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IX/37          XMM-Newton Serendipitous Source Catalogue (1XMM)  (XMM-SSC, 2003)

The XMM-Newton Serendipitous Source Catalogue, Version 1.0.1 XMM-Newton Survey Science Centre Consortium <XMM-SSC, Leicester, UK (2003)>
ADC_Keywords: X-ray sources ; Surveys ; Mission_Name: XMM Description: 1XMM is the first comprehensive catalogue of serendipitous X-ray sources from the European Space Agency's (ESA) XMM-Newton observatory launched in December 1999, and has been constructed by the XMM-Newton Survey Science Centre (SSC) on behalf of ESA. Most (>80%) of the entries have not previously been reported as X-ray sources. The catalogue contains source detections drawn from 585 XMM-Newton EPIC observations made between 2000 March 1 and 2002 May 5; all datasets were publicly available by 2003 January 31 but not all public observations are included in this catalogue. Net exposure times in these observations range from less than 1000 up to about 100000 seconds. The total area of the catalogue fields is about 90deg2, but taking account of the substantial overlaps between observations, the net sky area covered independently is about 50deg2. The observations sample, albeit sparsely, most of the sky, with the exception of a 'hole' centered in the Cygnus region, caused by spacecraft observing constraints. The catalogue source detection and parametrization technique is optimized for point-like sources, and has been performed across several photon-energy bands (see "EPIC energy bands" below) and using data from each of the three EPIC cameras PN, MOS-1, MOS-2; the prefixes PN_ M1_ M2_ are generally used to designate the columns of the catalogue related to the detections by the corresponding camera. The catalogue in its FITS version has ∼ 400 columns; these include source-detection parameters (likelihood, position coordinates, counts, count rate, flux, hardness ratio, background estimates, errors etc), the results of cross-correlation with a large number of archival catalogues (SIMBAD, NED, USNO, GSC, APM, ROSAT etc), quality 'flags' resulting from visual screening, and 'meta-data' relating to the observation. For practical considerations the ascii version of the catalogue is made of 3 tables representing the sources, the observations and processing details, and the results of the cross-correlations; the names used as column names in the ASCII version are also reported within parentheses in the "Byte-by-Byte" descriptions below. Details about the construction of the catalogue can be found from the XMM-Newton Survey Science Centre ( EPIC energy bands: Narrow energy bands: 1 = 0.2 - 0.5 keV 2 = 0.5 - 2.0 keV 3 = 2.0 - 4.5 keV 4 = 4.5 - 7.5 keV 5 = 7.5 - 12.0 keV Broad energy bands: 6 = 0.2 - 2.0 keV = soft band, no images made 7 = 2.0 - 12.0 keV = hard band, no images made 8 = 0.2 - 12.0 keV = total band 9 = 0.5 - 4.5 keV = XID band File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file 2880 67300 The Catalogue as a FITS binary table xmm1src.dat 2141 56711 Sources detected in the EPIC images xmm1obs.dat 299 585 Details of observations and processing xmm1cros.dat 135 193258 Cross-correlations of XMM sources
