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III/144       Radial Velocities for High Proper Motion Stars   (Fouts+, 1986)

New Subdwarfs. V. Radial Velocities for 889 High-Proper-Motion Stars Measured with the Mount Wilson 100-inch Reflector Fouts G., Sandage A. <Astron. J. 91, 1189 (1986)> =1986AJ.....91.1189F
ADC_Keywords: Radial velocities; Stars, subdwarf Abstract: The machine-readable version of Radial Velocities of High Proper Motion Stars contains UBV photometry, proper motions, and radial (line-of-sight) velocities for 878 high-proper-motion stars that were selected from the subdwarf candidate list of Sandage and Fouts (1986). Introduction: The title and source document refer to data for 889 high-proper-motion stars taken from the list of subdwarf candidates compiled by Sandage and Kowal (1986). However, eleven stars found to have variable velocities are omitted from both the published table and the machine-readable file. The primary data are new radial velocities determined from 2265 measurements made from observations with the Mount Wilson 2.5-meter telescope coude spectrograph with a Reticon detector. The internal error of a single measurement was determined to be 1σ=4.7km/s, while 88 stars in common with previously known subdwarfs gave an external error of 1σ=6.9km/s per measure. The velocity system was determined to be on the system of the Wilson General Catalogue of Stellar Radial Velocities (Wilson 1953, Cat. III/21) to better than 1km/s. There are 38 stars in the catalog having line-of-sight velocities larger than v(r)=200km/s, of which 22 are new. The source reference should be consulted for additional information concerning sample selection, instrumentation and spectral coverage, reduction procedures, and results of the data analysis. File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file catalog.dat 104 878 The catalog ordered by B1950.0 right ascension
Byte-by-byte Description of file: catalog.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1 A1 --- flag *Flag 2- 9 A8 --- ID *Star designation 11- 12 I2 h RAh Right ascension, RA, B1950.0, hours 14- 15 I2 min RAm RA, B1950.0, minutes 17- 18 I2 s RAs RA, B1950.0, seconds 20 A1 --- DE- Declination sign 21- 22 I2 deg DEd Declination, Dec, B1950.0 degrees 24- 25 I2 arcmin DEm Dec, B1950.0, minutes 27- 28 I2 arcsec DEs Dec, B1950.0, seconds 30- 35 F6.2 deg Glon Galactic longitude 37- 42 F6.2 deg Glat Galactic latitude 44- 48 F5.2 mag Vmag *V magnitude 50- 54 F5.2 mag B-V *B-V color 56- 60 F5.2 mag U-B *U-B color 62- 67 F6.3 arcsec/a pmRA *Annual proper motion, RA, B1950.0 69- 74 F6.3 arcsec/a pmDE *Annual proper motion, Dec, B1950.0 76- 80 F5.1 deg phi *Parallactic angle 82- 87 F6.3 arcsec/a pmGlon *Annual proper mot., long., B1950.0 89- 94 F6.3 arcsec/a pmGlat *Annual proper motion, lat., B1950.0 96-101 F6.1 km/s RV Radial velocity 103-104 I2 --- o_RV Number of observations
Note on flag: An asterisk (*) flag to indicate stars for which prior radial-velocity data were reported in Sandage (1969ApJ...158.1115S), Sandage (1981AJ.....86.1643S), Wilson (1953, Cat. III/21), and Eggen (1964RGOB...84..111E, "A catalogue of high-velocity stars"). Note on ID: Star designation. Lowell Observatory designations (Giclas, Burnham, and Thomas 1971) are given if they exist. Otherwise, designations from the Luyten proper-motion catalogs (Luyten and Hughes 1980, NLTT and supplement, Cat. I/98) the Durchmusterungen (Bonner Durchmusterung, Argelander 1859-62, Kuestner 1903, Schoenfeld 1886, Cat. I/119 and I/122; Cordoba Durchmusterung, Thome 1892-1932, Cat. I/114; Cape Photographic Durchmusterung Gill and Kapteyn 1895-1900, Cat. I/108), or the Selected Area catalogs are given. Note on Vmag, B-V, and U-B: UBV data taken from Sandage and Kowal (1986). Note on pmRA and pmDE: The adopted proper motions have been averaged from the Lowell and Luyten catalogs, the latter proper motions in r and theta being converted to proper motions in right ascension and declination via the following relations: pmRA = pm(r)*sin(theta) pmDE = pm(r)*cos(theta) Note on pmGlon and pmGlat: The galactic proper motions, pmGlon and pmGlat, are calculated from the equatorial motions and the parallactic angle (phi): pmGlon = pmRA*cos(phi) + pmDE*sin(phi) pmGlat = -pmRA*sin(phi) + pm_DE*cos(phi) Note on phi: The angle between the equatorial and galactic coordinate systems (see Smart 1968, "Stellar Kinematics", Cambridge University Press, pp. 17-19).
