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VII/189                   Catalog of Pulsars                      (Taylor+ 1995)

Catalog of 706 Pulsars (Update of "Catalog of 558 Pulsars") Taylor J.H., Manchester R.N., Lyne A.G. <Astrophys. J. Suppl. 88, 529 (1993); updated May 1995> =1993ApJS...88..529T
ADC_Keywords: Pulsars Description: The catalogue is a compilation of the principal observed parameters of 706 pulsars (updated from 558 pulsars in the previous version), including positions, timing parameters, pulse widths, flux densities, proper motions, distances, and dispersion, rotation, and scattering measures. It also lists the orbital elements of binary pulsars, and some commonly used parameters derived from the basic measurements. Uncertainties are quoted for most quantities. File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file table1.dat 510 706 Observed and Derived parameters (tables 1, 2 and 4 of the publication) table3.dat 239 45 Orbital Elements of binary pulsars ps/* 0 9 Edited catalog (set of 9 PostScript files)
See also: : Princeton Pulsar Group's Pulsar database. : ATNF Pulsar Catalogue Byte-by-byte Description of file: table1.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 12 A12 --- Jname J2000 pulsar name 13- 20 A8 --- Bname B1950 pulsar name 21- 36 F16.10 deg RAdeg J2000 right ascension in decimal degrees 37- 52 F16.10 deg RA50deg B1950 right ascension in decimal degrees 53- 62 E10.2 deg e_RAdeg Mean error on RA 63- 78 F16.10 deg DEdeg J2000 declination in decimal degrees 79- 94 F16.10 deg DE50deg B1950 declination in decimal degrees 95-104 E10.2 deg e_DEdeg Mean error on DE 105-110 I6 --- Scode *Survey code which is the sum of relevant codes from table 5 114-121 F8.2 kpc dmin Lower limit to distance in kpc 122-129 F8.2 kpc dmax Upper limit to distance in kpc 130-137 F8.2 kpc dist Adopted distance of pulsar in kpc 138-139 I2 --- dflag Flag for dist: 0= measured value 1= lower limit 2= upper limit, 141 A1 --- q_dmin [abc] a(best) to c(worst) reliability of distance on low side 142 A1 --- q_dmax [abc] a(best) to c(worst) reliability of distance on high side 143-152 F10.4 deg GLON Galactic longitude in degrees 153-162 F10.4 deg GLAT Galactic latitude in degrees 163-172 F10.4 mas/a pmRA Proper motion in RA direction in mas/yr 173-180 F8.4 mas/a e_pmRA Mean error on pmRA 181-190 F10.4 mas/a pmDE Proper motion in declination in mas/yr 191-198 F8.4 mas/a e_pmDE mean error on pmDE 199-208 F10.2 d Epoch Epoch of position (MJD=JD-2400000.5) 209-230 F22.19 s P Barycentric period in seconds 231-240 E10.2 s e_P Mean error on P 241-256 D16.8 --- Pdot Barycentric period derivative in units of s/s 257-266 E10.2 --- e_Pdot Mean error on Pdot 267-280 F14.6 d Pepoch Epoch of the barycentric period (MJD=JD-2400000.5) 281-294 D14.6 s-3 f2 2nd time derivative of barycentric rotation frequency in /s3 295-304 E10.2 s-3 e_f2 Mean error on f2 305-318 D14.6 s-4 f3 3rd time derivative of barycentric rotation frequency in /s4 319-328 E10.2 s-4 e_f3 Mean error on f3 329-334 F6.2 [s] ltau log of scattering time constant at 400 MHz in sec 335-336 I2 --- f_ltau flag for ltau: 0= measured value 1= lower limit 2= upper limit, 337-344 F8.1 K Tbg Sky background temp in K 345-350 I6 --- ntype *Octal code for pulsar type 351-364 F14.5 pc/cm3 DM Dispersion measure in pc/cm3 365-376 F12.5 pc/cm3 e_DM Mean error on DM 377-388 F12.3 rad/m2 RM Rotation measure in rad/m2 389-400 F12.3 rad/m2 e_RM Mean error on RM 401-410 F10.2 ms We Equivalent width of the integrated pulse profile in ms 411-420 F10.2 ms w50 Profile width at 50% of peak in ms 421-430 F10.2 ms w10 Profile width at 10% of peak in ms 431-438 F8.2 mJy s400 Time averaged flux density at 400MHz in mJy 439-446 F8.2 mJy s600 Time averaged flux density at 600MHz in mJy 447-454 F8.2 mJy s1400 Time averaged flux density at 1400MHz in mJy 455-456 I2 --- modcode Distance model ID 457-458 I2 --- f_modcode Flag for modcode: 1 if model distance is lower limit, 0 otherwise. 459-466 F8.4 kpc dmodel Distance of pulsar from DM and model of Galactic electron density 467-476 F10.3 [mJy.kpc2] L Log of radio luminosity in mJy.kpc2 477-486 F10.3 [10-4T] B Log of surface dipole magnetic field in gauss 487-496 F10.3 [yr] Age ?=0 Log of characteristic age in years 497-506 F10.3 [10-7W] Edot Log of total energy loss rate in erg/s 510 I1 --- ibin Number of companions (binary pulsars are in table 3)