See also: B/xmm : XMM-Newton Observation Log (XMM-Newton Science Operation Center, 2002) : XMM-Newton Survey Science Centre, University of Leicester : XSA Centre at ESA's XMM-Newton SOC : XCAT-DB at SSC institute, Strasbourg : LEDAS, at the SSC institute, University of Leicester Byte-by-byte Description of file: xmm1src.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 5 I5 --- Index [1,56711] (SRCINDEX) Sequential entry index 7- 11 I5 --- Source [1,50622] (UNIQUE_SRCNUM) Source index 13- 16 A4 --- --- [1XMM] 18- 33 A16 --- 1XMM (XMMSRCNAME) IAU name for this entry, based on J2000 position 35- 43 I9 --- ObsID (OBS_ID) Observation identification 45- 63 A19 --- DateObs (DATE-OBS) UT date/time of PN exposure start 65- 72 F8.1 s Duration (DURATION) Length of observation in seconds 74- 85 E12.6 mW/m2 Flux ?(EP_FLUX) Mean total flux (0.2-12keV) (1) 87- 95 E9.3 mW/m2 e_Flux ?(EPFLUXERR) 1σ error on Flux 97-103 A7 --- M1_fltr (M1_FILTER) M1 filter (G1) 105-111 A7 --- M2_fltr (M2_FILTER) M2 filter (G1) 113-119 A7 --- PN_fltr (PN_FILTER) PN filter (G1) 121-130 E10.4 ct M1_Scts ?(M1_SCTS) M1 total source counts (4) 132-139 E8.2 ct eM1Scts ?(M1SCTSERR) 1σ error on M1_Scts 141-150 E10.4 ct M2_Scts ?(M2_SCTS) M2 total source counts (4) 152-159 E8.2 ct eM2Scts ?(M2SCTSERR) 1σ error on M2_Scts 161-170 E10.4 ct PN_Scts ?(PN_SCTS) PN total source counts (4) 172-179 E8.2 ct ePNScts ?(PNSCTSERR) 1σ error on PN_Scts 181-189 E9.3 ct/pix M1_bg ?(M1BGMAP) M1 value of background map (2) 191-199 E9.3 ct/pix M2_bg ?(M2BGMAP) M2 value of background map (2) 201-209 E9.3 ct/pix PN_bg ?(PNBGMAP) PN value of background map (2) 211-216 F6.3 arcmin M1_offax ?(M1_OFFAXANG) Off-axis angle (3) 218-223 F6.3 arcmin M2_offax ?(M2_OFFAXANG) Off-axis angle (3) 225-230 F6.3 arcmin PN_offax ?(PN_OFFAXANG) Off-axis angle (3) 232-243 E12.6 mW/m2 M1_Flux ?(M1_FLUX) M1 total band flux (0.2-12keV) (1) 245-253 E9.3 mW/m2 eM1Flux ?(M1FLUXERR) Error on M1_Flux 255-266 E12.6 mW/m2 M2_Flux ?(M2_FLUX) M2 total band flux (0.2-12keV) (1) 268-276 E9.3 mW/m2 eM2Flux ?(M2FLUXERR) Error on M2_Flux 278-289 E12.6 mW/m2 PN_Flux ?(PN_FLUX) PN total band flux (0.2-12keV) (1) 291-299 E9.3 mW/m2 ePNFlux ?(PNFLUXERR) Error on PN_Flux 301-303 I3 pix M1_x ?(M1_RAWX) X position of M1 detection (5) 305-307 I3 pix M1_y ?(M1_RAWY) Y position of M1 detection (5) 309-311 I3 --- M1_ccd ?(M1_CCDNR) CCD number of M1 detection (5) 313-315 I3 pix M2_x ?(M2_RAWX) X position of M2 detection (5) 317-319 I3 pix M2_y ?(M2_RAWY) Y position of M2 detection (5) 321-323 I3 --- M2_ccd ?(M2_CCDNR) CCD number of M2 detection (5) 325-327 I3 pix PN_x ?(PN_RAWX) X position of PN detection (5) 329-331 I3 pix PN_y ?(PN_RAWY) Y position of PN detection (5) 333-335 I3 --- PN_ccd ?(PN_CCDNR) CCD number of PN detection (5) 337-344 F8.4 deg RAobs (RA) J2000 Right Ascension of the source 346-353 F8.4 deg DEobs (DEC) J2000 Declination of the source 355-358 F4.1 arcsec errPos (RADEC_ERR) 1σ error on source position 360-367 F8.4 deg GLONobs (LII) Galactic longitude of the source 369-376 F8.4 deg GLATobs (BII) Galactic latitude of the source 378-385 F8.4 deg RAdeg (RA_CORR) J2000 corrected Right Ascension (7) 387-394 F8.4 deg DEdeg (DEC_CORR) J2000 corrected Declination (7) 396-403 F8.4 deg GLON (LII_CORR) Corrected Galactic longitude (7) 405-412 F8.4 deg GLAT (BII_CORR) Corrected Galactic latitude (7) 414-421 F8.4 deg M1_RA ?(M1_RA) J2000 Right Ascension of M1 detection 423-430 F8.4 deg M1_DE ?(M1_DEC) J2000 Declination of M1 detection 432-439 F8.4 deg M1_GLon ?(M1_LII) Galactic longitude of M1 detection 441-448 F8.4 deg M1_GLat ?(M1_BII) Galactic latitude of M1 detection 450-457 F8.4 deg M2_RA ?(M2_RA) J2000 Right Ascension of M2 detection 459-466 F8.4 deg M2_DE ?