History: The machine-readable data file of New Subdwarfs. V. Radial Velocities for 889 High-Proper-Motion Stars Measured with the Mount Wilson 100-inch Reflector was received from Dr. K. U. Ratnatunga of the Space Data and Computing Division, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, on 8 April 1989. Permission to archive and distribute the data was subsequently obtained at different times during conversations with the authors. Minor format modifications were made to the catalog at the Astronomical Data Center in order to add plus signs to certain data, to position all signs to occur always in the same bytes, and to remove multiple spaces from between the data columns to decrease storage requirements. (A single space has been retained between each data field to facilitate reading the data). Acknowledgments: Appreciation is expressed to K. U. Ratnatunga for supplying the data file and to G. Fouts and A. Sandage for extending permission to archive and distribute the catalog from the data centers. The authors also kindly reviewed a draft version of this document prior to its release for distribution with the machine-readable catalog. This document was prepared by Wayne H. Warren Jr. and translated to ASCII in the current standard format by the undersigned. References: Argelander, F. W. A. 1859-62, Bonner Sternverzeichniss, erste bis dritte Sektion, Astronomischen Beobachtungen auf der Sternwarte der Koeniglichen Rhein., Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universitaet zu Bonn, Baende 3-5; Cat. I/122) Eggen, O. J. 1964, R. Obs. Bull. No. 84 (1964RGOB...84..111E) Fouts, G., and Sandage, A. 1986AJ.....91.1189F Giclas, H. L., Burnham, R., and Thomas, N. G. 1971, Lowell Proper Motion Survey, Northern Hemisphere, The G Numbered Stars (Flagstaff, Lowell Observatory, Cat. I/79) Gill, D., and Kapteyn, J. C. 1895-1900, Cape Photographic Durchmusterung, Ann. Cape Obs., 3 (1895, Part I: zones -18deg. to -37deg.); 4 (1897, Part II: zones -38deg. to -52deg.); 5 (1900, Part III: zones -53deg. to -89deg; Cat. I/108) Kuestner, F. 1903, Bonner Durchmusterung des Noerdlichen Himmels, zweite berichtigte Auflage, Bonn Universitaets Sternwarte (Bonn: A. Marcus und E. Weber's Verlag; Cat. I/122) Luyten, W. J. 1979, 1980, New Luyten Catalogue of Stars with Proper Motions Larger than Two Tenths of an Arcsecond (Minneapolis, University of Minnesota; Cat. I/98) Luyten, W. J., and Hughes, H. S. 1980, Proper-Motion Survey with the Forty-eight Inch Schmidt Telescope. LV. First Supplement to the NLTT Catalogue (Minneapolis, University of Minnesota; see Cat. I/98) Sandage, A. 1969ApJ...158.1115S Sandage, A. 1981AJ.....86.1643S Sandage, A., and Kowal, C. 1986AJ.....91.1140S Schoenfeld, E. 1886, Bonner Sternverzeichniss, vierte Sektion, Astronomische Beobachtungen auf der Sternwarte der Koeniglichen Rheinischen Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universitaet zu Bonn, 8, Part IV (Bonn: Adolph Marcus; Cat. I/119). Smart, W. 1968, Stellar Kinematics (Cambridge University Press) Thome, J. M. 1892-1932, Cordoba Durchmusterung, Resultados del Observatorio Nacional Argentino, 16 (1892, Part I: -22deg. to -32deg.); 17 (1894, Part II: -32deg. to -42deg.); 18 (1900, Part III: -42deg. to -52deg.); 21 (Part I) (1914, Part IV, -52deg. to -62deg.); 21 (Part II) (1932, Part V: -62deg. to -90deg; Cat. I/114) Wilson, R. E. 1953, General Catalogue of Stellar Radial Velocities, Carnegie Institution of Washington Publ. 601 (Cat. III/21)
(End) Nancy G. Roman [ADC/SSDDO] 15-Jun-1995
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