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III/213   General Catalog of mean radial velocities  (Barbier-Brossat+, 2000)

Catalogue general de vitesses radiales moyennes pour les etoiles galactiques. (General catalog of averaged stellar radial velocities for galactic stars.) Barbier-Brossat M., Figon P. <Astron. Astrophys. Suppl. Ser. 142, 217 (2000)> =2000A&AS..142..217B
ADC_Keywords: Radial velocities Keywords: catalogs - stars: general - stars: kinematics Abstract: We present a catalogue of mean radial velocities for Galactic stars which supplements the catalogue WEB (1998, See Cat. III/190) with observations published through december 1990. The catalogue contains new mean velocities for 36145 stars, among which 20574 are new. Only observations obtained with adequate spectral resolution and standardized to the IAU or Wilson (1953, Cat. III/21) velocity systems have been used. Entries in the WEB mean radial velocities catalogue have been taken to represent the mean of earlier measurements, to which the new data have been added. The sources of new data are referenced. To make easier the work of users, we have included in our catalogue the results of the catalogue WEB with the agreement of the author. This catalogue supersedes the previous version numbered III/161. File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file catalog.dat 351 36145 Catalogue (version 1, decembre 1999)
See also: III/190 : WEB Catalog of Radial Velocities (Duflot+ 1995) III/21 : General catalogue of stellar radial velocity (Wilson 1953) III/4 : Bibliography of stellar radial velocities (Abt+, 1972) Byte-by-byte Description of file: catalog.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 5 I5 --- BF [1/36145]+ Sequential number 6 A1 --- n_BF [*] * if star of WEB (WEB version 8, June 1999) 7- 12 I6 --- HD ? Number in the Henry Draper Catalogue 13 A1 --- m_HD Component (1) 14- 24 A11 --- DM ? Durchmusterung identification (2) 25 A1 --- m_DM Component (1) 26- 50 A25 --- Names Other identifications from the publications, in agreement with Simbad when it is possible. Possibility of two separate identifiers by "=" 51- 60 A10 --- CCDM ? Number in the CCDM Catalogue (Dommanget J., Nys O., 1994, Cat. I/211 61- 63 A3 --- m_CCDM Components with the code used by Duflot (Duflot et al., 1995, Cat. III/190, WEB) 65- 70 I6 --- HIC ? Hipparcos number (Turon et al., 1993, Cat. I/196 72- 76 I5 --- WEB ? WEB number (Cat. III/190) 77 A1 --- n_WEB [*] * if the mean is modified (see section 2) 79- 80 I2 h RAh Right ascension 2000 (3) 82- 86 F5.2 min RAm Right ascension 2000 if "mm. ", approximate co-ordinates 87 A1 --- DE- Declination sign 88- 89 I2 deg DEd Declination 2000 (degrees) 91- 92 I2 arcmin DEm Declination 2000 (minutes) 93 A1 --- n_Pos [@] for coordinates not in Simbad, precessed by us 94 A1 --- n_Vmag [*] * if Vmag is photographic or B magnitude 95- 99 F5.2 mag Vmag ? Visual or photoelectric magnitude 100 A1 --- u_Vmag [V:] V for variable ":" if data are uncertain 101-111 A11 --- Sp Spectral type and luminosity class (4) 113-119 F7.2 km/s RV Mean Radial Velocity (5) 120 A1 --- n_RV [Gge] Note on RV (6) 121 A1 --- u_RV [:*] ":" uncertainty flag on RV "*" approximate value 122-125 F4.1 km/s e_RV ? Mean standard error 126 A1 --- q_RV [A-E I] if * in n_WEB, quality from the WEB (7) 127-130 I4 --- o_RV ? Number of observations 131 A1 --- f_RV [SOCR] Flag Number of observations not given (8) 132-133 I2 --- Nrefs [1,12]? Number of bibliographic references 137-351 A215 --- Ref References as 12A18 (9)
Note (1): See the article sect. 5, column 2, /: two components for the same number Note (2): The first two characters identify the catalog: * BD Bonner Durchmusterung (DE ≥ -22) * CD Cordoba (-22> DE >-52) * CP Cape (DE ≤ -52) (small letters indicate case where the HD convention is not followed) Note (3): From SIMBAD/CDS (spring 1998), when they exist Note (4): From Simbad. If there is no indication or if spectral type and luminosity of the publication are more precise we publish data from the author. If * in n_WEB data are from the WEB III/190 Note (5): Without decimal if the mean standard error > 3.70 km/s. For stars flagged in f_RV column, the velocity is defined as: For