(M2_DEC) J2000 Declination of M2 detection 468-475 F8.4 deg M2_GLon ?(M2_LII) Galactic longitude of M2 detection 477-484 F8.4 deg M2_GLat ?(M2_BII) Galactic latitude of M2 detection 486-493 F8.4 deg PN_RA ?(PN_RA) J2000 Right Ascension of PN detection 495-502 F8.4 deg PN_DE ?(PN_DEC) J2000 Declination of PN detection 504-511 F8.4 deg PN_GLon ?(PN_LII) Galactic longitude of PN detection 513-520 F8.4 deg PN_GLat ?(PN_BII) Galactic latitude of PN detection 522-527 F6.1 arcsec M1_NN ?(M1DISTNN) Nearest neighbour (6) 529-534 F6.1 arcsec M2_NN ?(M2DISTNN) Nearest neighbour (6) 536-541 F6.1 arcsec PN_NN ?(PNDISTNN) Nearest neighbour (6) 543-545 I3 --- SUM_src ?(SUMSRCNUM) Source number in summary source for observation 547-549 I3 --- M1_src ?(M1MLID_SRC) Source number in M1 exposure 551-553 I3 --- M2_src ?(M2MLID_SRC) Source number in M2 exposure 555-557 I3 --- PN_src ?(PNMLID_SRC) Source number in PN exposure 559-561 I3 --- Nusno (NMATCHES) Number of matches between USNO-A2.0 position and detections of this observation. 563-571 E9.3 --- Lusno (EPOSCORR_LIKH) Likelihood of USNO-A2 fit (7) 573-575 F3.1 arcsec errcc (SYSERRCC) Systematic position error 577 I1 --- posOK [0,1] (POSCOROK) reliable position (7) 579-588 F10.6 ct/s M1_tot ?(M1_TOT) [0.2-12keV] count rate of M1 detect. 590-597 F8.6 ct/s eM1tot ?(M1TOTERR) 1σ error on M1_tot 599-608 F10.6 ct/s M2_tot ?(M2_TOT) [0.2-12keV] count rate of M2 detect. 610-617 F8.6 ct/s eM2tot ?(M2TOTERR) 1σ error on M2_tot 619-628 F10.6 ct/s PN_tot ?(PN_TOT) [0.2-12keV] count rate of PN detect. 630-637 F8.6 ct/s ePNtot ?(PNTOTERR) 1σ error on PN_tot 639-648 F10.6 ct/s M1_1 ?(M1_1) [0.2-0.5keV] count rate of M1 detect. 650-657 F8.6 ct/s eM11 ?(M11ERR) 1σ error on M1_1 659-668 F10.6 ct/s M1_2 ?(M1_2) [0.5-2.0keV] count rate of M1 detect. 670-677 F8.6 ct/s eM12 ?(M12ERR) 1σ error on M1_2 679-688 F10.6 ct/s M1_3 ?(M1_3) [2.0-4.5keV] count rate of M1 detect. 690-697 F8.6 ct/s eM13 ?(M13ERR) 1σ error on M1_3 699-707 F9.6 ct/s M1_4 ?(M1_4) [4.5-7.5keV] count rate of M1 detect. 709-718 F10.6 ct/s eM14 ?(M14ERR) 1σ error on M1_4 720-728 F9.6 ct/s M1_5 ?(M1_5) [7.5-12keV] count rate of M1 detect. 730-739 F10.6 ct/s eM15 ?(M15ERR) 1σ error on M1_5 741-750 F10.6 ct/s M2_1 ?(M2_1) [0.2-0.5keV] count rate of M1 detect. 752-759 F8.6 ct/s eM21 ?(M21ERR) 1σ error on M2_1 761-770 F10.6 ct/s M2_2 ?(M2_2) [0.5-2.0keV] count rate of M1 detect. 772-779 F8.6 ct/s eM22 ?(M22ERR) 1σ error on M2_2 781-790 F10.6 ct/s M2_3 ?(M2_3) [2.0-4.5keV] count rate of M1 detect. 792-799 F8.6 ct/s eM23 ?(M23ERR) 1σ error on M2_3 801-810 F10.6 ct/s M2_4 ?(M2_4) [4.5-7.5keV] count rate of M1 detect. 812-819 F8.6 ct/s eM24 ?(M24ERR) 1σ error on M2_4 821-829 F9.6 ct/s M2_5 ?(M2_5) [7.5-12keV] count rate of M1 detect. 831-840 F10.6 ct/s eM25 ?(M25ERR) 1σ error on M2_5 842-851 F10.6 ct/s PN_1 ?(PN_1) [0.2-0.5keV] count rate of M1 detect. 853-860 F8.6 ct/s ePN1 ?(PN1ERR) 1σ error on PN_1 862-871 F10.6 ct/s PN_2 ?(PN_2) [0.5-2.0keV] count rate of M1 detect. 873-880 F8.6 ct/s ePN2 ?(PN2ERR) 1σ error on PN_2 882-891 F10.6 ct/s PN_3 ?(PN_3) [2.0-4.5keV] count rate of M1 detect. 893-900 F8.6 ct/s ePN3 ?(PN3ERR) 1σ error on PN_3 902-911 F10.6 ct/s PN_4 ?(PN_4) [4.5-7.5keV] count rate of M1 detect. 913-922 F10.6 ct/s ePN4 ?(PN4ERR) 1σ error on PN_4 924-933 F10.6 ct/s PN_5 ?(PN_5) [7.5-12keV] count rate of M1 detect. 935-942 F8.6 ct/s ePN5 ?(PN5ERR) 1σ error on PN_5 944-953 F10.6 ct/s M1_X ?(M1_XID) 0.5-4.5keV count rate of M1 detect. 