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J/AZh/73/194      Circumstellar Disks of Ae/Be Herbig Stars (Grinin+ 1996)

Orientation of Circumstellar Disks and the Statistics of Hα Profiles of Ae/Be Herbig Stars. Grinin V.P., Rostopchina A.N. <Astron. Zh. 73, 194 (1996)> =1996AZh....73..194G =1996ARep...40..171G
ADC_Keywords: Stars, emission ; Stars, early-type ; Polarization Keywords: Orion stars - Ae/Be stars - circumstellar disks Description: The data of the photo-polarimetric activity of Ae/Be Herbig stars and the types of Ha profiles observed in their spectra was carried out using data from the literature. The analysis of the data supports the presence of a relationship between the type of Ha profile and the level of photo-polarimetric activity in young stars. File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file table 74 63 Photometric activity and the profiles of Hα lines of Ae/Be Herbig stars
Byte-by-byte Description of file: table
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 2 I2 --- No [1/63]+ Running number 5- 14 A10 --- Star Name of star (1) 17- 21 A5 --- SpType Spectral type 24- 28 F5.2 mag Vmin Faintest magnitude for the V band (1) 31- 35 F5.2 mag Vmax Brightest magnitude for the V band (1) 36 A1 --- n_Vmin [B] Vmin and Vmax refer to B band (1) 39- 41 A3 --- Halpha Types of H-alpha profile accodingly to Finkenzeller and Mundt (1984A&AS...55..109F) 44- 48 A5 --- Ref1 References for the photometry (list below) 51- 54 F4.2 % Pmin ? Minimal degree of polarization (1) 55 A1 --- n_Pmin [R] Pmin refers to right polarization 57- 61 F5.2 % Pmax ? Maximum degree of polarization (1) 62 A1 --- n_Pmax [R] Pmax refers to right polarization 65- 68 F4.2 mag Vamp ? Amplitude of variations during polarization measurements (1) 71- 74 A4 --- Ref2 ? References to polarization data
Note (1): polarisation and brightness are presented for the V band except for the star HR 5999 (flagged by 'B' in n_Vmin) which are in B band.
References: 1. Vardanyan, R.A., 1964, =1964SoByu..35....3V 2. Zellner, B., =1970AJ.....75..182Z 3. Serkowski, K., =1970ApJ...160.1083S 4. Breger, M., 1974, =1974ApJ...188...53B 5. Vrba, F.J., Schmidt, G.D., Hitzen, P.M., =1979ApJ...227..185V 6. Garrison, L.M. Anderson, C.M., =1978ApJ...221..601G 7. Kopatsskaya, E.N. Shulov, O.S., 1978, =1978TrLen..34...94K 17. Finkenzeller, U., Mundt, R., =1984A&AS...55..109F 20. Herbig, G.J. Bell, R.K., 1989, Third Catalog of Emission-Line Stars of the Orion Population, Lick Obs. Bull., No. 1111. (Catalog V/73) 22. van den Ancker, M.E., The, P.S., de Winter, D., =1996A&A...309..809V 26. Kolotilov, E.A., 1977, 1977Afz....13...33K. 27. Kholopov, P.N., Samus, N.N., Goranskii, V.P., et al., 1985, Obshchii katalog peremennykh zvezd (General Catalog of Variable Stars), Moscow: Nauka. (Catalog II/139) 28. Zaitseva, G.V. Kolotilov, E.A., 1973, 1973Afz.....9..185Z. 29. Hamann, F. Persson, S.E., =1992ApJS...82..285H 30. Ortiz, E., Fernandez, M., Eiroa, C., Miranda, L.F., 1994, PASPC, 62, 128 31. Pogodin, M.A., 1994, PASPC, 62, 103. 33. Yudin, R., 1994, PASPC, 62, 82. 34. Shevchenko, V.S., 1989, Ae/Be zvezdy Kherbiga (Ae/Be Herbig Stars), Tashkent, p. 68. 36. Hillenbrand, L.A., Strom, S.E., Vrba, F.J., Keene, J., =1992ApJ...397..613H 37. Petrova, N.N. Shevchenko, V.S., =1987PAZh...13..686P 39. Breger, M. Dyck, H.M., =1972ApJ...175..127B 40. Aspin, C., McLean, I., Coyne, G.V., =1985A&A...149..158A 41. Kardopolov, V.I., Pavlova, L.A., Rspaev, F.K., =1991AZh....68..565K 66. Crimean Astrophysical Observatory data bank.
(End) Veta Avedisova [INASAN] 30-Sep-1996
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