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J/BaltA/10/589 Stars with large HIP photometric amplitudes (Adelman, 2001)

Stars with the largest Hipparcos photometric amplitudes. Adelman S.J. <Baltic Astronomy, 10, 589 (2001)> =2001BaltA..10..589A
ADC_Keywords: Stars, variable Keywords: stars: variability Abstract: A list of the 2027 stars that have the largest photometric amplitudes in Hipparcos Photometry shows that the most variables stars are all Miras. The percentage of variable types change as a function of amplitude. This compilation should also be of value to photometrists looking for relatively unstudied, but large amplitude stars. File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file table1.dat 75 2026 *Information on individual stars
Note on table1.dat: the actual number of stars differs slightly from what is stated in the Abstract.
See also: I/239 : The Hipparcos and Tycho Catalogues (ESA 1997) II/214 : The Combined General Catalogue of Variable Stars (Kholopov+ 1998) Byte-by-byte Description of file: table1.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 6 I6 --- HIP HIP number (Cat. I/239) 8- 10 I3 --- Nobs Number of observations 12- 18 F7.4 mag Hpmag Hipparcos magnitude 20- 25 F6.4 mag e_Hpmag rms uncertainty on Hpmag 27- 30 F4.2 mag Amp Amplitude in Hp magnitude 32- 37 I6 --- HD ? HD number 39- 54 A16 --- Name Other name 56- 67 A12 --- SpType Spectral type 69- 75 A7 --- VarType Variability type (1)
Note (1): Variability type: BY: BY Draconis variables CEP: Cepheids DCEP: delta Cepheids DSCT: delta Scuti variables CW: W Virginis stars GCAS: gamma Cassopeiae variables (Be Stars) E: eclipsing binaries ELL: ellipsoidal variable Star EW: eclipsing binary of W UMa type I: irregular variables IS: variable star with rapid variations L: slow irregular variables M: Mira Ceti variables P: undifferentiated periodic variable R: V-I colour index was revised due to variability analysis (HIP) RCB: R Coronae Borealis stars RR: RR Lyrae variables RS: Variable of RS CVn type RV: RV Tauri stars SR: semi-regular variables SDOR: S Doradus stars SXPHE: SX Phoenicis stars U: unresolved variables including unknown types UV: UV Ceti type variables XP: X-ray pulsars ZAND: Z Andromedae cataclysmic variables
Acknowledgements: Saul J. Adelman History: * 24-Aug-2002: about 60 wrong "Other names" were corrected at CDS, in agreement with Saul J. Adelman; the actual number of stars is 2026, not 2027 as stated in the Abstract.
(End) Patricia Bauer [CDS] 11-Jul-2002
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