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J/other/IBVS/5802   Minima and maxima of 735 variables         (Hubscher+, 2007)

Photoelectric minima of selected eclipsing binaries and maxima of pulsating stars. Hubscher J. <IAU Inform. Bull. Var. Stars, 5802, 1 (2007)> =2007IBVS.5802....1H
ADC_Keywords: Stars, variable Abstract: In this 58th compilation of BAV results, photoelectric observations obtained in the years 2006 and 2007 are presented on 473 variable stars giving 735 minima and maxima on eclipsing binaries and pulsating stars. All moments of minima and maxima are heliocentric. The errors are tabulated in column '±'. The values in column 'O-C' are determined without incorporation of nonlinear terms. The references are given in the section 'Remarks'. All information about photometers and filters are specified in the column 'Rem'. The observations were made at private observatories. The photoelectric measurements and all the light curves with evaluations can be obtained from the office of the BAV for inspection. File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file table1.dat 86 529 Eclipsing binaries table2.dat 86 203 Pulsating stars remarks.dat 41 15 Remarks
See also: J/other/IBVS/5296 : Extrema of pulsating stars (Agerer+, 2002) J/other/IBVS/5438 : 162-nd list of eclipsing binaries minima (Diethelm, 2003) J/other/IBVS/5493 : 2003 CCD minima of eclipsing binaries (Nelson+, 2004) J/other/IBVS/5502 : Eclipsing binaries minima in 2003 (Dvorak+, 2004) J/other/IBVS/5543 : 163-nd list of eclipsing binaries minima (Diethelm+, 2004) J/other/IBVS/5592 : Eclipsing binary stars photoelectric minima (Krajci+, 2005) J/other/IBVS/5731 : Minima and maxima of 816 variables (Hubscher+, 2006) J/other/IBVS/5761 : Minima and maxima of 389 variables (Hubscher+, 2007) J/other/IBVS/5830 : Minima and maxima of 292 variables (Hubscher+, 2008) Byte-by-byte Description of file: table[12].dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 18 A18 --- Name Variable name 20- 22 A3 --- M/m [Min Max] Time of JD (minimum or maximum) (1) 24- 35 F12.4 d HJD Heliocentric Julian date of minimum or maximum 36 A1 --- u_HJD Uncertainty flag on HJD 39- 43 F5.4 d e_HJD rms uncertainty on HJD 45- 51 A7 --- Obs Observer (2) 53- 59 F7.4 --- O-C ? O-C value (3) 61 A1 --- n_O-C [s] s for secondary minimum 63- 73 A11 --- Ref Bibliography (4) 75- 77 A3 --- Filt [BVIcIrCo- ] Filter used (5) 79- 81 I3 --- N Number of measurements 83- 86 A4 --- Rem Remarks, in remarks.dat file
Note (1): Minima on eclipsing binaries and maxima on pulsating stars. Note (2): Observer codes as follows: AG = Agerer F., Tiefenbach DIE = Dietrich M., Radebeul FLG = Flechsig Dr. G., Teterow FR = Frank P., Velden HMB = Hambsch Dr. F., Mol (B) HND = Hund F., Windhoek (Namibia) Ju = Jungbluth Dr. H., Karlsruhe MS = Moschner W., Lennestadt MZ = Maintz G., Bonn QU = Quester, W., Esslingen RAT = Ratz M., Herges-Hallenberg RCR = Ratz C., Herges-Hallenberg SCI = Schmidt U., Karlsruhe SIR = Schirmer J., Willisau (CH) WN = Wischnewski M. Wennigsen WTR = Walter F., Muchen Note (3): The values are determined without incorporation of nonlinear terms. Note (4): the abbreviations stand for: SAC = Rocznik Astronomiczny No. vv, Krakow (SAC) ATB = Achterberg (member of the BAV) MVS = Mitteilungen uber Veraenderl. Sterne Note (5): Filters code as follows: V = Johnson V filter B = Johnson B filter Ic = Cousins I filter -Ir = -Ir filter C = CCD-camera o = without filter
Byte-by-byte Description of file: remarks.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 3 A3 --- Rem Remark code 5- 41 A37 --- Text Text of the remark
History: * 05-Feb-2009: From electronic version of the journal * 30-Mar-2011: GSC 0137501085 SIR all results must be deleted (from 2009IBVS.5889....1H)
(End) Patricia Vannier [CDS] 10-Nov-2008
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