955-962 F8.6 ct/s eM1X ?(M1XIDERR) 1σ error on M1_X 964-973 F10.6 ct/s M2_X ?(M2_XID) 0.5-4.5keV count rate of M1 detect. 975-982 F8.6 ct/s eM2X ?(M2XIDERR) 1σ error on M2_X 984-993 F10.6 ct/s PN_X ?(PN_XID) 0.5-4.5keV count rate of M1 detect. 995-1002 F8.6 ct/s ePNX ?(PNXIDERR) 1σ error on PN_X 1004-1012 E9.3 --- M1_detL (M1DETML) M1 detection likelihood (8) 1014-1022 E9.3 --- M2_detL (M2DETML) M2 detection likelihood (8) 1024-1032 E9.3 --- PN_detL (PNDETML) PN detection likelihood (8) 1034-1042 E9.3 --- EP_detL (EPDETML) Sum of detection likelihood (8) 1044-1051 F8.1 s M1_1exp ?(M11EXP) Exposure time of respective CCD 1053-1060 F8.1 s M1_2exp ?(M12EXP) Exposure time of respective CCD 1062-1069 F8.1 s M1_3exp ?(M13EXP) Exposure time of respective CCD 1071-1078 F8.1 s M1_4exp ?(M14EXP) Exposure time of respective CCD 1080-1087 F8.1 s M1_5exp ?(M15EXP) Exposure time of respective CCD 1089-1096 F8.1 s M2_1exp ?(M21EXP) Exposure time of respective CCD 1098-1105 F8.1 s M2_2exp ?(M22EXP) Exposure time of respective CCD 1107-1114 F8.1 s M2_3exp ?(M23EXP) Exposure time of respective CCD 1116-1123 F8.1 s M2_4exp ?(M24EXP) Exposure time of respective CCD 1125-1132 F8.1 s M2_5exp ?(M25EXP) Exposure time of respective CCD 1134-1141 F8.1 s PN_1exp ?(PN1EXP) Exposure time of respective CCD 1143-1150 F8.1 s PN_2exp ?(PN2EXP) Exposure time of respective CCD 1152-1159 F8.1 s PN_3exp ?(PN3EXP) Exposure time of respective CCD 1161-1168 F8.1 s PN_4exp ?(PN4EXP) Exposure time of respective CCD 1170-1177 F8.1 s PN_5exp ?(PN5EXP) Exposure time of respective CCD 1179-1185 F7.4 --- M1_HR1 ?(M1_HR1) M1 soft-range hardness ratio (9) 1187-1193 F7.4 --- eM1HR1 ?(M1HR1ERR) 1σ error on M1_HR1 1195-1201 F7.4 --- M1_HR2 ?(M1_HR2) M1 mid-range hardness ratio (9) 1203-1209 F7.4 --- eM1HR2 ?(M1HR2ERR) 1σ error on M1_HR2 1211-1217 F7.4 --- M1_HR3 ?(M1_HR3) M1 hard-range hardness ratio (9) 1219-1225 F7.4 --- eM1HR3 ?(M1HR3ERR) 1σ error on M1_HR3 1227-1233 F7.4 --- M2_HR1 ?(M2_HR1) M2 soft-range hardness ratio (9) 1235-1241 F7.4 --- eM2HR1 ?(M2HR1ERR) 1σ error on M2_HR1 1243-1249 F7.4 --- M2_HR2 ?(M2_HR2) M2 mid-range hardness ratio (9) 1251-1257 F7.4 --- eM2HR2 ?(M2HR2ERR) 1σ error on M2_HR2 1259-1265 F7.4 --- M2_HR3 ?(M2_HR3) M2 hard-range hardness ratio (9) 1267-1273 F7.4 --- eM2HR3 ?(M2HR3ERR) 1σ error on M2_HR3 1275-1281 F7.4 --- PN_HR1 ?(PN_HR1) PN soft-range hardness ratio (9) 1283-1289 F7.4 --- ePNHR1 ?(PNHR1ERR) 1σ error on PN_HR1 1291-1297 F7.4 --- PN_HR2 ?(PN_HR2) PN mid-range hardness ratio (9) 1299-1305 F7.4 --- ePNHR2 ?(PNHR2ERR) 1σ error on PN_HR2 1307-1313 F7.4 --- PN_HR3 ?(PN_HR3) PN hard-range hardness ratio (9) 1315-1321 F7.4 --- ePNHR3 ?(PNHR3ERR) 1σ error on PN_HR3 1323-1334 A12 --- PN_flags (PNVERFLAG) PN verification flag string (10) 1336 I1 --- PN_vf1 [0,1] (PNVERFALSE) False detection flag (10) 1338 I1 --- PN_vf3 [0,1] (PNVERINEXT) Extended emission (10) 1340 I1 --- PN_vf5 [0,1] (PNVERPSUSP) Suspect detection (10) 1342 I1 --- PN_vf6 [0,1] (PNVERNREDG) Close to edge flag (10) 1344 I1 --- PN_vf7 [0,1] (PNVERSCOMM) Comment flag (10) 1346-1385 A40 --- PN_com (PNVERCOMM) Comment about the PN flags (10) 1387-1398 A12 --- M1_flags (M1VERFLAG) M1 verification flag string (10) 1400 I1 --- M1_vf1 [0,1] (M1VERFALSE) False detection flag (10) 1402 I1 --- M1_vf3 [0,1] (M1VERINEXT) Extended emission (10) 1404 I1 --- M1_vf5 [0,1] (M1VERPSUSP) Suspect detection (10) 1406 I1 --- M1_vf6 [0,1] (M1VERNREDG) Close to edge flag (10) 