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V/102        SKY2000 - Master Star Catalog, Version 2              (Sande+ 1998)

SKY2000 - Master Star Catalog - Star Catalog Database, Version 2 Sande C.B., Warren W.H.Jr., Tracewell D.A., Home A.T., Miller A.C. <Goddard Space Flight Center, Flight Dynamics Division (1998)> STAR CATALOG DATABASE SKY2000 MASTER CATALOG SKYMAP SOFTWARE CAPABILITIES Myers J.R., Sande C.B., Miller A.C., Warren Jr. W.H., Tracewell D.A. <Goddard Space Flight Center, Flight Dynamics Division (1998)> Warren Jr. W.H., Sande C.B., Millar A.C. Myers J.R., Home A.T., Tracewell D.A. <Bull. American Astron. Soc., 191, #128.12 (1997)> =1997AAS...19112812W
ADC_Keywords: Positional data; Cross identifications; Combined data; Surveys; Description: The SKYMAP Star Catalog System consists of a Master Catalog stellar database and a collection of utility software designed to create and maintain the database and to generate derivative mission star catalogs (run catalogs). It contains an extensive compilation of information on almost 300000 stars brighter than 8.0 mag. Introduction: The original SKYMAP Master Catalog was generated in the early 1970's. Incremental updates and corrections were made over the following years but the first complete revision of the source data occurred with Version 4.0. This revision also produced a unique, consolidated source of astrometric information which can be used by the astronomical community. The derived quantities were removed and wideband and photometric data in the R (red) and I (infrared) systems were added. This version, SKYMAP SKY2000 Master Catalog, Version 2 of the SKY2000 Master Catalog was completed in September of 1998 and represents a substantial improvement over Version 1 (see catalog 5095). A high proportion of the astrometric data in Version 2 comes from ESA's Hipparcos mission, by way of the Hipparcos Output, Hipparcos Component, and Tycho Catalogues. Astrometric data are also present from USNO's ACT Catalog and the European Tycho Reference Catalogue, both of which refine the proper motions in the original Tycho catalog by an order of magnitude. While some objects still retain ACRS and PPM data, the proportion is very small and there are no stars left in the catalog which do not have astrometric quality positions. A large number of photoelectric data on the Johnson system (V, B) has been added from the Tycho Catalogue, such that there are now very few stars in SKY2000 that lack photoelectric data. More than 4000 stars observed by the Ball CT-601 star trackers on the RXTE spacecraft now have observed CCD ST magnitudes in Version 2. IAU designations based on J2000.0 positions have been added to the catalog, while all previous identifiers (SKY2000, HD, SAO, DM, HR, WDS, PPM, AG, bright- and variable-star designations) have been retained. The IAU-approved identifiers allow new objects to be inserted without disrupting the natural order of the principal catalog identifier. There are some deficiencies that exist in the SKY2000 Master Catalog that we are aware of. These items will be researched and corrected in future SKY2000 Master Catalog releases. (See file "deficent.txt"). File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file sky00.dat 519 10230 Data for stars in RA < 1 