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V/55              A catalogue of high-velocity stars   (Roman, 1955)

A catalogue of high-velocity stars Roman N.G. <Astrophys. J. Suppl. 2, 195 (Contrib. McDonald Obs. 262) (1955)> =1955ApJS....2..195R
ADC_Keywords: Stars, high-velocity Description: RHV catalogue on magnetic tape was prepared in process of compilation of population II stars catalogue on magnetic tape (Pop2) at Astrophysical Department, Insitute of Physics, Lithuanian Academy of Sciences, under supervision of A. Bartkevicius. Printed version of RHV catalogue contains 633 nonvariable high-velocity stars north of Dec -20 degrees, brighter than 9.5 mvis. A detailed information on RHV catalogue is given in original publication RHV catalogue on magnetic tape contains some modifications and additions: 1. Stars from tables 1 and 2 are sorted according to RA (1950.0) in the same file. 2. In addition to original equatorial coordinates RA, Dec (1900.0), there are presented RA, Dec (1950.0, 1875.0, 1855.0), RA, Dec (1950.0) in radians, and galactic coordinates (l, b). 3. HD number is given instead of Flamsteed number or Bayer designation. 4. MDSP and MDSPS1 numbers in catalogues of metal-deficient stars (A. Bartkevicius, Bull. Vilnius Obs., No.51, 1980; No.68, 1984) are added. The author, N. Roman, discovered an error in the printed catalog in the correction for solar motion. She corrected this error and recomputed the orbital elements. File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file hvcat.dat 163 633 High-velocity stars catalogue notes.dat 189 206 Notes
Byte-by-byte Description of file: hvcat.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 3 I3 --- RHV RHV catalogue number 4 A1 --- f_RHV [P] P indicates that the star is from Table 2 5- 14 A10 --- Name HD/BD Number 15 A1 --- m_Name Binary star component 16- 19 I4 --- MDSP/S1 ? MDSP/S1 Catalogue Number 20 A1 --- n_MDSP/S1 [P] P indicates the MDSPS1 21- 22 I2 h RAh Rigth ascension 1900.0 23- 26 F4.1 min RAm Rigth ascension 1900.0 27 A1 --- DE- Declination sign 28- 29 I2 deg DEd Declination 1900.0 30- 31 I2 arcmin DEm [0,60] Declination 1900.0 32- 33 I2 h RAh2 Right ascension 2000.0 34- 37 F4.1 min RAm2 Right ascension 2000.0 38 A1 --- DE-2 Declination sign 39- 40 I2 deg DEd2 Declination 2000.0 41- 42 I2 arcmin DEm2 Declination 2000.0 43- 50 F8.6 rad RArad Right ascension 1950.0 51- 59 F9.6 rad DErad Declination 1950.0 60- 65 F6.2 deg GLON Galactic longitude l 66- 71 F6.2 deg GLAT Galactic latitude b 72 A1 --- n_Spect [M] M indicates a spectrum from Johnson and Morgan (1953ApJ...117..313J) 73- 81 A9 --- Spect Spectrum 82 A1 --- n_Vmag [J] J indicates UBV photometry from Johnson & Morgan (1953ApJ...117..313J) 83- 87 F5.2 mag Vmag ? V magnitude 88 A1 --- u_Vmag uncertainty flag on Vmag 89- 93 F5.2 mag B-V ? B-V color-index 94 A1 --- u_B-V uncertainty flag on B-V 95- 99 F5.2 mag U-B ? U-B color-index 100 A1 --- u_U-B uncertainty flag on U-B 101-106 F6.3 arcsec plx ? Trigonometric parallax 107-112 F6.4 arcsec SpPlx ? Spectroscopic parallax 113-116 I4 km/s RV ? Radial velocity 117-122 F6.3 arcsec/yr pmRA ? Proper motion in right ascension 123-128 F6.3 arcsec/yr pmDE ? Proper motion in declination 129-138 A10 --- r_pm Source of the proper motion 139-142 I4 km/s Uvel ? U component of space motion (L=90.0, B=0) 143-146 I4 km/s Vvel ? V component of space motion (L=180.0, B=0) 147-150 I4 km/s Wvel ? W component of space motion (B=0, + to N) 151-153 I3 km/s Vel ? Total space velocity 154-157 F4.2 --- eps ? Eccentricity of the Newtonian orbit 158-161 F4.1 kpc a ? Semimajor axis of the orbit (99.9 if >99.9) 162 A1 --- n_Vel [R] R indicates retrograde motion 163 A1 --- Note [*] * indicates a note in file notes.dat
Byte-by-byte Description of file: notes.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
2- 4 I3 --- RHV RHV catalogue number 5 A1 --- Note [p] p indicates that the star is from Table 2 7- 18 A12 --- Name HD or BD number 20-189 A170 --- Rem Remarks
References: Aitken, G.R. 1932, New General Cataloque of Double Stars (Washington, D.C.: Carnegie Institution of Washington). Duke, D. 1951ApJ...113..100D Johnson, H.L., and Morgan, W.W. 1953ApJ...117..313J Keenan, P.C., and Keller, G. 1951ApJ...113..700K Kruse, W., and Imgart, B. 1936, Bergedorfer Eigenbewegungs-Lexicon (Bergedorf). Miczaika, G. 1940 A.N., 270, 249. Ramsey, J.F. 1950ApJ...111..434R Roman, N.G. 1952ApJ...116..122R Roman, N.G. 1953ApJ...117..467R Roman, N.G. 1955, Pub. David Dunlap Obs., 2, 97 (1955PDDO....2...97R) Schorr, R., and Kruse, W. 1928, Index der Sternorter (Bergedorf). Wilson, R.E. 1953, General Catalogue of radial velocities (Washington, D.C.: Carnegie Institution of Washington; see Cat. III/21). Geschichte des Fixsterhnimmels, 1922-1952 (Karlsruhe). Sources of radial velocities: Joy, A.H. 1947ApJ...105...96J Joy, A.H. and Mitchell, S.A. 1948ApJ...108..234J Kuiper, G.P. 1939ApJ....89..548K Kuiper, G.P. 1940ApJ....91..269K Kuiper, G.P. 1940ApJ....92..126K Kuiper, G.P. 1942ApJ....95..201K Merrill, P.W. 1947PASP...59..256M Moore, J.H., and Paddock, G.F. 1950ApJ...112...48M Neubaurer, F.J. 1943ApJ....97..300N Popper, D.M. 1942ApJ....95..307P Popper, D.M., and Seyfert, K. 1940PASP...52..401P Wilson, R.E. 1943PASP...55..282W Wilson, R.E. 1948ApJ...107..119W Wilson, R.E., and Joy, A.H. 1950ApJ...111..221W Wilson, R.E. 1952ApJ...115..157W Young, R.K. 1939, Pub. David Dunlap Obs., 1, 71. (1939PDDO....1...71Y) Young, R.K. 1945, Pub. David Dunlap Obs., 1, 311. (1945PDDO....1..311Y) History: * 13-Jul-2001 [CDS] Removed the Note flag for star #517 (no associated note)
(End) Patricia Bauer [CDS] 30-Nov-1994
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