1408 I1 --- M1_vf7 [0,1] (M1VERSCOMM) Comment flag (10) 1410-1449 A40 --- M1_com (M1VERCOMM) Comment about the M1 flags (10) 1451-1462 A12 --- M2_flags (M2VERFLAG) M2 verification flag string (10) 1464 I1 --- M2_vf1 [0,1] (M2VERFALSE) False detection flag (10) 1466 I1 --- M2_vf3 [0,1] (M2VERINEXT) Extended emission (10) 1468 I1 --- M2_vf5 [0,1] (M2VERPSUSP) Suspect detection (10) 1470 I1 --- M2_vf6 [0,1] (M2VERNREDG) Close to edge flag (10) 1472 I1 --- M2_vf7 [0,1] (M2VERSCOMM) Comment flag (10) 1474-1513 A40 --- M2_com (M2VERCOMM) Comment about the M2 flags (10) 1515-1523 F9.2 20mas M1_detX ?(M1_DETX) coordinate x of the M1 detection 1525-1533 F9.2 20mas M2_detX ?(M2_DETX) coordinate x of the M2 detection 1535-1543 F9.2 20mas PN_detX ?(PN_DETX) coordinate x of the PN detection 1545-1553 F9.2 20mas M1_detY ?(M1_DETY) coordinate y of the M1 detection 1555-1563 F9.2 20mas M2_detY ?(M2_DETY) coordinate y of the M2 detection 1565-1573 F9.2 20mas PN_detY ?(PN_DETY) coordinate y of the PN detection 1575-1579 F5.3 --- PN_vig ?(PN_VIGNETTING) Vignetting factor (11) 1581-1585 F5.3 --- M1_vig ?(M1_VIGNETTING) Vignetting factor (11) 1587-1591 F5.3 --- M2_vig ?(M2_VIGNETTING) Vignetting factor (11) 1593-1601 E9.3 --- M1_1detL (M11DET_ML) [0.2-0.5]keV det. likelihood (8) 1603-1611 E9.3 --- M1_2detL (M12DET_ML) [0.5-2.0]keV det. likelihood (8) 1613-1621 E9.3 --- M1_3detL (M13DET_ML) [2.0-4.5]keV det. likelihood (8) 1623-1631 E9.3 --- M1_4detL (M14DET_ML) [4.5-7.5]keV det. likelihood (8) 1633-1641 E9.3 --- M1_5detL (M15DET_ML) [7.5-12.]keV det. likelihood (8) 1643-1651 E9.3 --- M1_XdetL (M1XIDDET_ML) 0.5-4.5keV det. likelihood (8) 1653-1661 E9.3 --- M2_1detL (M21DET_ML) [0.2-0.5]keV det. likelihood (8) 1663-1671 E9.3 --- M2_2detL (M22DET_ML) [0.5-2.0]keV det. likelihood (8) 1673-1681 E9.3 --- M2_3detL (M23DET_ML) [2.0-4.5]keV det. likelihood (8) 1683-1691 E9.3 --- M2_4detL (M24DET_ML) [4.5-7.5]keV det. likelihood (8) 1693-1701 E9.3 --- M2_5detL (M25DET_ML) [7.5-12.]keV det. likelihood (8) 1703-1711 E9.3 --- M2_XdetL (M2XIDDET_ML) 0.5-4.5keV det. likelihood (8) 1713-1721 E9.3 --- PN_1detL (PN1DET_ML) [0.2-0.5]keV det. likelihood (8) 1723-1731 E9.3 --- PN_2detL (PN2DET_ML) [0.5-2.0]keV det. likelihood (8) 1733-1741 E9.3 --- PN_3detL (PN3DET_ML) [2.0-4.5]keV det. likelihood (8) 1743-1751 E9.3 --- PN_4detL (PN4DET_ML) [4.5-7.5]keV det. likelihood (8) 1753-1761 E9.3 --- PN_5detL (PN5DET_ML) [7.5-12.]keV det. likelihood (8) 1763-1771 E9.3 --- PN_XdetL (PNXIDDET_ML) 0.5-4.5keV det. likelihood (8) 1773-1781 E9.3 ct/pix M1_1bg ?(M11BG) [0.2-0.5]keV background value 1783-1791 E9.3 ct/pix M1_2bg ?(M12BG) [0.5-2.0]keV background value 1793-1801 E9.3 ct/pix M1_3bg ?(M13BG) [2.0-4.5]keV background value 1803-1811 E9.3 ct/pix M1_4bg ?(M14BG) [4.5-7.5]keV background value 1813-1821 E9.3 ct/pix M1_5bg ?(M15BG) [7.5-12.]keV background value 1823-1831 E9.3 ct/pix M1_Xbg ?(M1XIDBG) [0.5-4.5]keV background value 1833-1841 E9.3 ct/pix M2_1bg ?(M21BG) [0.2-0.5]keV background value 1843-1851 E9.3 ct/pix M2_2bg ?(M22BG) [0.5-2.0]keV background value 1853-1861 E9.3 ct/pix M2_3bg ?(M23BG) [2.0-4.5]keV background value 1863-1871 E9.3 ct/pix M2_4bg ?(M24BG) [4.5-7.5]keV background value 1873-1881 E9.3 ct/pix M2_5bg ?(M25BG) [7.5-12.]keV background value 1883-1891 E9.3 ct/pix M2_Xbg ?(M2XIDBG) [0.5-4.5]keV background value 1893-1901 E9.3 ct/pix PN_1bg ?(PN1BG) [0.2-0.5]keV background value 1903-1911 E9.3 ct/pix PN_2bg ?