hour sky01.dat 519 10230 Data for stars in 01 h ≤ RA < 02 h sky02.dat 519 10076 Data for stars in 02 h ≤ RA < 03 h sky03.dat 519 9824 Data for stars in 03 h ≤ RA < 04 h sky04.dat 519 10408 Data for stars in 04 h ≤ RA < 05 h sky05.dat 519 13676 Data for stars in 05 h ≤ RA < 06 h sky06.dat 519 16903 Data for stars in 06 h ≤ RA < 07 h sky07.dat 519 16863 Data for stars in 07 h ≤ RA < 08 h sky08.dat 519 14982 Data for stars in 08 h ≤ RA < 09 h sky09.dat 519 12537 Data for stars in 09 h ≤ RA < 10 h sky10.dat 519 11469 Data for stars in 10 h ≤ RA < 11 h sky11.dat 519 10575 Data for stars in 11 h ≤ RA < 12 h sky12.dat 519 10142 Data for stars in 12 h ≤ RA < 13 h sky13.dat 519 10367 Data for stars in 13 h ≤ RA < 14 h sky14.dat 519 10673 Data for stars in 14 h ≤ RA < 15 h sky15.dat 519 11310 Data for stars in 15 h ≤ RA < 16 h sky16.dat 519 11922 Data for stars in 16 h ≤ RA < 17 h sky17.dat 519 13033 Data for stars in 17 h ≤ RA < 18 h sky18.dat 519 15455 Data for stars in 18 h ≤ RA < 19 h sky19.dat 519 16456 Data for stars in 19 h ≤ RA < 20 h sky20.dat 519 16045 Data for stars in 20 h ≤ RA < 21 h sky21.dat 519 13311 Data for stars in 21 h ≤ RA < 22 h sky22.dat 519 11780 Data for stars in 22 h ≤ RA < 23 h sky23.dat 519 10832 Data for stars with RA ≥ 23 h sky.txt 80 763 Detailed discussion confer.txt 82 418 Paper prepared for AIAA meeting deficent.txt 80 176 Known deficiencies refs.dat 80 190 *Reference table
Note on refs.dat: In order to indicate the source of the reference, symbols are used in addition to the reference number itself.
See also: : Flight Dynamics' Star Catalog Database I/239 : The Hipparcos and Tycho Catalogues (ESA 1997) I/246 : The ACT Reference Catalog (Urban+ 1997) I/250 : The Tycho Reference Catalogue (Hog+ 1998) Byte-by-byte Description of file: sky*.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 7 A7 --- --- [SKY2000] 9- 27 A19 --- SKY2000 *IAU identifier based on J2000 position 28- 35 I8 --- ID Skymap number 36- 41 I6 --- HD ?Henry Draper III/135 number 42 A1 --- m_HD *? HD duplicity indication 43 A1 --- u_HD HD identification uncertain 44- 49 I6 --- SAO ? SAO I/131 number 50 A1 --- m_SAO SAO component 51- 61 A11 --- DM Durchmusterung (BD I/122; SD I/119; CD I/114; CP I/108) 62 A1 --- m_DM Durchmusterung supplement letter 63 A1 --- u_DM [: ] DM identification uncertain 64- 67 I4 --- HR ?Harvard Revised V/50 num. (=BS) 68- 77 A10 --- WDS Washington Double Stars I/237 number 78- 82 A5 --- m_WDS WDS components 83 A1 --- u_WDS [: ] WDS identification uncertain 84- 89 I6 --- PPM ?Position and Proper Motion number (I/146, I/193, I/208) 90 A1 --- u_PPM [: ] PPM identification uncertain 91- 98 I8 --- ID_merg ?Skymap num. of last skymap entry merged with this star 99-108 A10 --- name Star name (or AGK3 number) 109-118 A10 --- var Variable star name (or doubtful variability) 119-120 I2 h RAh Right ascension (J2000) hours 121-122 I2 min RAm Right ascension (J2000) minutes 123-129 F7.4 s RAs Right ascension (J2000) seconds 130 A1 --- DE- Declination sign 131-132 I2 deg DEd Declination degrees (J2000) 133-134 I2 arcmin DEm Declination minutes (J2000) 135-140 F6.3 arcsec DEs ?Declination seconds (J2000) 141-146 F6.4 arcsec e_pos ?Position uncertainty 147 A1 --- n_pos Blended position flag 148-149 I2 --- r_pos Source of position 150-157 