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II/253A             Chandra Deep Field South: multi-colour data    (Wolf+, 2008)

A catalogue of the Chandra Deep Field South with multi-colour classification and photometric redshifts from COMBO-17. Wolf C., Meisenheimer K., Kleinheinrich M., Borch A., Dye S., Gray M., Wisotzki L., Bell E.F., Rix H.-W., Cimatti A., Hasinger G., Szokoly G. <Astron. Astrophys., 421, 913-936 (2004)> =2004A&A...421..913W =2008A&A...492..933W
ADC_Keywords: Surveys ; Regional catalog ; Photometry, CCD ; Magnitudes ; Galaxies, photometry Keywords: catalogs - surveys - techniques: photometric - methods: observational - galaxies: general Description: Table 3 contains the object catalogue of the COMBO-17 CDFS field. The observations were carried out with the Wide Field Imager (WFI) at the MPG/ESO 2.2-m telescope on La Silla, Chile, between October 1999 and January 2001 in four independent observing runs. The field measures 31.5'x30', is centered on RA=03:32:25, DE=-27:48:50 and contains the Chandra Deep Field South. The table contains 63501 objects found on the deep R-band image by SExtractor with S/N>3. The 5-σ magnitude limit for point sources is Rmag=26.0. Morphological information from the SExtractor measurement is included. Multiple observations in different observing runs of six different filters allow the identification of variable objects. The table contains positions, flags and flux measurements in UBVRI and 12 optical medium-band filters. In addition, we include multi-colour classification, photometric redshifts, luminosity distances and a number of absolute restframe magnitudes in different filters (Johnson, Sloan, Bessell).,,, and are coadded sumframes in UBVRI of the CDFS field. These sumframes are stacked from flat-fielded and cosmic-corrected individual images by applying only full pixel shifts. Therefore, the coordinate frames differ slightly between the images. The coordinates in Table 3 refer to image The images in BVRI are obtained from observations carried out in observing run D (Oct 1999, see also Note (11) in the byte-by-byte description of table3.dat) while the U-band image is obtained from observing run G (Jan 2001). The exposure times are 14400s (U), 5000s (B), 8400s (V), 15000s (R) and 7550s (I). The intensity levels are given in units of photons hitting the detector (already corrected for the gain of the CCD). The data included here supersede the table2.dat of the COMBO-17 published in 2001 (J/A+A/377/442) File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file table3.dat 997 63501 *Multi-colour data, classification and photometric redshifts in a 31.5'x30' field around the Chandra Deep Field South 2880 83874 U-band image of the COMBO-17 CDFS field 2880 83874 B-band image of the COMBO-17 CDFS field 2880 83874 V-band image of the COMBO-17 CDFS field 2880 83874 R-band image of the COMBO-17 CDFS field 2880 83874 I-band image of the COMBO-17 CDFS field
Note on table3.dat: the COMBO-17 filters are, in central/width nm: 365±36(U) 458±97(B) 538±89(V) 648±160(R) 857±147(I) 418±27 462±13 486±31 519±16 572±25 605±21 645±30 696±21 753±18 816±21 857±15 914±26
