ...255..382H
ADC_Keywords: Clusters, galaxy - 215 ; Galaxy catalogs - 330 Description: The catalog is a list of 100 compact groups of galaxies identified by a systematic search of the Palomar Observatory Sky Survey red prints. Each group contains four or more galaxies, has an estimated mean surface brightness brighter than 26.0 magnitude per arcsec and satisfies an isolation criterion. The catalog includes running numbers, equatorial coordinates, group types according to the two brightest members, number of galaxies in the group, angular diameters of the smallest circles containing the geometric centers of all group members, total magnitudes (red) of those galaxies counted as group members, estimated red magnitudes of the brightest galaxies in the groups, corrected redshifts of the brightest galaxies, and other designations of the groups. File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file data.dat 72 100 The catalog of Compact Groups of Galaxies
See also: J/ApJ/380/30 : LF of Compact Groups (Mendes de Oliveira+ 1991) J/ApJ/399/353 : Radial velocities in Hickson Compact Groups (Hickson+ 1992) J/A+AS/117/39 : Far-IR properties of Hickson Compact Groups (Allam+, 1996) Byte-by-byte Description of file: data.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 3 I3 --- HRC [1/100]+ Number of the group in this catalog 5- 6 I2 h RAh Equatorial coordinates 1950 Right Ascension 7- 8 I2 min RAm Right Ascension minutes 9- 10 I2 s RAs Right Ascension seconds 12 A1 --- DE- Declination sign 13- 14 I2 deg DEd Declination degrees (1950) 15- 16 I2 arcmin DEm Declination arcminutes 17- 18 I2 arcsec DEs [0,60] Declination arcseconds 20- 21 A2 --- Type *Type 22- 23 I2 --- MCount *Member count 24- 28 F5.1 arcmin AngSize *Angular size 29- 33 F5.1 mag TotMag *Total magnitude 34- 38 F5.1 mag Bmag *Brightest member magnitude 39- 44 F6.3 --- Rshift *? Redshift 46- 51 A6 --- Aname1 *Alternate name 1 53- 58 A6 --- Aname2 *Alternate name 2 60- 65 A6 --- Aname3 *Alternate name 3 67- 72 A6 --- Aname4 *Alternate name 4
Note on Type: Two-character code (a letter followed by a number) classifying the group according to its two brightest members: S The brightest galaxy is a spiral galaxy. E The brightest galaxy is not a spiral galaxy. 1 m(b) - m(a) ≥ 1.0 2 0.5 ≤ m(b) - m(a) < 1.0 3 m(b) - m(a) < 0.5 where m(a) and m(b) are the estimated red magnitudes of the brightest and second brightest members, respectively, of the cluster. Note on MCount: Number of galaxies in the group. Only those galaxies within three magnitudes of the brightest galaxy are counted as members. Note on AngSize: Angular diameter, in arcminutes, of the smallest circle containing the geometric centers of all group members. Note on TotMag: Total estimated red magnitude of those galaxies counted as group members (see member count, above.) Note on Bmag: Estimated red magnitude of the brightest galaxy in the group, in units of magnitude. Note on Rshift: Corrected redshift of the brightest galaxy. In all but ten cases this field is blank. Note on Aname1, Aname2, Aname3, Aname4: Other designations of the group, if any (at most, four).
Remarks and Modifications: The (SPCGG) was received by the Astronomical Data Center (ADC), NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, from the Centre de Donnees Astronomiques, Strasbourg (CDS), in December 1986. The original tape consisted of a single text file containing the catalog data from Table 1 of Systematic Properties of Compact Groups of Galaxies, in a slightly more compact format. ADC personnel deleted eight blank columns from the end of each record in the file to reduce the record size from 80 to 72 bytes and ran a FORTRAN program to check the validity of each field according to its data type and value. Two minor typographic errors discovered in the computer-readable version were then corrected by referring to the published catalog. A possible error was also detected, but not changed, in record number 97, where the DEC seconds field contains a value of 60 (this value appears in the printed version). P. Hickson kindly supplied a list of errata including some corrections in addition to the published erratum. This list is reproduced below; the indicated changes have already been made to the catalog data. ERRATUM HCG AngSize TotMag Bmag 14 6.7 12.1 13.0 22 5.0 10.5 11.1 60 2.3 13.4 14.4 69 1.9 12.2 13.1 82 3.1 12.2 13.1 HCG RAh/RAm/RAs DEd/DEm/DEs 03 00 31 39 -07 52 07 31 04 59 08 -04 19 42 74 15 17 14 +21 04 27 89 21 17 34 -04 07 17 AngSize angular size of the group TotMag total magnitude of the group Bmag magnitude of the brightest member References: Hickson, P., 1982, Astrophys. J., 255, 382 (Erratum 1982, Astrophys. J., 259, 930).
(End) C.-H. Joseph Lyu [Hughes STX/NASA] 16-Oct-1995
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