(PN2BG) [0.5-2.0]keV background value 1913-1921 E9.3 ct/pix PN_3bg ?(PN3BG) [2.0-4.5]keV background value 1923-1931 E9.3 ct/pix PN_4bg ?(PN4BG) [4.5-7.5]keV background value 1933-1941 E9.3 ct/pix PN_5bg ?(PN5BG) [7.5-12.]keV background value 1943-1951 E9.3 ct/pix PN_Xbg ?(PNXIDBG) [0.5-4.5]keV background value 1953-1956 F4.2 --- M1_1EEF ?(M11EEF) [0.2-0.5]keV encircled energy (12) 1958-1961 F4.2 --- M1_2EEF ?(M12EEF) [0.5-2.0]keV encircled energy (12) 1963-1966 F4.2 --- M1_3EEF ?(M13EEF) [2.0-4.5]keV encircled energy (12) 1968-1971 F4.2 --- M1_4EEF ?(M14EEF) [4.5-7.5]keV encircled energy (12) 1973-1976 F4.2 --- M1_5EEF ?(M15EEF) [7.5-12.]keV encircled energy (12) 1978-1981 F4.2 --- M1_XEEF ?(M1XIDEEF) 0.5-4.5keV encircled energy (12) 1983-1986 F4.2 --- M2_1EEF ?(M21EEF) [0.2-0.5]keV encircled energy (12) 1988-1991 F4.2 --- M2_2EEF ?(M22EEF) [0.5-2.0]keV encircled energy (12) 1993-1996 F4.2 --- M2_3EEF ?(M23EEF) [2.0-4.5]keV encircled energy (12) 1998-2001 F4.2 --- M2_4EEF ?(M24EEF) [4.5-7.5]keV encircled energy (12) 2003-2006 F4.2 --- M2_5EEF ?(M25EEF) [7.5-12.]keV encircled energy (12) 2008-2011 F4.2 --- M2_XEEF ?(M2XIDEEF) 0.5-4.5keV encircled energy (12) 2013-2016 F4.2 --- PN_1EEF ?(PN1EEF) [0.2-0.5]keV encircled energy (12) 2018-2021 F4.2 --- PN_2EEF ?(PN2EEF) [0.5-2.0]keV encircled energy (12) 2023-2026 F4.2 --- PN_3EEF ?(PN3EEF) [2.0-4.5]keV encircled energy (12) 2028-2031 F4.2 --- PN_4EEF ?(PN4EEF) [4.5-7.5]keV encircled energy (12) 2033-2036 F4.2 --- PN_5EEF ?(PN5EEF) [7.5-12.]keV encircled energy (12) 2038-2041 F4.2 --- PN_XEEF ?(PNXIDEEF) 0.5-4.5keV encircled energy (12) 2043-2046 F4.2 pix M1_1cut ?(M11CUTRAD) [0.2-0.5]keV cut radius (12) 2048-2051 F4.2 pix M1_2cut ?(M12CUTRAD) [0.5-2.0]keV cut radius (12) 2053-2056 F4.2 pix M1_3cut ?(M13CUTRAD) [2.0-4.5]keV cut radius (12) 2058-2061 F4.2 pix M1_4cut ?(M14CUTRAD) [4.5-7.5]keV cut radius (12) 2063-2066 F4.2 pix M1_5cut ?(M15CUTRAD) [7.5-12.]keV cut radius (12) 2068-2071 F4.2 pix M1_Xcut ?(M1XIDCUTRAD) [0.5-4.5]keV cut radius (12) 2073-2076 F4.2 pix M2_1cut ?(M21CUTRAD) [0.2-0.5]keV cut radius (12) 2078-2081 F4.2 pix M2_2cut ?(M22CUTRAD) [0.5-2.0]keV cut radius (12) 2083-2086 F4.2 pix M2_3cut ?(M23CUTRAD) [2.0-4.5]keV cut radius (12) 2088-2091 F4.2 pix M2_4cut ?(M24CUTRAD) [4.5-7.5]keV cut radius (12) 2093-2096 F4.2 pix M2_5cut ?(M25CUTRAD) [7.5-12.]keV cut radius (12) 2098-2101 F4.2 pix M2_Xcut ?(M2XIDCUTRAD) [0.5-4.5]keV cut radius (12) 2103-2106 F4.2 pix PN_1cut ?(PN1CUTRAD) [0.2-0.5]keV cut radius (12) 2108-2111 F4.2 pix PN_2cut ?(PN2CUTRAD) [0.5-2.0]keV cut radius (12) 2113-2116 F4.2 pix PN_3cut ?(PN3CUTRAD) [2.0-4.5]keV cut radius (12) 2118-2121 F4.2 pix PN_4cut ?(PN4CUTRAD) [4.5-7.5]keV cut radius (12) 2123-2126 F4.2 pix PN_5cut ?(PN5CUTRAD) [7.5-12.]keV cut radius (12) 2128-2131 F4.2 pix PN_Xcut ?(PNXIDCUTRAD) [0.5-4.5]keV cut radius (12) 2133 I1 --- Tflag [0,1] (TARGET_FLAG) 1 if this source lies within 10arcseconds of observation target 2135 I1 --- Qflag [0,4] (SUMM_FLAG) Summary quality flag 0=bad, 1-3=suspect, 4=good. 2137 A1 --- --- (FIELD_CAT) Type of field (always empty) 2139-2141 I3 --- Xcorr (XCORRMATCHES) Number of cross-correlation matches detailed in xmm1cros.dat file
