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III/187             Classification of stars in BCD  (Barbier/Chalonge/Divan)

CLASSIFICATION OF STARS IN THE BCD SYSTEM BARBIER D., CHALONGE D., DIVAN L.: 1941--1969 < > =1941AnAp....4...30B =1951CR....232.2079B =1952CoIAB..83.....C =1952CoIAP.124.....F =1956AnAp....6..287D =1956AZh....33.....C =1955JO.....38..345D =1955CoIAB.129.....B =1955JO.....38...93D =1965POHP....7..(39B =1966CoIAB.286..311D =1963AnAp....4..289V =1957CoIAP.227.....D =1958CoIAB.181.....B =1958JO.....41...(6A =1964CoIAP.308.....C =1969CoIAP.383.....D =1956AnAp....6..294B
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Courtesy: Historical Notes: 19 =1955JO.....38..348B 20 =1955JO.....38..352R 21 =1955JO.....38..353B Remarks (a) the Balmer continuum appears in emission (b) stars for which the Morgan classification does not agree with the (lambda1,D) (c) D has been determined directly (see the publication) (d) lambda1 could not be determined due to the emission of the nebula (e) the spectrum of HD 34452 differs from a normal B3V star (He lines almost inexistent) (f) He lines inexistent, but the B5V class agrees with the classification derived from H-gam and H-del line intensities. (g) see remark (b) (h) rho Leo is at location of B2Ia eps CMa is at location of B1V pi. Sco is at location of B0V eps Cas is at location of B5III bet Tau is at location of B5IV alf Gem is at location of A0V bet Ser is at location of A5IV zet Vir is at location of A5V del Cas is at location of A3IV zet Leo is at location of F2III (i) the value of lambda1 published in ref.1 (Ann. Astrophys. 4, 30, 1941) was 76
(End) Francois Ochsenbein [CDS] 03-Jul-1995
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