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J/MNRAS/415/2336    Herschel-ATLAS Science Demonstration Catalog  (Rigby+, 2011)

Herschel-ATLAS: first data release of the Science Demonstration Phase source catalogues. Rigby E.E., Maddox S.J., Dunne L., Negrello M., Smith D.J.B., Gonzalez-Nuevo J., Herranz D., Lopez-Caniego M., Auld R., Buttiglione S., Baes M., Cava A., Cooray A., Clements D.L., Dariush A., De Zotti G., Dye S., Eales S., Frayer D., Fritz J., Hopwood R., Ibar E., Ivison R.J., Jarvis M., Panuzzo P., Pascale E., Pohlen M., Rodighiero G., Serjeant S., Temi P., Thompson M.A. <Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 415, 2336-2348 (2011)> =2011MNRAS.415.2336R
ADC_Keywords: Surveys ; Galaxy catalogs ; Photometry, millimetric/submm Keywords: methods: data analysis - catalogues - surveys - galaxies: general - submillimetre: galaxies Abstract: The Herschel Astrophysical Terahertz Large Area Survey (Herschel-ATLAS) is a survey of 550deg2 with the Herschel Space Observatory in five far-infrared and submillimetre bands. The first data for the survey, observations of a field 4x4deg2 in size, were taken during the Science Demonstration Phase (SDP), and reach a 5σ noise level of 33.5mJy/beam at 250um. This paper describes the source extraction methods used to create the corresponding SDP catalogue, which contains 6876 sources, selected at 250um, within ∼14deg2. Description: This catalogue contains all SPIRE sources which are >5 sigma significance (including confusion noise) in any of the three SPIRE bands (250,350,500um). See hatlas_sdp.txt file for more details. File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file hatlas.dat 1164 6876 Spire catalogue hatlas_sdp.txt 81 168 Original explanations of the catalog
See also: VI/139 : Herschel Observation Log (Herschel Science Centre, 2013) II/294 : SDSS Photometric Catalog, Release 7 (Adelman-McCarthy+, 2009) II/314 : UKIDSS-DR8 LAS, GCS and DXS Surveys (Lawrence+ 2012) J/MNRAS/398/109 : Imperial IRAS-FSC redshift catalogue (IIFSCz) (Wang+, 2009) J/MNRAS/413/971 : Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA) DR1 (Driver+, 2011) Byte-by-byte Description of file: hatlas.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 6 A6 --- --- [HATLAS] 8- 23 A16 --- HATLAS HATLAS IAU identifier from the 250um position (JHHMMSS.s+DDMMSS) 25- 29 I5 --- SDP [1/23791] SDP catalogue identifier 31- 39 F9.5 deg RAdeg Right ascension (J2000), determined from the 250um data 41- 49 F9.6 deg DEdeg Declination (J2000), determined from the 250um data 51- 72 E22.15 Jy F250P Herschel/SPIRE 250um point source flux 74- 95 E22.15 Jy F350P Herschel/SPIRE 350um point source flux 97-118 E22.15 Jy F500P Herschel/SPIRE 500um point source flux 120-143 E24.17 Jy e_F250P F250P 1-σ error 145-166 E22.15 Jy e_F350P F350P 1-σ error 168-189 E22.15 Jy e_F500P F500P 1-σ error 191-212 E22.15 Jy F250B Herschel/SPIRE best 250um flux (5) 214-235 E22.15 Jy F350B Herschel/SPIRE best 350um flux (5) 237-258 E22.15 Jy F500B Herschel/SPIRE best 500um flux (5) 260-281 E22.15 Jy e_F250B F250B 1-σ flux error 283-304 E22.15 Jy e_F350B F350B 1-σ flux error 306-327 E22.15 Jy e_F500B F500B 1-σ flux error 329-338 F10.6 arcsec a_F250B ?