Note (1): The total band flux (0.2-12keV) of the detections by the concerned camera (PN, M1, M2), and the mean flux (column Flux) weighted by the errors, all expressed in erg/cm2/s. A camera detection is only included in the calculation of the mean if the flags #1 (false detection), #5 (suspect position), and #6 (near-edge source) are all set to False (0) for this camera. This can lead to the situation where Flux is set to NULL for a valid source because none of the camera detections satisfy these criteria. It is to be treated as an upper limit if the source was not detected but observed with any one camera. Note (2): Value of the background map at the location of the detection by the concerned camera in counts per image pixel (the image pixel size is 4arcseconds). Note (3): Off-axis angle of the detection by the concerned camera (PN, M1, M2) in arcminutes, that is, the tangential radius from the nominal center of the focal plane (which is also the origin of the CAMCOORD2 system). Note (4): Total band source counts (0.2-12keV) of the detection by the concerned camera (PN, M1, M2) under the total PSF (point spread function) and corrected for background. Note (5): The detection position by the concerned camera (PN, M1, M2) is made of the CCD number, and the CCD-specific raw (x,y) pixel positions. Note (6): Distance to the nearest neighbour for the same exposure, on the concerned camera (PN, M1, M2) Note (7): Likelihood of the statistical fit to the cross-correlation of source matches of detections of this XMM observation with USNO-A2.0 coordinates. If the fit is reliable (posOK=1), the resultant correction is used to rectify the RA and Dec coordinates from the observation source lists (cols RAobs and DEobs) into corrected coordinates (cols RAdeg and DEdeg). Note (8): The likelihood values are computed from a simultaneous PSF fit to the source count distribution in each energy band. Note that likelihood values are related to the probability p of a detection occurring by chance by L=-ln(p). The expected number of spurious detections as a function of likelihood has been estimated by simulation to be about 10, 5, 2, 1 per EPIC exposure (i.e., for a single camera) at likelihood thresholds of 6, 8, 10, 12. Note (9): The hardness ratios are defined by: HR1 = (bd2-bd1)/(bd1+bd2) : [0.2-0.5keV] vs [0.5-2.0keV] HR2 = (bd3-bd2)/(bd2+bd3) : [0.5-2.0keV] vs [2.0-4.5keV] HR3 = (bd4-bd3)/(bd3+bd4) : [2.0-4.5keV] vs [4.5-7.5keV] The values are between -1 (softest) and +1 (hardest). Note (10): 12 verification flags are possible. The first 7 have been assigned the following meanings: 1 false detection 2 no visual inspection 3 the source lies within an extended region 4 there are nearby sources 5 the source position is suspect 6 the source is near an edge (of a CCD and/or the field-of-view) 7 a source comment is given The individual values of flags 1, 3, 5, 6 and 7 are reported in dedicated columns, with a value of 1 when the flag is set. The 12 flags are also reported as flag strings, with 'T' (true) indicating that a flag was set, and 'F' (false) a non-set flag; a dash (-) is used when the source was not observed or detected. A comment exists when the flag #7 is set. Note (11): The vignetting factor represents the fraction of the value of the exposure map at the position of the detection as compared to the value at the nominal point where the optical axis of the telescope in front of the camera intersects with the focal plane. For details see the 1XMM User Guide. Note (12): For each camera (PN, M1, M2) and each energy band, are given the encircled energy fraction (EEF) of the PSF within the cut radius of the subimage used for the PSF fitting. In this version the cut radiuses are identical in all energy bands.
