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V/27        Proper Motions and UBV Photometry in h+χ Per   (Muminov 1980)

Proper Motions and UBV Photometry of Stars in the Region of the h and χ Persei Clusters Muminov M. <Circ. Astron. Inst. Acad. Sci. SSR, Tashkent, 98 (1982); Bull. Inf. CDS 24, 95 (1983)> =1983BICDS..24...95M
ADC_Keywords: Clusters, open ; Proper motions ; Photometry, UBV ; Associations, stellar ; Regional catalog Description: Proper motions with an 80 year baseline have been determined relative to reference stars with B=13.9mag. determined for 3086 stars brighter than B=15.5mag. within an area of 50' radius, centered at RA=2h16.9m, Dec=+57°01' (1950.0). Two pairs of Tashkent normal astrograph plates with a mean epoch difference of 80 years was used. Proper motions were also measured for 1055 stars with 15.5 ≤ B ≤ 17.1 mag. in two areas 14' in radius, centered on the h and χ Persei clusters. Proper motions are also given for 1386 stars in an adjacent area (RA=2h06.7m, Dec=+56°57') for 1386 stars with a 38 year baseline. The mean errors of the proper motions are equal in right ascension and declination. For the h and χ Perseus region, they are 0.0021"/yr and for the adjacent region, they are 0.0031"/yr. The proper motions in the adjacent area have been reduced to the system of those in the cluster region using 214 stars in common. UBV magnitudes of the stars were determined using plates taken with the 80/120/240 Schmidt telescope of the Radioastrophysical Observatory of the Academy of Sciences of the Latvian SSR and photoelectric standards published by Johnson and Morgan (1955ApJ...122..429J) and Widley (1964ApJS....8..439W). The number of measured plates and the corresponding errors are given in the following table: ----------------------------------------------------- FILE NAME # PLATES ERRORS (0.01mag) V B U V B U ----------------------------------------------------- data1.dat 2 3 2 6 5 6 data2.dat 1 2 - 8 6 - adjarea.dat 2 2 2 6 6 6 _ Cluster members were selected on the basis of their proper motion and photometric criteria. The membership probability was calculated on the assumption of a normal distribution of the proper motions around the cluster proper motion. Objects: -------------------------------------------------------------- RA (2000) DE Designation(s) -------------------------------------------------------------- 02 19 00 +57 09.0 NGC 869 = C 0215+569 = h Per 02 22 24 +57 07.0 NGC 884 = C 0218+568 = χ Per -------------------------------------------------------------- File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file data1.dat 60 3086 Central region, B < 15.5 mag data2.dat 60 1055 Central region, B > 15.5 mag adjarea.dat 60 1363 Adjacent Area
Byte-by-byte Description of file: data1.dat data2.dat adjarea.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 4 I4 --- ID *Star identification number 7- 11 F5.1 mm Xpos *X-coordinate 13- 17 F5.1 mm Ypos *Y-coordinate 19- 23 F5.2 mag Vmag V magnitude 25- 29 F5.2 mag B-V B-V color index 31- 35 F5.2 mag U-B *? U-B color index 36- 40 I5 0.1mas/yr pmX Relative Annual proper motion along X 41- 45 I5 0.1mas/yr pmY Relative Annual proper motion along Y 49- 50 I2 % Prob *? Cluster membership probability 52 A1 --- Cl_mem *[*]Cluster membership 54- 60 A7 --- AGorMV *AGK3 or MV designation
Note on ID: The numbers are in the ranges: 1-3086 for the central part, B<15.5mag (file data1.dat) 4001-4550 for central region of h Per (file data2.dat) 4551-5055 for central region of χ Per (file data2.dat) 6001-7363 for adjacent region (file adjarea.dat) Note on Xpos, Ypos: Coordinates on the plates centered at: 02 16.9 +57 01 (1950) for data1.dat and data2.dat (central part) 02 06.7 +56 57 (1950) for adjarea.dat (adjacent area) Note on U-B: Blank for the faint part (data2.dat), no U plate available. Note on Prob: based on proper motions and photometry. No probability for the adjacent zone (file adjarea.dat) Note on Cl_mem: * = member of the cluster. Note on AGorMV: Designation in AGK3 (Cat. I/61) for data1.dat and adjarea.dat, or in Moffat and Vogt (1974VeBoc...2....1M) for data2.dat
References: Johnson H.L., Morgan W.W. 1955ApJ...122..429J Moffat A.F.J., Vogt N., Veroeff. Astr. Inst. Univ. Bochum no 2 i 1974VeBoc...2....1M Wildey R.L. (1964) ApJS 8, 439. 1964ApJS....8..439W History: * The catalogue was supplied to CDS by the author in 1980 * 08-Apr-1996: standardisation by Julie Anne Watko [SSDOO/ADC] * 12-Oct-2000: ReadMe revisited at CDS
(End) Julie Anne Watko [SSDOO/ADC] 08-Apr-1996
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