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J/ApJ/365/471       Planetary nebulae as standard candles. VI. (Jacoby+, 1990)

Planetary nebulae as standard candles. VI. A test in the Magellanic Clouds. Jacoby G.H., Walker A.R., Ciardullo R. <Astrophys. J. 365, 471 (1990)> =1990ApJ...365..471J
ADC_Keywords: Planetary nebulae ; Magellanic Clouds Keywords: galaxies: distances - galaxies: Magellanic Clouds - luminosity function - nebulae: planetary Abstract: We have measured the [O III] λ5007 fluxes of the brightest planetaries in the LMC (102 objects) and SMC (31 objects) using narrow-band imaging at the CTIO 0.9m telescope. Our fluxes agree to -5% with photoelectric measurements available in the literature (31 objects); agreement is much worse for objects with only spectrophotometric observations. Using the fluxes for the complete sample of bright LMC planetaries, we derive a distance using the planetary nebula luminosity function (PNLF). File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file table2.dat 36 102 LMC planetary nebula photometry table3.dat 36 31 SMC planetary nebula photometry
See also: J/ApJ/339/53 : Paper II, M 31 (Ciardullo+, 1989) J/ApJ/344/704 : Paper III, M 81 (Jacoby+, 1989) J/ApJ/344/715 : Paper IV, Leo I group (Ciardullo+, 1989) J/ApJ/356/332 : Paper V, Virgo cluster (Jacoby+, 1990) J/ApJ/383/487 : Paper VII, NGC 1023 group (Ciardullo+, 1991) J/ApJ/416/62 : Paper IX, Fornax cluster (McMillan+, 1993) J/ApJ/462/1 : Paper X, Coma I region (Jacoby+, 1996) J/ApJ/479/231 : Paper XI, M 101, M 51, M96 (Felmeier+, 1997) J/ApJ/577/31 : Paper XII, Pop I and Pop II (Ciardullo+, 2002) Byte-by-byte Description of file: table2.dat table3.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 7 A7 --- PN PN designation (1) 9 A1 --- l_m5007 Limit flag on m5007 10- 14 F5.2 mag m5007 m5007 magnitude (-2.5logF(5007) - 13.74) 17 A1 --- l_logF5007 Limit flag on logF5007 18- 24 F7.3 [Jy] logF5007 Flux at 5007Å 26- 28 I3 km/s RV ? Radial velocity 34- 36 F3.1 arcsec Diam ? FWHM diameter for objects which appear slightly nonstellar
Note (1): PN designation: SMP NNN: Sanduleak, MacConnell & Philip, 1978PASP...90..621S; Table 2: SMP LMC NNN in Simbad, Table 3: SMP SMC NNN in Simbad SP NN: Sanduleak & Peach, 1981PASP...93..431S (SMP SMC NN in Simbad) L NNN: Lindsay, 1961AJ.....66..169L (Lin NNN in Simnad)
History: Prepared via OCR at CDS. References: Jacoby, Paper I 1989ApJ...339...39J Ciardullo & Jacoby Paper VIII 1992ApJ...388..268C
(End) James Marcout, Patricia Bauer [CDS] 16-Jan-2003
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