See also: J/A+A/377/442 : Chandra Deep Field South: R-band photometry (Wolf+, 2001) (superseded version) J/A+A/392/741 : Stellar Catalogue in the Chandra DFS (Groenewegen+ 2002) J/A+A/403/493 : H-band observation of Chandra Deep Field South (Moy+, 2003) J/AJ/126/539 : The Chandra Deep Fields North and South (Alexander+, 2003) J/ApJ/595/685 : HST imaging in Chandra Deep Field-South (Grogin+, 2003) J/ApJS/139/369 : Chandra Deep Field South. 1 Ms catalog (Giacconi+, 2002) Byte-by-byte Description of file: table3.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 5 I5 --- Seq Sequential number (unique object ID) 7- 8 I2 h RAh Right ascension (J2000) 10- 11 I2 min RAm Right ascension (J2000) 13- 18 F6.3 s RAs Right ascension (J2000) (1) 20 A1 --- DE- Declination sign (J2000) 21- 22 I2 deg DEd Declination (J2000) 24- 25 I2 arcmin DEm Declination (J2000) 27- 31 F5.2 arcsec DEs Declination (J2000) (1) 33- 39 F7.2 pix Xpos x-coordinate on image 41- 47 F7.2 pix Ypos y-coordinate on image 49- 54 F6.3 mag Rmag Total magnitude in R 56- 60 F5.3 mag e_Rmag Mean error (1-σ) of Rmag 62- 67 F6.3 mag ApRmag ? Aperture magnitude in R 69- 75 F7.3 mag ApDRmag ? Aperture difference of Rmag (2) 77- 82 F6.3 mag/arcsec2 mumax Central surface brightness in Rmag 84- 89 F6.2 arcsec MajAxis ? Major axis (3) 91- 96 F6.2 arcsec MinAxis ? Minor axis (3) 98-102 F5.3 deg PA ? Position angle, measured West to North 104-107 I4 --- Phot Flags on photometry (4) 109 I1 --- Var Variability flag (0=not variable)(5) 111-115 F5.3 --- Stel ? Stellarity index from SExtractor (0 for galaxy, 1 for star) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Classification Results -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 117-131 A15 --- MCclass Multi-colour class (6) 133-137 F5.3 --- MCz ? Mean redshift in distribution of p(z) 139-143 F5.3 --- e_MCz ? Mean error (1-σ) of MCz 145-149 F5.3 --- MCz2 ? Alternative redshift if p(z) bimodal 151-155 F5.3 --- e_MCz2 ? Mean error (1-σ) of MCz2 157-161 F5.3 --- MCzml ? Peak of redshift distribution p(z) 163-169 F7.1 Mpc dl ? Luminosity distance of MCz (7) 171-177 F7.2 --- chi2red Reduced Chi^2 of best-fitting template -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Total object restframe luminosities -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 179-184 F6.2 mag UjMAG ? Absolute Magnitude in Johnson U (8) 186-192 F7.2 mag e_UjMAG ? Mean error (1-σ) of UjMag 194-199 F6.2 mag BjMAG ? Absolute Magnitude in Johnson B (8) 201-207 F7.2 mag e_BjMAG ? Mean error (1-σ) of BjMag 209-214 F6.2 mag VjMAG ? Absolute Magnitude in Johnson V (8) 216-222 F7.2 mag e_VjMAG ? Mean error (1-σ) of VjMag 224-229 F6.2 mag usMAG ? Absolute Magnitude in SDSS u (8) 231-237 F7.2 mag e_usMAG ? Mean error (1-σ) of usMag 239-244 F6.2 mag gsMAG ? Absolute Magnitude in SDSS g (8) 246-252 F7.2 mag e_gsMAG ? Mean error (1-σ) of gsMag 254-259 F6.2 mag rsMAG ? Absolute Magnitude in SDSS r (8) 261-267 F7.2 mag e_rsMAG ? Mean error (1-σ) of rsMag 269-274 F6.2 mag UbMAG ? Absolute Magnitude in Bessell U (8) 276-280 F5.2 mag e_UbMAG ? Mean error (1-σ) of UbMag 282-287 F6.2 mag BbMAG ? Absolute Magnitude in Bessell B (8) 289-295 F7.2 mag e_BbMAG ? Mean error (1-σ) of BbMag 297-302 F6.2 mag VbMAG ? Absolute Magnitude in Bessell V (8) 304-310 F7.2 mag e_VbMAG ? Mean error (1-σ) of VbMag 312-317 F6.2 mag S280MAG ? Absolute Magnitue in 280/40nm (8)(9) 319-325 F7.2 mag e_S280MAG ? Mean error (1-σ) of S280Mag 327-332 F6.2 mag S145MAG ? Absolute Magnitude in 145/10nm (10) 334-337 F4.2 mag e_S145MAG ? Mean error (1-σ) of S145Mag -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Observed seeing-adaptive aperture fluxes -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 339-348 E10.4 ct/m+2/s/nm W420FE ? Flux in filter 420/30nm in run E (11) 350-359 E10.4 ct/m+2/s/nm e_W420FE ? Mean error (1-σ) of W420FE 361-370 E10.4 ct/m+2/s/nm W462FE ? Flux in filter 462/14nm in run E (11) 372-381 E10.4 ct/m+2/s/nm e_W462FE ? Mean error (1-σ) of W462FE 383-392 E10.4 ct/m+2/s/nm W485FD ? Flux in filter 485/31nm in run D (11) 394-403 E10.4 ct/m+2/s/nm e_W485FD ? Mean error (1-σ) of W485FD 405-414 E10.4 ct/m+2/s/nm W518FE ? Flux in filter 518/16nm in run E (11) 416-425 E10.4 ct/m+2/s/nm e_W518FE ? Mean error (1-σ) of W518FE 427-436 E10.4 ct/m+2/s/nm W571FD ? Flux in filter 571/25nm in run D (11) 438-447 E10.4 ct/m+2/s/nm e_W571FD ? Mean error (1-σ) of W571FD 449-458 E10.4 ct/m+2/s/nm W571FE ? Flux in filter 571/25nm in run E (11) 460-469 E10.4 ct/m+2/s/nm e_W571FE ? Mean error (1-σ) of W571FE 471-480 E10.4 ct/m+2/s/nm W571FS ? Combined flux in filter 571/25nm(11)(12) 482-491 E10.4 ct/m+2/s/nm e_W571FS ? Mean error (1-σ) of W571FS 493-502 E10.4 ct/m+2/s/nm W604FE ? Flux in filter 604/21nm in run E (11) 504-513 E10.4 ct/m+2/s/nm e_W604FE ? Mean error (1-σ) of W604FE 515-524 E10.4 ct/m+2/s/nm W646FD ? Flux in filter 646/27nm in run D (11) 526-535 E10.4 ct/m+2/s/nm e_W646FD ? Mean error (1-σ) of W646FD 537-546 E10.4 ct/m+2/s/nm W696FE ? Flux in filter 696/20nm in run E (11) 548-557 E10.4 ct/m+2/s/nm e_W696FE ? Mean error (1-σ) of W696FE 559-568 E10.4 ct/m+2/s/nm W753FE ? Flux in filter 753/18nm in run E (11) 570-579 E10.4 ct/m+2/s/nm e_W753FE ? Mean error (1-σ) of W753FE 581-590 E10.4 ct/m+2/s/nm W815FE ? Flux in filter 815/20nm in run E (11) 592-601 E10.4 ct/m+2/s/nm e_W815FE ? Mean error (1-σ) of W815FE 603-612 E10.4 ct/m+2/s/nm W815FG ? Flux in filter 815/20nm in run G (11) 614-623 E10.4 ct/m+2/s/nm e_W815FG ? Mean error (1-σ) of W815FG 625-634 E10.4 ct/m+2/s/nm W815FS ? Combined flux in filter 815/20nm(11)(12) 636-645 E10.4 ct/m+2/s/nm e_W815FS ? Mean error (1-σ) of W815FS 647-656 E10.4 ct/m+2/s/nm W856FD ? Flux in filter 856/14nm in run D (11) 658-667 E10.4 ct/m+2/s/nm e_W856FD ? Mean error (1-σ) of W856FD 669-678 E10.4 ct/m+2/s/nm W914FD ? Flux in filter 914/27nm in run D (11) 680-689 E10.4 ct/m+2/s/nm e_W914FD ? Mean error (1-σ) of W914FD 691-700 E10.4 ct/m+2/s/nm W914FE ? Flux in filter 914/27nm in run E (11) 702-711 E10.4 ct/m+2/s/nm e_W914FE ? Mean error (1-σ) of W914FE 713-722 E10.4 ct/m+2/s/nm UFF ? Flux in filter U in run F (11) 724-733 E10.4 ct/m+2/s/nm e_UFF ? Mean error (1-σ) of UFF 735-744 E10.4 ct/m+2/s/nm UFG ? Flux in filter U in run G (11) 746-755 E10.4 ct/m+2/s/nm e_UFG ? Mean error (1-σ) of UFG 757-766 E10.4 ct/m+2/s/nm UFS ? Combined flux in filter U (11)(12) 768-777 E10.4 ct/m+2/s/nm e_UFS ? Mean error (1-σ) of UFS 779-788 E10.4 ct/m+2/s/nm BFD ? Flux in filter B in run D (11) 790-799 E10.4 ct/m+2/s/nm e_BFD ? Mean error (1-σ) of BFD 801-810 E10.4 ct/m+2/s/nm BFF ? Flux in filter B in run F (11) 812-821 E10.4 ct/m+2/s/nm e_BFF ? Mean error (1-σ) of BFF 823-832 E10.4 ct/m+2/s/nm BFS ? Combined flux in filter B (11)(12) 834-843 E10.4 ct/m+2/s/nm e_BFS ? Mean error (1-σ) of BFS 845-854 E10.4 ct/m+2/s/nm VFD ? Flux in filter V in run D (11) 856-865 E10.4 ct/m+2/s/nm e_VFD ? Mean error (1-σ) of VFD 867-876 E10.4 ct/m+2/s/nm RFD ? Flux in filter R in run D (11) 878-887 E10.4 ct/m+2/s/nm e_RFD ? Mean error (1-σ) of RFD 889-898 E10.4 ct/m+2/s/nm RFE ? Flux in filter