Note on Scode: Table 5: Survey codes (see also the original paper) ------------------------------ Survey MHz Code ------------------------------ Molonglo 1 408 1 Jodrell Bank 1 408 2 Arecibo 1 430 4 Molonglo 2 408 10 Green Bank 1 400 20 Green Bank 2 400 40 Jodrell Bank 2 1400 100 Green Bank 3 400 200 Arecibo 2 430 400 Parkes 1 1520 1000 Arecibo 3 430 2000 Parkes 70 436 4000 Arecibo 4a 430 10000 Arecibo 4b 430 20000 Arecibo 4c 430 40000 Arecibo 4d 430 100000 Arecibo 4e 430 200000 Arecibo 4f 430 400000 Green Bank 4 370 1000000 ------------------------------ Note on ntype: octal code for pulsar type, made of the sum of the following elements (the letter in brackets indicate the "Type" displayed by the "pulsar" program): 001 = Globular cluster association [C] 002 = SNR association [S] 004 = Glitches in period [G] 010 = Binary or multiple pulsar [B] 020 = Millisecond pulsar [M] 040 = Recycled pulsar [R] 100 = Radio interpulse [I] 200 = Optical, X-ray or Gamma-ray [H] pulsed emission (high energy) 400 = Extragalactic (in MC) pulsar [E]
Byte-by-byte Description of file: table3.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 12 A12 --- Jname J2000 pulsar name 13- 30 F18.12 d pbin Binary period in days 31- 40 E10.2 d e_pbin Mean error on pbin 41- 55 F15.8 s xbin Binary orbital radius (x=a1.sini/c) in seconds 56- 65 E10.2 s e_xbin Mean error on xbin 66- 77 F12.6 deg wbin Binary longitude of periastron in degrees 78- 87 F10.6 deg e_wbin Mean error on wbin 88- 99 F12.6 deg/a wdotbin Rate of advance of binary periastron in degrees/Julian year 100-109 F10.6 deg/a e_wdotbin Mean error on wdotbin 110-121 F12.9 --- eccbin Binary orbital eccentricity 122-131 E10.2 --- e_eccbin Mean error on eccbin 132-149 F18.10 d epbin Epoch of binary periastron (MJD=JD-2400000.5) 150-159 E10.2 d e_epbin Mean error on epbin 160-171 E12.4 s gambin Post-Keplerian 'gamma' term in sec 172-181 E10.2 s e_gambin Mean error on gambin 182-193 E12.4 --- pdbin 1st time-derivative of binary period 194-203 E10.2 --- e_pdbin Mean error on pdbin 204-211 F8.4 --- sinibin Post-Keplerian 's' term 212-217 F6.2 --- e_sinibin Mean error on sinibin 218-229 E12.4 --- rbin Post-Keplerian 'r' term 230-239 E10.2 --- e_rbin Mean error on rbin
Remarks: The files are directly transformed from the computer database described in the paper (from node in its status of May 3, 1995. The files "table1.dat" (Observed and Derived parameters corresponding to tables 1, 2 and 4 of the publication) and "table3.dat" (binary pulsar orbital elements) were rebuilt from the file "ascat1.dat", the only modifications being the conversion from radians to degrees for positional data. The files here are NOT regularly updated, and users may want to check the Princeton ftp site for updates. The database can be loaded via anonymous ftp at Internet node = in directory pub/catalog Acknowledgements: We thank Prof. J. Taylor for allowing the access to the files. History: * 12-Jun-1993: Creation of catalogue VII/156 at CDS from original published version. * 30-Nov-2000 version 'VII/156A', renamed 'VII/189': Revised Princeton version added at ADC. * Princeton's revision history: Mar 24, 1995: Entries for 706 pulsars (558 in the previous version). Many parameters updated. May 3, 1995: Corrected some errors in a few March 24 entries.
(End) [CDS] 30-Aug-1993; Nils Odegard [SSDOO/ADC] 30-Nov-2000
The document above follows the rules of the Standard Description for Astronomical Catalogues.From this documentation it is possible to generate f77 program to load files into arrays or line by line

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