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I/246                  The ACT Reference Catalog                 (Urban+ 1997)

The ACT Reference Catalog Urban S.E., Corbin T.E., Wycoff G.L. <U.S. Naval Observatory, Washington D.C. (1997)>
ADC_Keywords: Positional data; Proper motions ; Astrographic zones; Historical catalog; Photographic catalog; Surveys; Cross identifications Mission_Name: Hipparcos Abstract: The U.S. Naval Observatory has completed the compilation of the ACT Reference Catalog, containing 988,758 stars covering the entire sky. The motivation behind the ACT was to provide accurate proper motions for the majority of the stars in the Tycho Catalogue (ESA SP-1200). To do this, positions from new reductions of the Astrographic Catalogue (AC 2000) were combined with those of Tycho. The large epoch span between the two catalogs yields proper motions about an order of magnitude more accurate than those published in the Tycho Catalogue. The astrometric data contained in the ACT Reference Catalog include positions, proper motions and error estimates. These are on the Hipparcos System (J2000.0) for epoch J2000.0. Photometric data (B and V) from Tycho are included. Additionally, cross references to the Tycho, AC 2000, Bonner Durchmusterung (BD), Cordoba Durchmusterung (CD), Cape Durchmusterung (CPD), Henry Draper (HD) and Hipparcos Catalogues are given. File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file intro.tex 103 335 Introduction, latex version 72 1723 Introduction, postscript version act0000.dat 159 15945 ACT Reference Catalog [00h 00m - 00h 30m[ (1) act0030.dat 159 15221 ACT Reference Catalog [00h 30m - 01h 00m[ (1) act0100.dat 159 14934 ACT Reference Catalog [01h 00m - 01h 30m[ (1) act0130.dat 159 16128 ACT Reference Catalog [01h 30m - 02h 00m[ (1) act0200.dat 159 15731 ACT Reference Catalog [02h 00m - 02h 30m[ (1) act0230.dat 159 14975 ACT Reference Catalog [02h 30m - 03h 00m[ (1) act0300.dat 159 14113 ACT Reference Catalog [03h 00m - 03h 30m[ (1) act0330.dat 159 14199 ACT Reference Catalog [03h 30m - 04h 00m[ (1) act0400.dat 159 14992 ACT Reference Catalog [04h 00m - 04h 30m[ (1) act0430.dat 159 17025 ACT Reference Catalog [04h 30m - 04h 00m[ (1) act0500.dat 159 21446 ACT Reference Catalog [05h 00m - 05h 30m[ (1) act0530.dat 159 23249 ACT Reference Catalog [05h 30m - 06h 00m[ (1) act0600.dat 159 25382 ACT Reference Catalog [06h 00m - 06h 30m[ (1) act0630.dat 159 28837 ACT Reference Catalog [06h 30m - 07h 00m[ (1) act0700.dat 159 31903 ACT Reference Catalog [07h 00m - 07h 30m[ (1) act0730.dat 159 31099 ACT Reference Catalog [07h 30m - 08h 00m[ (1) act0800.dat 159 29251 ACT Reference Catalog [08h 00m - 08h 30m[ (1) act0830.dat 159 25605 ACT Reference Catalog [08h 30m - 09h 00m[ (1) act0900.dat 159 21279 ACT Reference Catalog [09h 00m - 09h 30m[ (1) act0930.dat 159 20678 ACT Reference Catalog [09h 30m - 10h 00m[ (1) act1000.dat 159 19898 ACT Reference Catalog [10h 00m - 10h 30m[ (1) act1030.dat 159 18206 ACT Reference Catalog [10h 30m - 11h 00m[ (1) act1100.dat 159 17437 ACT Reference Catalog [11h 00m - 11h 30m[ (1) act1130.dat 159 16921 ACT Reference Catalog [11h 30m - 12h 00m[ (1) act1200.dat 159 16107 ACT Reference Catalog [12h 00m - 12h 30m[ (1) act1230.dat 159 14847 ACT Reference Catalog [12h 30m - 13h 00m[ (1) act1300.dat 159 15799 ACT Reference Catalog [13h 00m - 13h 30m[ (1) act1330.dat 159 16783 ACT Reference Catalog [13h 30m - 14h 00m[ (1) act1400.dat 159 16510 ACT Reference Catalog [14h 00m - 14h 30m[ (1) act1430.dat 159 17229 ACT Reference Catalog [14h 30m - 15h 00m[ (1) act1500.dat 159 18375 ACT Reference Catalog [15h 00m - 15h 30m[ (1) act1530.dat 159 19450 ACT Reference Catalog [15h 30m - 16h 00m[ (1) act1600.dat 159 20416 ACT Reference Catalog [16h 00m - 16h 30m[ (1) act1630.dat 159 20817 ACT Reference Catalog [16h 30m - 17h 00m[ (1) act1700.dat 159 22371 ACT Reference Catalog [17h 00m - 17h 30m[ (1) act1730.dat 159 24219 ACT Reference Catalog [17h 30m - 18h 00m[ (1) act1800.dat 159 26710 ACT Reference Catalog [18h 00m - 18h 30m[ (1) act1830.dat 159 26741 ACT Reference Catalog [18h 30m - 19h 00m[ (1) act1900.dat 159 27737 ACT Reference Catalog [19h 00m - 19h 30m[ (1) act1930.dat 159 30156 ACT Reference Catalog [19h 30m - 20h 00m[ (1) act2000.dat 159 30187 ACT Reference Catalog [20h 00m - 20h 30m[ (1) act2030.dat 159 27188 ACT Reference Catalog [20h 30m - 21h 00m[ (1) act2100.dat 159 22360 ACT Reference Catalog [21h 00m - 21h 30m[ (1) act2130.dat 159 20619 ACT Reference Catalog [21h 30m - 22h 00m[ (1) act2200.dat 159 19335 ACT Reference Catalog [22h 00m - 22h 30m[ (1) act2230.dat 159 17887 ACT Reference Catalog [22h 30m - 23h 00m[ (1) act2300.dat 159 16511 ACT Reference Catalog [23h 00m - 23h 30m[ (1) act2330.dat 159 15950 ACT Reference Catalog [23h 30m - 24h 00m[ (1)
Note (1): all these files should be concatenated to give the Full ACT catalog, originally split into 48 files, each 30min wide in right ascension. The file names reflect the beginning of the right ascension band covered. For example, the file 'act0000.dat' starts at 00 hours 00 minutes and contains all stars up to (but excluding) 00 hours 30 minutes. The file 'act0530.dat' starts at 05 hours 30 minutes and contains all stars up to 06 hours 00 minutes.
