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IV/16               List of Spectroscopic Binaries   (Pedoussaut+ 1985)

Liste des binaires spectroscopiques du fichier general de Toulouse (List of spectroscopic binaries from the Toulouse general catalogue) Pedoussaut A., Capdeville A., Ginestet N., Carquillat J.M. <Observatoire de Toulouse (1985)>
ADC_Keywords: Binaries, spectroscopic ; Cross identifications Description: This catalogue lists the designations of the spectroscopic binaries in the Lick lists, in Batten's 6th and 7th catalogues, in the "Toulouse Catalogues Complementaires" 1-14, as well as the designation from general-purpose catalogues. File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file catalog 54 1207 The list of Spectroscopic Binaries
See also: V/40 : 7th Orbital Elements of Spectroscopic Binaries (Batten+ 1978) V/64 : Eighth Orbital Elements of Spectroscopic Binaries (Batten+ 1989) V/49 : 14eme catalogue complementaire de binaires spectroscopiques V/60 : 15eme catalogue complementaire de binaires spectroscopiques Byte-by-byte Description of file: catalog
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 10 A10 --- HD/DM HD or Durchmustering designation of the binary 12- 23 A12 --- Name Other designation 25- 27 A3 --- Lick Existence in Lick catalogues (1) 30- 34 A5 --- Bat6 Designation in Batten's 6th Catalogue (2) 36- 38 A3 --- Bat7 Designation in Batten's 7th Catalog V/40 41- 54 A14 --- Toulouse Number of the "Catalogues Complementaires" where the binary is quoted (3)
Note (1): Values of: 181 = W.W. Campbell, 1910, University of California Publications LICK Observ.Bull. vol.VI, 181 355 = J.H. Moore, 1924, University of California Publications LICK Observ.Bulletin, vol.XI, 355. 521 = J.H. Moore, F.J. Neubauer, 1948, University of California Publications, LICK Observ.Dull. vol.XX, 521. Note (2): Identification in catalogue by A.H. Batten, 1967, The binaries preceded by RB are from the Table 2 "List of stars rejected from the catalogue"Note (3): The "Catalogues Complementaires" are: Note (3): The "Catalogues Complementaires" are: 1: R.Bouigue, 1952, Ann. Obs. Toulouse XXI, 31 2: R.Bouigue, 1954, Ann. Obs. Toulouse XXII, 49 3: R.Bouigue, 1955, Ann. Obs. Toulouse XXIII, 45 4: R.Bouigue, 1956, Ann. Obs. Toulouse XXIV 5: R.Bouigue, 1957, Ann. Obs. Toulouse XXVA, 69 6: R.Bouigue, J.L.Chapuis, 1959, Ann. Obs. Toulouse XXVII 7: A.Pedoussaut, 1963, Ann. Obs. Toulouse XXIX, 31 8: A.Pedoussaut, 1964, Ann. Obs. Toulouse XXX, 49 9: A.Pedoussaut, 1965, Ann. Obs. Toulouse XXXI, 39 10: A.Pedoussaut, 1968, Ann. Obs. Toulouse XXXII 11: A.Pedoussaut, N.Ginestet, =1971A&AS....4..253P 12: A.Pedoussaut, J.M.Carquillat, =1973A&AS...10..105P 13: A.Pedoussaut, R.Nadal, =1977A&AS...27...55P 14: A.Pedoussaut, N.Ginestet, J.M.Carquillat, =1984A&AS...58..601P
Acknowledgements: The help of J.L. Halbwachs (CDS) and J. Jobard (Toulouse) for the construction and transformation into machine-readable form is acknowledged. References: Batten A.H., 1967, "Sixth catalogue of the orbital elements of spectroscopic binary systems" Publ. Dominion Astrophys. Obs., vol.XIII, n 8. Batten A.H., Fletcher J.M., Mann P.J., 1978, "Seventh catalogue of orbital elements of spectroscopic binary systems" Publ. Dominion Astrophys. Obs., vol.XV, n 5.
(End) Francois Ochsenbein [CDS] 29-Jul-1996
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