R in run E (11) 900-909 E10.4 ct/m+2/s/nm e_RFE ? Mean error (1-σ) of RFE 911-920 E10.4 ct/m+2/s/nm RFF ? Flux in filter R in run F (11) 922-931 E10.4 ct/m+2/s/nm e_RFF ? Mean error (1-σ) of RFF 933-942 E10.4 ct/m+2/s/nm RFG ? Flux in filter R in run G (11) 944-953 E10.4 ct/m+2/s/nm e_RFG ? Mean error (1-σ) of RFG 955-964 E10.4 ct/m+2/s/nm RFS ? Combined flux in filter R (11)(12) 966-975 E10.4 ct/m+2/s/nm e_RFS ? Mean error (1-σ) of RFS 977-986 E10.4 ct/m+2/s/nm IFD ? Flux in filter I in run D (11) 988-997 E10.4 ct/m+2/s/nm e_IFD ? Mean error (1-σ) of IFD
Note (1): Internal accuracy 0.15" Note (2): Aperture difference on Rmag (=Rmag-ApRmag, zero for point sources) Note (3): As observed in 1" seeing Note (4): Flags to be read as bits (from right to left): * bits 0-7 (corresponding to values 0-128) are original SExtractor flags, * bits 9-11 (corresponding to values 512-2048) set by COMBO-17 photometry: . bit 9 indicates only potential problem from bright neighbours or reflexes from the optics (check images); . bit 10 indicates uncorrected hot pixels, . bit 11 is set interactively when photometry is erroneous Note (5): Flag only set for objects which are detected with high S/N and which show clear variability between different observing runs (magnitude difference greater 0.15 mag, at least one magnitude has to be measured with 10σ, difference has to be at least 6σ) Note (6): Definition of classes: Star = stars (colour of star, stellar shape), WDwarf = WD/BHB/sdB star (colour of WD/BHB/sdB, stellar shape), Galaxy = galaxies (colour of galaxy, shape irrelevant), Galaxy (Star?) = most likely galaxy at z<0.15 (but overlap in colour space with stars), Galaxy (Uncl!) = colour undecided (statistically almost always a galaxy), QSO = QSOs (colour of QSO, stellar shape), QSO (Gal?) = colour of QSOs, extended shape (usually Seyfert 1), Strange Objects = very strange spectrum (very unusual intrinsic spectrum or strong photometric artifacts or uncorrected strong variability) Note (7): H0=100km/s/Mpc, Ωm=0.3, ΩΛ=0.7 Note (8): Absolute restframe magnitude calculated from redshifted best_fit template, depending on redshift and filter extrapolation outside the COMBO-17 filter set can be necessary, only calculated for objects classified as galaxies Note (9): Synthetic UV continuum rectangular passband at 260-300nm Note (10): Absolute restframe magnitude in a synthetic narrow rectangular passband at 140-150nm calculated from redshifted best_fit template, only calculated for objects classified as quasars. Note (11): Coding of observing runs: D = 1999-10-07 to 1999-10-22 E = 2000-01-28 to 2000-02-11 F = 2000-09-21 to 2000-09-30 G = 2001-01-19 to 2001-01-20 medium-band filters at the WFI are denoted by (central wavelength/FWHM) The unit of the flux is photons per unit area, second and wavelength interval, it is already corrected for the gain of the CCD Note (12): Only applied to objects without variability flag
Acknowledgements: Klaus Meisenheimer <meise(at)> History: * 26-Apr-2004: First Version * 06-Sep-2004: The absolute magnitude in 145/10nm (S145MAG) and its error (e_S145MAG) have been corrected; this absolute magnitude exists only for quasars (176 objects in table3.dat). * 13-Nov-2008: Updated version of table3 (from Martina Kleinheinrich)
(End) Martina Kleinheinrich [Max-Planck-Institut fuer Astronomie] 26-Apr-2004
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