=-99 Aperture radius used for F250B (5) 340-349 F10.6 arcsec a_F350B ?=-99 Aperture radius used for F350B (5) 351-355 F5.1 arcsec a_F500B ?=-99 Aperture radius used for F500B (5) 357-378 E22.15 Jy F100P ?=-99 Herschel/PACS 100um point source flux, aperture corrected in 10" radius aperture (1) 380-401 E22.15 Jy F160P ?=-99 Herschel/PACS 160um point source flux, aperture corrected in 15" radius aperture (1) 403-424 E22.15 Jy e_F100P ?=-1 F100P 1-σ flux (1) 426-447 E22.15 Jy e_F160P ?=-1 F100P 1-σ flux (1) 449-470 E22.15 Jy F100B ?=-99 Herschel/PACS best 100um flux (5) 472-493 E22.15 Jy F160B ?=-99 Herschel/PACS best 160um flux (5) 495-516 E22.15 Jy e_F100B ?=-1 Best 100um 1 σ flux error (1) 518-539 E22.15 Jy e_F160B ?=-1 Best 160um 1 σ flux error (1) 541-562 E22.15 arcsec a_F100B ?=-1 Aperture radius used for F100B (1) 564-585 E22.15 arcsec a_F160B ?=-1 Aperture radius used for F160B (1) 587-604 I18 --- OBJID ? SDSS DR7 objID (Cat. II/294) 606-615 F10.5 deg RAsdeg ?=-99 SDSS DR7 Right Ascension (J2000) 617-625 F9.5 deg DEsdeg ?=-99 SDSS DR7 Declination (J2000) 627-634 F8.4 mag rmag ?=-99 SDSS DR7 r-band model mag 636-645 F10.6 mag e_rmag ?=-99 SDSS DR7 r-band model mag error 647-656 F10.6 arcsec IsoA ?=-99 SDSS DR7 isophotal major axis, used for extended source SPIRE aperture fluxes 658-667 F10.6 arcsec sepS ?=-99 Separation between the 250um and SDSS DR7 positions 669-680 E12.6 --- LR ?=-99 Likelihood ratio 682-691 F10.6 --- Rel [0/1]?=-99 Reliability 693-695 I3 --- S/G [0/1]?=-99 Star(1)/Galaxy(0) class 697-706 F10.6 --- zph ?=-99 Photometric redshifts from ANNz (Smith et al., 2011MNRAS.416..857S) 708-717 F10.6 --- e_zph ?=-99 Error on zph (2011MNRAS.416..857S) 719-727 A9 --- n_zph Bands used to derive zph 729-732 I4 --- f_zph [0/511]?=-99 Integer representing n_zph (u=1, g=2, r=4, ... H=128, K=256) 734-736 I3 --- o_zph ?=-99 Number of bands used in deriving photoz 738-747 F10.6 --- zsp ?=-99 The spectroscopic redshift 749-751 I3 --- q_zsp [0/5]?=-99 quality flag of zsp (only use q_zsp≥ 3, which have ≥90% reliability) 753-755 I3 --- r_zsp Flag indicating which the sources of zsp (2) 757-767 A11 --- IRAS Name of associated IRAS source in the IIFSCz, Cat. J/MNRAS/398/109 769-778 F10.6 deg RAideg ?=-99 IIFSCz Right ascension 780-789 F10.6 deg DEideg ?=-99 IIFSCz Declination 791-793 I3 --- fpos [1/5]?=-99 Indicates the source of the position used in the IIFSCz (e.g. SDSS DR6, radio, IRAS, etc) 795-801 F7.3 Jy S12 ?=-99 IIFSCz 12um flux or upper limit 803-809 F7.3 Jy S25 ?=-99 IIFSCz 25um flux or upper limit 811-817 F7.3 Jy S60 ?=-99 IIFSCz 60um flux or upper limit 819-825 F7.3 Jy S100 ?=-99 IIFSCz 100um flux or upper limit 827-829 I3 --- q_S12 ?=-99 Quality flag of IIFSCz S12 (3) 831-833 I3 --- q_S25 ?=-99 Quality flag of IIFSCz S25 (3) 835-837 I3 --- q_S60 ?=-99 Quality flag of IIFSCz S60 (3) 839-841 I3 --- q_S100 ?=-99 Quality flag of IIFSCz S100 (3) 843-852 F10.6 arcsec sepI ?=-99 Separation between IIFSCz and 250um source positions 854-857 A4 --- --- [GAMA] 858-876 A19 --- GAMA-IAU GAMA IAU identifier, Cat. J/MNRAS/413/971 878-883 I6 --- GAMA ? GAMA catalogue index (GAMA_ID) 885-891 F7.3 deg RAgdeg ?