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J/ApJ/384/404  Redshifts of a nearby rich clusters of galaxies   (Postman+ 1992)

The distribution of nearby rich clusters of galaxies POSTMAN M., HUCHRA J. P., GELLER M. J. <Astrophys. J. 384, 404 (1992)> =1992ApJ...384..404P
ADC_Keywords: Clusters, galaxy; Redshifts Keywords: galaxies: clustering-galaxies: distances and redshifts Descriptions: (Abstract of the paper) We have acquired redshifts for a complete sample of 351 Abell clusters with tenth-ranked galaxy magnitudes (m10) less than or equal to 16.5, including 115 entirely new cluster redshifts. The survey includes all such clusters which lie north of δ=-27deg30arcmin and is the largest magnitude-limited redshift survey of rich clusters to date. Analysis of the spatial distribution of these clusters reveals no clustering on scales larger than 75h-1Mpc; we do not detect the large supercluster complexes reported by Tully. The correlation length is 20.0(±4.3)h-1Mpc, consistent with the results from other surveys. The frequency of voids with radii of order 60h-1Mpc or less is consistent with the form and amplitude of the observed two-point correlation function. There is no significant difference between the clustering properties of RC = O and RC ≥ 1 clusters. A percolation analysis yields 23 superclusters, 17 of which are new. The superclusters are not significantly elongated in the radial direction; large-scale peculiar motions are of order 1000 km s-1 or less. Dramatically new constraints on the large-scale cluster distribution will require surveys an order of magnitude larger. File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . this file table1 88 351 catalogue of redshifts of a sample of nearby rich clusters of galaxies
Byte-by-byte Description of file: table1
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1 A1 --- CluID [AV] Cluster ID: A=Abell, V=Virgo cluster; these codes added at CDS for clarity 2- 5 I4 --- Anumb [0,3744] Abell number, or 0 for Virgo 7- 8 I2 h RAh [0,24[ Right ascension (B1950) of the cluster centre (hours) 9- 12 F4.1 min RAm [0,60[ right ascension (minutes) 13 A1 . DE- declination sign (B1950) 14- 15 I2 deg DEd [0,90] declination of the cluster center (degrees) (B1950) 16- 17 I2 arcmin DEm declination (minutes) 19 I1 --- R [0,3] Abell's richness class 21 I1 --- D [0,5] Abell's distance class 23- 27 F5.2 mag m1 [8.49,16.6]? brightness of 1st-ranked galaxy from Leir & vandenBergh 1977, ApJS 34, 381 (1) 29- 32 F4.1 mag m10 [10.0,16.5] brightness of 10th-ranked galaxy (1) 34- 37 F4.3 --- Zest []? estimated z (1) 39- 43 F5.4 --- Zobs observed z 45- 47 I3 --- Ngal [1,360]? number of galaxies with measured z 49- 58 A10 --- r_z reference code(s), see (2) 60- 88 A29 --- NOTE notes (3)
Notes (1): Note that due to the different origin of the data, m1 can be higher than m10 (e.g. for A1892). Moreover, the magnitude scale for northern clusters (A1-A2712) is different from that for the southern clusters (A>2712). Trailing zeroes in m1, m10 and Zest were truncated at CDS. Note (2): Reference codes: DS Dressler & Shectman 1988a, AJ 95, 284 and Dressler & Shectman 1988b, AJ 95, 985 F Fetisova 1981, SvA 25, 647 FJ Forman & Jones 1991, priv.comm. GC Chapman, Geller & Huchra 1988, AJ 95, 999 HGT Hoessel, Gunn & Thuan 1980, ApJ 241, 486 HHPG Huchra et al. 1990, ApJ 365, 66 HPGG Huchra, Postman, Geary, Geller 1991, in preparation HSM Hintzen, Scott and McKee 1980, ApJ 242, 857 JH HHPG, Mt. Hopkins observations K Karachentsev & Kopylov 1981, SvALett 7, 285 and Klypin & Kopylov 1983, SvALett 9, 41 and Kopylov, Fetisova & Schvartsman 1984, Astron. Tsirk. 1344, 1 QMIT Quintana et al. 1985, AJ 90, 410 PH HHPG, Mauna Kea observations RK Rhee & Katgert 1988, A&AS 72, 243 SGH Schneider, Gunn & Hoessel 1983, ApJ 264, 377 and Schneider 1982, PhD Thesis, CalTech SHEC Schectman 1985, ApJS 57, 77 SR Struble & Rood 1987, ApJS ApJS 63, 543 SRS Sarazin, Rood & Struble 1982, A&A 108, L7 UL Ulrich 1978, ApJ 221, 422 VCC Vettolani et al. 1989, A&AS 79, 147 VCSZ Vettolani et al. 1990, AJ 99, 1709 ZCAT CfA redshift survey sources ZHG Zabludoff, Huchra & Geller 1990, ApJS 74, 1 and Zabludoff 1992, PhD thesis, in prep. Note (3): These notes do not appear in the published table, but were kept in the electronic version as received from M. Postman.
Historical note: The catalogue was provided by courtesy of Marc Postman to Heinz Andernach. It was numbered A133 in H. Andernach's "List of Astronomical Catalogues and Documents kindly provided on request by various authors"
(End) Heinz Andernach [CDS] 05-Mar-1994
(End) Heinz Andernach [CDS] 05-Mar-1994
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