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J/PASP/107/32       uvby-hk photometry in M22  (Anthony-Twarog+ 1995)

CN and Ca abundance variations among the giants in M 22 Anthony-Twarog B.J., Twarog B.A., Craig J. <Publ. Astron. Soc. Pac. 107, 32 (1995)> =1995PASP..107...32A (SIMBAD/NED BibCode)
ADC_Keywords: Clusters, globular ; Photometry, K-line ; Photometry, uvby Astract: We have obtained uvbyCa data for over 300 giants and horizontal branch stars in three fields of M22. The spread in (b-y) for the giant and horizontal branches is consistent with a spread in foreground reddening Delta-E(B-V) ∼ 0.08. Reanalysis of the data of Norris and Freeman (1983) indicates not only positive correlations between CH, CN and a unimodal distribution for Ca. Our photometric indices, m_1, and hk, demonstrate a range in metallicity that persists to two magnitudes below the horizontal branch, and confirm the correlation between calcium abundance and CN/CH. We infer from comparisons to spectroscopic data that m_1 is dominated by the CN and CH abundance and find no independent evidence of a range in [Fe/H]. The excessive ranges in m_1 and hk also suggest the influence of a continuous opacity source, reminiscent of the Bond-Neff effect, that is correlated with CNO abundance. The relative contributions of internal mixing and primordial variations for M22's giants are discussed. Copyright: Astronomical Society of the Pacific Object: --------------------------------- RA (2000) DE Name(s) --------------------------------- 18 36.4 -23 54 M 22 = NGC 6656 --------------------------------- File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file table3 124 396 uvbyCa photometry of stars in M22.
See also: GCPD/81 : General Catalog of Photometric Data, CaII HK photometric system GCPD/04 : General Catalog of Photometric Data, uvby (Stromegren) system Byte-by-byte Description of file: table3
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
2- 6 I5 --- ID Designation of the star (1) 8- 9 I2 --- Pr [0-99]?=-1 Probability of membership, from Peterson and Cudworth (1994ApJ...420..612P) 11- 16 F6.1 arcsec Xpos X-position, increasing to positive R.A. (2) 18- 23 F6.1 arcsec Ypos Y-position north of field center (2) 26- 31 F6.3 mag Vmag Johnson's V 33- 38 F6.3 mag b-y Stroemgren index (see e.g. GCPD/04) 40- 45 F6.3 mag m1 Stroemgren index ((v - b) - (b - y)) 47- 52 F6.3 mag c1 Stroemgren index ((u - v) - (v - b)) 54- 59 F6.3 mag hk index = (Ca-b)-(b-y) (see e.g. GCPD/81) 62- 66 A5 --- AM Cross-identifications to Arp and Melbourne (1959AJ.....64...28A) 68- 72 A5 --- AL Cross-identifications to Alcaino and Liller (1983AJ.....88.1330A) 76- 80 F5.3 mag e_Vmag []?=0.000 Mean error on Vmag 83- 87 F5.3 mag e_b-y []?=0.000 Mean error on b-y 90- 94 F5.3 mag e_m1 []?=0.000 Mean error on m1 97-101 F5.3 mag e_c1 []?=0.000 Mean error on c1 104-108 F5.3 mag e_hk []?=0.000 Mean error on hk 112 I1 --- Ny Number of y frames 115 I1 --- Nb Number of b frames 118 I1 --- Nv Number of v frames 121 I1 --- Nu Number of u frames 124 I1 --- NCa Number of Ca frames
Note (1): the first digit denotes the CCD field: 5 for NE, 2 for South, 4 for Southwest, 3 for overlap between 2 and 4. Note (2): Field center is at 18 33 21.5 -23 56 44 (1950). in J2000: 18 36 24.6 -23 54 12
Courtesy: Barbara J. Anthony-Twarog
(End) Francois Ochsenbein [CDS] 18-Aug-1995
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