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J/PASP/106/745      The Spectrum of IC 418              (Hyung+ 1994)

The Spectrum of the Planetary Nebula, IC 418 Hyung S., Aller L. H., and Feibelman W. A. <Publ. Astron. Soc. Pac. 106, 745, (1994)> =1994PASP..106..745H
ADC_Keywords: Planetary nebulae ; Spectra, ultraviolet Abstract: A detailed high spectral resolution study of the spectrum of IC 418 is made for the region 3650Å to 10050Å, using the Hamilton echelle spectrograph of Lick Observatory, and of the UV spectral region with archival International Ultraviolet Explorer (IUE) data. File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file table5.dat 69 246 Optical Region line Intensities
Byte-by-byte Description of file: table5.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 8 F8.2 0.1nm lam.obs *?The observed wavelength 10- 17 F8.2 0.1nm lam.lab ?The laboratory wavelength 20- 32 A13 --- id The line identification 34- 41 A8 --- mult The multiplet number 43- 48 F6.3 --- k *?Extinction 50- 55 F6.2 --- I *?Relative intensity to I(Hbeta=100) 57- 63 F7.2 --- F ?The un-corrected flux relative to F(Hbeta)=100. 66- 69 F4.1 --- e_F ? Formal root-mean-square error
Note on lam.obs: The observed wavelength in A corrected for the radial velocity, V_{rad} = 37.375 km/s. Note on k: The extinction coefficient, k_λ, as tabulated from equations given by Seaton (1979MNRAS.187p..73S) Note on I: the flux I(lam) relative to I(Hbeta) =100 corrected for interstellar extinction, C = log I(H beta)/F(H beta) = 0.21, a value derived by comparing reliable Balmer and Paschen lines. that is, the extinction at lambda 4861 is 0.21 dex.

(End) Nancy G. Roman [ADC/SDDOO] 20-Mar-1995
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