See also: I/239 : The Hipparcos and Tycho Catalogues (ESA 1997) Byte-by-byte Description of file: act*.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 2 I2 h RAh Right Ascension ICRS, Epoch=J2000.0 (hours) 4- 5 I2 min RAm Right Ascension ICRS (minutes) 7- 13 F7.4 s RAs Right Ascension ICRS (seconds) 15 A1 --- DE- Declination ICRS, Epoch=J2000.0 (sign) 16- 17 I2 deg DEd Declination ICRS, Epoch=J2000.0 (degrees) 19- 20 I2 arcmin DEm Declination ICRS (minutes) 22- 27 F6.3 arcsec DEs Declination ICRS (seconds) 29- 35 F7.5 s/yr pmRA Proper Motion in RA, (sec of time/yr) 37- 43 F7.4 arcsec/yr pmDE Proper Motion in Dec, arcsec/yr) 45- 49 F5.1 mas e_RAs ?Stand. dev. of RA at Epoch 1991.25 from Tycho (T14) 51- 55 F5.1 mas e_DEs ?Stand. dev. of Dec at Epoch 1991.25 from Tycho (T15) 56- 61 F6.2 mas/yr e_pmRA ?Stand. dev. of Proper motion (RA), 62- 67 F6.2 mas/yr e_pmDE ?Stand. dev. of Proper motion (DE), 69- 74 F6.3 mag BTmag ?Blue magnitude from Tycho (T32) 76- 81 F6.3 mag VTmag ?Visual magnitude from Tycho (T34) 83- 88 F6.3 mag B-V ?Johnson B-V from Tycho (T37) 90 A1 --- flag1 *[X] Astrometric Quality flag (T10) 91 A1 --- flag2 *[1-8] Quality flag (T40) 92 A1 --- flag3 *[GN] Known variability flag (T47) 93 A1 --- flag4 *[UVW] Variability from Tycho (T48) 94 A1 --- flag5 *[YZ] Duplicity from Tycho (T49) 96-107 A12 --- TYC Tycho ID, embedded zeros for blanks 109-115 I7 --- AC2000 AC 2000 Number 117-125 A9 --- BD BD identifier (T54) 127-135 A9 --- CD CD identifier (T55) 137-145 A9 --- CPD CPD identifier (T56) 147-152 I6 --- HD ?Henry Draper Number (T53) 154-159 I6 --- HIP ?Hipparcos Number (T31)
Note on flag1: Astrometry Flag (T10 in Tycho): blank: a recommended astrometric reference star X: a dubious astrometric reference star in Tycho Note on flag2: Quality flag (T40 in Tycho): 1 through 5: very high to medium quality; probably single stars 6: perhaps non-single 7: low astrometric quality 8: perhaps non-stellar blank: unassigned, observed by Hipparcos, not Tycho Note on flag3: Known variability flag (T47 in Tycho) G: Star in General Catalogue of Variable Stars, 4th Edition N: Star in New Catalogue of Suspected Variable Stars Note on flag4: Variability from Tycho (T48 in Tycho) U: Apparent variability in Tycho data; may be due to duplicity V: strong evidence of variability in the Tycho data W: variability suspected in the Tycho data Note on flag5: Duplicity from Tycho (T49 in Tycho) Y: Investigation of duplicity made, no indication of duplicity Z: No investigation of duplicity was performed
References: The Hipparcos and Tycho Catalogues, 1997, European Space Agency, SP 1200 New Reductions of the Astrographic Catalogue: Plate Adjustments of the Algiers, Oxford I and II, and Vatican Zones, Urban, S.E, Martin, J.C., Jackson, E.S., and Corbin, T.E., 1996A&AS..118..163U New Reductions of the Astrographic Catalogue: Conventional Plate Adjustment of the Cape Zone, Urban S.E. and Corbin T.E., 1996A&A...305..989U The U.S. Naval Observatory Astrographic Catalog Project, Urban, S.E. and Corbin, T.E., Galactic and Solar System Optical Astrometry, ed. Morrison and Gilmore, Camb. Univ. Press, p. 11, 1994
(End) Sean E. Urban [U.S. Naval Observatory] 04-Sept-1997
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