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J/other/GCN/1070.1        HETE Trigger Information               (Ricker+, 2001)

SGR1806-20: A Second, Intense Burst Localized by HETE. Ricker G., Lamb D., Woosley S., Vanderspek R., Crew G., Doty J., Monnelly G., Villasenor J., Butler N., Cline T., Jernigan J.G., Levine A., Martel F., Morgan E., Pizzichini G., Prigozhin G., Kawai N., Matsuoka M., Shirasaki Y., Tamagawa T., Torii K., Sakamoto T., Yoshida A., Fenimore E., Galassi M., Graziani C., Atteia J.-L., Boer M., Olive J.-F., Dezalay J.-P., Hurley K. <GRB Circular Network, 1070, 1 (2001)> =2001GCN..1070....1R
ADC_Keywords: Gamma rays Abstract: At 15:54:53.123 UT on 23 June, the HETE FREGATE and WXM instruments detected and localized an intense burst from SGR1806-20, a soft gamma-ray repeater. This event, disseminated in near real time as a GCN Alert (HETE BID_1566; see ), is the second burst localized from this source in the past week. (The first burst was reported in GCN Circular #1068). The coordinates (J2000) of the 23 June burst are: RA=272.1460° (18:08:35.02), DE=-20.3658° (-20:21:56) The error circle for this localization is 6 arcmin in radius. SGR1806-20 lies 3.1arcmin from the HETE position. The burst duration in the 8-40keV band was ∼200ms, comprised of two peaks each <100ms in duration. A total of 2250 counts were detected during that interval, corresponding to a fluence of ∼4x10-7ergs/cm2. The peak flux was >6x10-6erg/cm2/s (i.e. >200Crab-flux). Follow-up observations of this transient are encouraged. Additional information on this burst detection (including light curves), as well as for the HETE mission, will be available at: File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file hete.dat 703 145 HETE Trigger Information about GRBs (and non-GRBs) detected by HETE (WXM and SXC) hete2001.dat 703 374 Old HETE Trigger Information: 2001 hete2002.dat 703 419 Old HETE Trigger Information: 2002
See also: : High Energy Transient Explorer Home Page : HETE Trigger Information IX/20 : The Fourth BATSE Burst Revised Catalog (Paciesas+ 1999) IX/36 : GRANAT/PHEBUS cat. of cosmic gamma-ray bursts (Terekhov+, 1994-2002) J/A+AS/129/1 : GRANAT/WATCH catalogue of gamma-ray bursts (Sazonov+ 1998) J/ApJ/563/80 : 3906 gamma-ray bursts BATSE triggers (Stern+, 2001) J/ApJS/126/19 : BATSE gamma-ray burst spectral catalog. I. (Preece+, 2000) J/ApJS/134/385 : Supplement to BATSE gamma-ray burst catalog (Kommers+, 2001) Byte-by-byte Description of file: hete*.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 5 I5 --- Trigger ? Trigger number (in Simbad: HETE Trigger NNNNN) 6 A1 --- n_Trigger [n] 'n' for not available 12- 19 A8 "YY/MM/DD" Obs.Date Date of the start of the GRB 21- 31 A11 --- Obs.Time ? Date the start of the GRB ( 33- 42 A10 --- Notice Type of notice (1) 44- 47 A4 --- Inst Instrument that made the observation/detection (2) 49- 55 F7.3 deg RAdeg ? Right ascension in decimal degrees (J2000) 56- 62 F7.3 deg DEdeg ? Declination in decimal degrees (J2000) 64- 69 F6.2 arcmin Error ? Error uncertainty in that location (arcmin diameter, systematic+statistical) 70 A1 --- Note [on] Note on the absence of position (3) 72-703 A632 --- Com Comments describing the observation results
Note (1): Type of notice: S/C_Alert, S/C_Update, S/C_Last, or GndAnalysis Note (2): Instrument: WXM, SXC, TBD if not known yet as in an S/C_Alert Notice Note (3): Note when no position as follows: n = not available o = none, if the s/c decided there was enough to trigger, but not enough events to produce a position
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(End) James Marcout, Patricia Bauer [CDS] 24-Apr-2003
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