=-99 GAMA Right ascension (J2000) 893-901 F9.3 deg DEgdeg ?=-99 GAMA Declination (J2000) 903-912 F10.6 mag rpmag ?=-99 Petrosian r-band mag from GAMA 914-923 F10.6 mag rext ?=-99 GAMA derived r-band extinction 925-934 F10.6 mag rSmag ?=-99 GAMA r-band sersic mag out to 10 Re 936-938 I3 mag FUV [-99] Extinction-corrected Far UV GALEX mag (currently just a placeholder) 940-942 I3 mag NUV [-99] Extinction-corrected Near UV GALEX mag (currently just a placeholder) 944-946 I3 mag e_FUV [-99] Error on Far UV GALEX mag (currently just a placeholder) 948-950 I3 mag e_NUV [-99] Error on Near UV GALEX mag (currently just a placeholder) 952-961 F10.6 mag ukron ?=-99 Extinction-corrected GAMA Kron u mag (either sd or rd depending on phsrc column) 963-972 F10.6 mag gkron ?=-99 Extinction-corrected GAMA Kron g mag (either sd or rd depending on phsrc column) 974-983 F10.6 mag rkron ?=-99 Extinction-corrected GAMA Kron r mag (either sd or rd depending on phsrc column) 985-994 F10.6 mag ikron ?=-99 Extinction-corrected GAMA Kron i mag (either sd or rd depending on phsrc column) 996-1005 F10.6 mag zkron ?=-99 Extinction-corrected GAMA Kron z mag (either sd or rd depending on phsrc column) 1007-1016 F10.6 mag ykron ?=-99 Extinction-corrected GAMA Kron y mag (either sd or rd depending on phsrc column) 1018-1027 F10.6 mag jkron ?=-99 Extinction-corrected GAMA Kron j mag (either sd or rd depending on phsrc column) 1029-1038 F10.6 mag hkron ?=-99 Extinction-corrected GAMA Kron h mag (either sd or rd depending on phsrc column) 1040-1049 F10.6 mag kkron ?=-99 Extinction-corrected GAMA Kron k mag (either sd or rd depending on phsrc column) 1051-1060 F10.6 mag e_ukron ?=-99 GAMA Kron u mag error (4) 1062-1071 F10.6 mag e_gkron ?=-99 GAMA Kron g mag error (4) 1073-1082 F10.6 mag e_rkron ?=-99 GAMA Kron r mag error (4) 1084-1093 F10.6 mag e_ikron ?=-99 GAMA Kron i mag error (4) 1095-1104 F10.6 mag e_zkron ?=-99 GAMA Kron z mag error (4) 1106-1115 F10.6 mag e_ykron ?=-99 GAMA Kron y mag error (4) 1117-1126 F10.6 mag e_jkron ?=-99 GAMA Kron j mag error (4) 1128-1137 F10.6 mag e_hkron ?=-99 GAMA Kron h mag error (4) 1139-1148 F10.6 mag e_kkron ?=-99 GAMA Kron k mag error (4) 1150-1161 I12 --- LAS8 ? Source ID for UKIDSS-LAS detections in YJHK (Cat. II/314) 1163-1164 A2 --- phsrc [rd sd] rd: defined, or sd: self-defined
Note (1): A value of -99 means that a source wasn't detected. A value of -1 indicates a source that falls outside the PACS region. Note (2): additive flags with: 1 = SDSS 2 = 6dFGS 4 = 2SLAQ_QSO survey 8 = 2SLAQ_LRG survey 16 = GAMA (the GAMA redshift this will always take precedence over the other surveys) Note (3): Quality flag as: 1 = upper limit 2 = low quality 3 = good quality Note (4): corrected for factor of 4 in Hill et al., 2010MNRAS.404.1215H. Note (5): the "best" flux is identical to the point source flux for non-extended sources (its error is then -99); an aperture flux is computed for extended sources.
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(End) Patricia Vannier [CDS] 07-May-2012
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