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III/164     Catalog of Eq.Widths of Interstellar 217nm Band (Friedemann 1992)

A Master Catalogue of Equivalent Widths of the Interstellar 217nm band Friedemann C. <CDS Inf. Bull., No. 40, p. 31 (1992)> =1992BICDS..40...31F
ADC_Keywords: Equivalent widths; Interstellar medium; Spectra, ultraviolet; Photometry, ultraviolet Description: (from CDS Inf. Bull. 40, 31) The main task of the catalogue consists in a comprehensive collection of equivalent widths of the 217nm band derived from both spectrophotometric and filterphotometric measurements obtained with TD-1, OAO-2 and ANS satellites. These data concern reddened O, B stars with color excesses E(B-V) ≥ 0.02 mag. The extinction curve is approximated by the empirical formula introduced by Guertler et al. (1982AN....303..105G) e(λ) = A(i/λ - 1/λo)n + B + C κ(λ) The relative errors amount to about δA/A = ± 0.10, δB/B = ± 0.02 and δC/C = ± 0.03. File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file catalog.dat 64 2861 Catalog Data
Byte-by-byte Description of file: catalog.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 11 A11 --- Name Star name 14- 18 F5.2 mag E(B-V) ? E(B-V) Color excess 20- 23 I4 0.1nm lam_c ? Central wavelength of the 2200 band (Å) 25- 31 F7.4 --- A A parameter (see "Description" section above) 33- 39 F7.4 --- B B parameter (see "Description" section above) 41- 47 F7.4 --- C C parameter (see "Description" section above) 49- 52 I4 0.1nm W *Equivalent width (Å) 54- 56 I3 --- N Number of observations 58- 64 A7 --- rem *Remarks
Note on W: A negative value indicates that a flat minimum instead of a maximum has been found in the extinction curve in the wavelength region of the 2200Å band. In these cases W was computed with lam_c = 2182Å. Note on rem: the following symbols are used: O: Filterphotometry from OAO-2 J: Spectral flux data from LSR of IUE C: The wavelength of the centre of the absorption band has been fixed to the average value lam_c = 2182Å because the searching procedure for lam_c had led to a value lam_c outside the presumed interval from 2182 - 2228Å. The parameters A B C and W were computed with the average value lam_c = 2182Å. D: within one arcminute of the pointing position at least two stars are present (Wesselius et al. 1982A&AS...49..427W) V: Ultraviolet ANS data (Wesselius et al., 1982A&AS...49..427W) indicate variability
History: * 26-Feb-1992: Original Version * 04-Jun-1996: Catalog standardized (Julie Anne Watko, SSDOO/ADC) * 15-Mar-2005: Name of the stars standardized (added "HD" or "BD") References: Dorschner J., Friedemann C., Gurtler J. and Schielicke R. 1984, Bull. Inf. CDS 27, 137 Friedemann C. 1987, Bull. Inf. CDS 32, 77 Friedemann C. 1988, Bull. Inf. CDS 35, 157 Guertler J., Schielicke R., Dorschner J., Friedemann C: 1982, 1982AN....303..105G Wesselius P.R., van Duinen R.J., de Jonge A.R.W., Aalders J.W.G., Luinge W., Wildeman K.J.: 1982A&AS...49..427W
(End) Julie Anne Watko [SSDOO/ADC], Francois Ochsenbein [CDS] 15-Mar-2005
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