Byte-by-byte Description of file: xmm1obs.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 9 I9 --- ObsID (OBS_ID) Observation identification 11- 13 I3 --- Rev [42,440] (REVOLUT) XMM revolution number. 15- 33 A19 --- DateObs (DATE-OBS) UT date/time of PN exposure start 35- 53 A19 --- DateEnd (DATE-END) UT date/time of PN exposure end 55- 64 F10.4 d MJDobs (MJD-OBS) Modified Julian Date (JD-2400000.5) of start of observation 66- 75 F10.4 d MJDend (MJD-END) Modified Julian Date (JD-2400000.5) of end of observation 77- 84 F8.1 s Duration (DURATION) Length of observation in seconds 86-104 A19 --- DateProc (PROCDATE) UT date/time of the processing. 106-129 A24 --- PPSvers (PPSVERS) Version of the pipeline processing (PPS configuration number) 131-134 I4 --- SeqID (SEQ_ID) Sequence number of the observation in the catalogue pipeline. 136-139 A4 --- M1_ID (M1_EXPID) M1 exposure identification. 141-144 A4 --- M2_ID (M2_EXPID) M2 exposure identification. 146-149 A4 --- PN_ID (PN_EXPID) PN exposure identification. 151-158 F8.1 s M1_exp ?(M1_EXPOSURE) M1 camera exposure time (3) 160-167 F8.1 s M2_exp ?(M2_EXPOSURE) M2 camera exposure time (3) 169-176 F8.1 s PN_exp ?(PN_EXPOSURE) PN camera exposure time (3) 178-184 A7 --- M1_fltr (M1_FILTER) M1 filter (G1) 186-192 A7 --- M2_fltr (M2_FILTER) M2 filter (G1) 194-200 A7 --- PN_fltr (PN_FILTER) PN filter (G1) 202-233 A32 --- M1_mode (M1_SUBMODE) M1 observing mode (2) 235-266 A32 --- M2_mode (M2_SUBMODE) M2 observing mode (2) 268-299 A32 --- PN_mode (PN_SUBMODE) PN observing mode (2)
Note (2): submode options are full frame mode with the full FOV exposed, partial window mode with only parts of the central CCD exposed (in different sub-modes), and timing mode where the central CCD was not exposed ('Fast Uncompressed'). For a detailed description see section 3.3.2 of "EPIC cameras" on Note (3): exposure time as it appears in the FITS header, i.e., the exposure time after filtering of high background periods. For a detailed description see sections 3.2.2 and 3.3.7 of "EPIC background" on and section 4.4.3 "Filtering high background periods" of XMM-Newton Science Analysis System Users' Guide at
Byte-by-byte Description of file: xmm1cros.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 5 I5 --- Index [1,56711] (SRCINDEX) Sequential entry index 7- 26 A20 --- catName Name of catalog correlated 28- 57 A30 --- catEntry Name of source in catalog catName 59- 65 F7.1 arcsec dist Distance of catalogued source to XMM source 67- 73 F7.1 arcsec errPos Positional error of the source in catName 75-104 A30 --- catType Type of the measurement extracted from catName 106-117 E12.6 --- catVal Value of the measurement specified in catType 119-126 F8.4 deg catRA J2000 right ascension of catEntry in catName 128-135 F8.4 deg catDE J2000 declibation of catEntry in catName
Global Notes: Note (G1): The filter options are: Thick, Medium, and Thin (Thin1 and Thin2 for PN camera), depending on the efficiency of the optical blocking. For a detailed description see section 3.3.6 of "EPIC filters and effective area" from

(End) Francois Ochsenbein [CDS] 03-Apr-2003
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