F8.5 s/a pmRA ?Proper motion in RA (J2000) 158-164 F7.4 arcsec/a pmDE ?Proper motion in Dec (J2000) 165-166 I2 --- r_pm ?Source of proper motion data 167-172 F6.1 km/s RV ?Radial velocity 173-174 I2 --- r_RV ?Source of radial velocity data 175-182 F8.5 arcsec Plx ?Trigonometric parallax 183-190 F8.6 arcsec e_Plx ?Trigonometric parallax uncertainty 191-192 I2 --- r_Plx ?Source of trigonometric parallax data 193-201 F9.6 --- GCI_X *GCI unit vector in X (J2000) 202-210 F9.6 --- GCI_Y *GCI unit vector in Y (J2000) 211-219 F9.6 --- GCI_Z *GCI unit vector in Z (J2000) 220-225 F6.2 deg GLON Galactic longitude (B1950) 226-231 F6.2 deg GLAT Galactic latitude (B1950) 232-237 F6.3 mag Vmag ?Observed visual magnitude (V or v) 238-242 F5.2 mag Vder ?Derived visual magnitude 243-247 F5.3 mag e_Vmag ?Derived v or observed visual magnitude uncertainty 248 A1 --- f_Vmag [b] Blended visual magnitude flag 249-250 I2 --- r_Vmag ?Source of visual magnitude 251 I1 --- n_Vmag ?V magnitude derivation flag 252-257 F6.3 mag Bmag ?B-magnitude (observed) 258-263 F6.3 mag B-V ?B-V color (observed) 264-268 F5.3 mag e_Bmag ?B or (B-V) magnitude uncertainty 269 A1 --- f_Bmag [b] Blended b-magnitude flag 270-271 I2 --- r_Bmag ?Source of b-magnitude 272-277 F6.3 mag Umag ?U-magnitude (observed) 278-283 F6.3 mag U-B ?U-B color (observed) 284-288 F5.3 mag e_Umag ?U or (U-B) magnitude uncertainty 289 A1 --- n_Umag Blended u-magnitude flag 290-291 I2 --- r_Umag ?Source of u-magnitude 292-295 F4.1 mag Ptv ?Photovisual magnitude (observed) 296-297 I2 --- r_Ptv ?Source of ptv magnitudes 298-301 F4.1 mag Ptg ?Photographic magnitude (observed) 302-303 I2 --- r_Ptg ?Source of ptg magnitudes 304-333 A30 --- Sp_MK Morgan-Keenan (MK) spectral type 334-335 I2 --- rSpMK ?Source of MK spectral type data 336-338 A3 --- Sp *One-dimensional spectral class 339-340 I2 --- r_Sp ?Source of one-dimen. spectral class 341-347 F7.3 arcsec sep ?Separation of brightest and second brightest components 348-352 F5.2 mag del_mag ?Magnitude difference of the brightest and second brightest components 353-359 F7.2 yr per_orb *?Orbital period 360-362 I3 deg PA ?Position angle 363-369 F7.2 yr date ?Year of observation (AD) 370-371 I2 --- r_dup ?Source of multiplicity data 372 A1 --- ndelmag Passband of multiple star mag. dif. 373-379 F7.4 deg dis_near ?Distance to nearest neighboring star in the master catalog 380-386 F7.4 deg dis_2 ?Dist. to nearest neighboring master cat. star no more than 2 mag. fainter 387-394 I8 --- ID_A ?Skymap number of primary component 395-402 I8 --- ID_B ?Skymap number of second component 403-410 I8 --- ID_C ?Skymap number of third component 411-415 F5.2 mag mag_max *?Maximum variable magnitude 416-420 F5.2 mag mag_min *?Minimum variable magnitude 421-425 F5.2 mag var_amp ?Variability amplitude 426 A1 --- nvaramp Passband of variability amplitude 427-434 F8.2 d var_per ?Period of variability 435-442 F8.2 d var_Epoch ?Epoch of var. in JD - 2400000 443-445 I3 --- var_typ ?Type of variable star 446-447 I2 --- r_var ?Source of variability data 448-453 F6.3 mag mag_1 ?Passband #1-magnitude (observed) 454-459 F6.3 mag v-mag_1 ?v - passband #1 color 460-464 F5.3 mag emag1 ?Passband #1 uncertainty in mag. or col. 465 A1 --- nmag1 *[RJC] Passband #1 photometric system 466 A1 --- pmag1 *[R] Passband #1 467-468 I2 --- rmag1 ?Source of passband #1: mag. or color 469-474 F6.3 mag mag_2 ?Passband #2-magnitude (observed) 475-480 F6.3 mag v-mag_2 ?v - passband #2 color 481-485 F5.3 mag emag2 ?Passband #2 uncertainty in mag. or col. 486 A1 --- nmag2 *[JEC] Passband #2 photometric system 487 A1 --- pmag2 *[I] Passband #2 488-489 I2 --- rmag2 ?Source of passband #2: mag. or color 490-495 F6.3 mag mag1-mag2 ?Passband #1 - passband #2 color 496 A1 --- fmag1 [b] Blended passband #1 mag/color flag 497 A1 --- fmag2 [b] Blended passband #2 mag/color flag 498-503 F6.3 mag mag_3 *?Passband #3-magnitude (observed) 504-509 F6.3 mag v-mag_3 *?v - passband #3 color 510-514 F5.3 mag emag3 *?Passband #3 uncertainty in mag. or col. 515 A1 --- nmag3 *Passband #3 photometric system 516 A1 --- pmag3 *[X] Passband #3 517-518 I2 --- rmag3 *?Source of passband #3: mag. or color 519 A1 --- fmag3 *[b] Blended passband #3 mag/color flag
Note on SKY2000: Field added to SKY2000 Version 1 for SKY2000 Version 2. Note on m_HD: 1. indicates this the brighter component of a system with a companion ≥ 0.3 mag. 2. indicates this is the fainter component of a system with a companion ≤ 0.3 mag. fainter e 9 indicates that this is a blend of two HD stars. The HD number is the lower of the two. Note on GCI_X: cos(Dec)*cos(RA) Note on GCI_Y: cos(Dec)*sin(RA) Note on GCI_Z: sin(Dec) Note on Sp: i.e. HD, AGK3, or SAO Note on per_orb, mag_max and mag_min: Data for these fields have not been added to the SKY2000 Master Star Catalog. Note on nmag1: Photometry is on the RI system. This byte indicates whether it is Johnson or Russian) Note on pmag1: Filter used (currently, only R) Note on nmag2: Photometry is on the Johnson, Eggen, or Cousins system. This byte indicates which. Note on pmag2: Filter used (currently, only I) Note on mag_3, v-mag_3, emag3, nmag3, pmag3, rmag3 and fmag3: Fields added to SKY2000 Version 1 for SKY2000 Version 2. The column pmag3 contains X, which refers to the star trackers aboard the RXTE satellite. The response curve of these trackers covers the 0.4 to 1.1um range, with its peak sensitivity covering the R and I bands (.65 to .9um)
Byte-by-byte Description of file: refs.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
2- 3 I2 --- RefNo [1/99]+= Reference number 4- 7 A4 --- n_RefNo *Note on the addition of the reference 8- 80 A73 --- Text *Text of reference
Note on n_RefNo: (98) = via SKYMAP Master Star Catalog, Version 3.7 (Cat. V/77) .0 = new sources for Version 4.0 .0a = new sources for Version 4.0a +2 = new sources for SKY2000 Version 2 All other sources added for Versions 4.1 and 4.2 Note on Text: The first line contains generally the title, followed by an asterisk (*) when item referenced in the paper, and the number(s) assigned to the catalog in the CDS / ADC Archives within < > The following lines provide the full reference.
History: Supersedes - SKY2000 - Master Star Catalog CAT #5095 * 11-Apr-2001: Corrected the pmRA units from arcsec/yr to s/yr
(End) Gail L. Schneider [ADC/SSDOO] 12-Feb-1999
The document above follows the rules of the Standard Description for Astronomical Catalogues.From this documentation it is possible to generate f77 program to load files into arrays or line by line

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