double stars (O): systemic velocity of the last published orbit since the publication of the catalogue of Batten et al; (1978PDAO...15..121B) For standard stars: mean radial velocity of UAI For RR Lyrae or Cepheid stars: the best mean radial velocity (see also Note (8) below) Note (6): The flags are: e = for emission radial velocity G = VR of the gravity center for double or multiple system g = VR of the gravity center for a sub-system Note (7): from A to E decreasing quality, I for insufficient data Note (8): The flags are: S = STND : UAI's standard star O = ORB : systemic velocity C = CEPH : cepheid star R = RRLY : RR Lyrae star (see also Note (5) above for the velocity quoted) Note (9): Each reference uses 17 bytes, and has the structure (byte position numbers for first reference): --------------------------------------------------------- 137-140 A4 --- Pub Publication abbreviation 141-143 I3 --- Vol Volume number 144 A1 --- --- [,] 145-148 A4 --- Page Page number 149 A1 --- --- [-] 150-153 I4 --- Year Year of publication --------------------------------------------------------- The Publication abbreviations are as follows: AAP = Astronomy and Astrophysics AAPS = Astronomy and Astrophysics Supplement Series AFA = Arkiv fur Astrophysik AJ = Astronomical Journal AN = Astronomische Nachrichten AP = Astrophysics (Russia) APJ = Astrophysical Journal APJS = Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series ASS = Astrophysics and Space Science AT = Annals of the Tokyo Astronomical Observatory BAIC = Bulletin of the Astronomical Institutes of Czechoslovakia BCDS = Bulletin du centre de Donnees de Strasbourg DAO = Publications of the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory IAUS = International Astronomical Union Symposium IBVS = Information Bulletin on Variable Stars JAA = Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy (India) MAKL = Mededelingen van Het Astronomich Institut van de Katholieke Universiteit Leuven MEM = Memoirs of the Royal Astronomical Society MN = Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society MSAI = Memorie della Societa Astronomica Italiana OBS = The Observatory PASJ = Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan PASP = Publications of the Astronomical Society of Pacific PDDO = Publications of the David Dunlap Observatory POAS = Publications de l'Observatoire Astronomique de Strasbourg POHP = Publications de l'Observatoire de Haute-Provence RASC = Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada RGOA = Royal Greenwich Observatory Annals RMAA = Revista Mexicana de Astronomia y Astrofisica ROB = Royal Observatory Bulletin SAL = Soviet Astronomy-Letters SAOC = South African Astronomical Observatory Circulars UAI = Transactions of the International Astronomical Union
Acknowledgements: Patrick Figon References: Abt & Biggs 1972..............A Bibliography of stellar radial velocities (Latham Process Corp.,New York). Bakos 1974AJ.....79..866B Barbier-Brossat & Petit 1986A&AS...65...59B Barbier-Brossat 1989A&AS...80...67B Cat. III/161 Barbier-Brossat & Petit 1990A&AS...85..885B Cat. III/160 Barbier-Brossat et al. 1994A&AS..108..603B Cat. III/184 Batten et al. 1989PDAO...17....1B Cat. V/64 Beavers & Eitter 1986ApJS...62..147B Dommanget & Nys 1994CoORB.115....1D Cat. I/211 Duflot et al. 1995A&AS..114..269D Cat. III/190 Duflot M.,Fehrenbach C 1956POHP...41.....D Publ.Obs.Haute-Provence III,N0 41 Duflot & Fehrenbach 1956POHP....3...49D Evans 1967IAUS...30...57E Evans 1970Priv..........E Fehrenbach et al. 1987A&AS...71..263F Fehrenbach et al. 1996BICDS..48...11F Cat. III/192 Fernandez et al. 1983A&AS...52C...1F 1983, A&AS 52 (4), p.1.1-7.14 Grenier et al. 1999A&AS..137..451G Cat. J/A+AS/137/451 Griffin 1980MNRAS.190..711G Heard 1956PDDO....2..107H Hube 1970MmRAS..72..233H Lortet et al. 1994A&AS..107..193L Transactions of the International Astronomical Union,Reports 1955, Vol.IX,Commission 30 1955IAUT....9...... Transactions of the International Astronomical Union,Reports 1973, Vol.XV A,Commission 30 1973IAUT...15...... Turon et al. 1992BICDS..41....9T Cat. I/196 Wilson 1953GCRV..C......0W Cat. III/21
(End) Patricia Bauer [CDS] 09-Dec-1999
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