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I/293               NPM2 Cross-Identifications                  (Klemola+ 2004)

Lick Northern Proper Motion Program: NPM2 Cross-Identifications and Appendices Klemola A.R., Hanson R.B., Jones B.F., Monet D.G. <Astron. J. 128, 1430 (2004)> =2004AJ....128.1430H
ADC_Keywords: Cross identifications ; Proper motions Description: The Lick NPM2 Catalog provides absolute proper motions, positions, and photographic photometry, measured in the Lick Northern Proper Motion (NPM) program, for 232,062 stars in the magnitude range 8<B<18, covering the sky within the Milky Way north of -23deg declination. The NPM2 Cross-Identifications file provides 46,887 cross-identifications between the NPM2 Catalog numbers and star names, stellar type classifications, and publication references. These additional data, extracted from Klemola's Lick Input Catalog of Special Stars (ICSS), facilitate many practical uses of the NPM2 Catalog. Five Appendices to the NPM2 Catalog provide references, footnotes, and other useful information. This "ReadMe" file explains the file formats. Detailed documentation is given in the file "npm2cros.txt". File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file npm2cros.txt 80 716 Detailed Documentation npm2cros.dat 127 46887 NPM2 Catalog Cross-Identifications file npm2code.dat 80 164 Appendix 1: Object class codes translation npm2code.txt 78 103 Appendix 2: Object class codes grouped npm2ref1.dat 150 571 *Appendix 3: References, sorted by ICSS code number npm2ref2.txt 149 571 *Appendix 4: References, sorted by author name npm2foot.dat 80 1847 Appendix 5: Footnotes to the Lick NPM2 Catalog
Note on npm2ref1.dat, npm2ref2.txt: these two files have the same contents, a simple sort on npm2ref2.txt produces npm2ref1.dat.
See also: : Lick NPM2 Catalog Home Page <I/283/> : Lick NPM2 Catalog Version (Hanson+ 2003) <I/199/> : Lick Northern Proper Motion Program: NPM1 Catalog (Klemola+ 1987) <I/200/> : Lick Northern Proper Motion: NPM1 Ref. Galaxies (Klemola+ 1987) <I/214/> : NPM1 Cross Index (Klemola+ 1994) Byte-by-byte Description of file: npm2cros.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 8 A8 --- NPM2 [0-9.±]! NPM2 star "name" made of Byte 1 : Sign of J2000 declination zone Bytes 2-3: J2000 Declination zone Bytes 4-8: Running number in this zone 11- 25 A15 --- Star Name of star (from literature source) 27- 29 A3 --- KLA Code for class of object, defined in files npm2code.dat and npm2code.txt 33- 34 I2 h RAh *Right ascension J2000, Ep=J2000 (hours) 36- 37 I2 min RAm *Right ascension J2000, Ep=J2000 (minutes) 39- 42 F4.1 s RAs *Right ascension J2000, Ep=J2000 (seconds) 44 A1 --- DE- *Declination J2000, Ep=J2000 (sign) 45- 46 I2 deg DEd *Declination J2000, Ep=J2000 (degrees) 48- 49 I2 arcmin DEm *Declination J2000, Ep=J2000 (minutes) 51- 52 I2 arcsec DEs *Declination J2000, Ep=J2000 (seconds) 55- 58 F4.1 mag Bmag Rounded B magnitude from NPM2 Catalog 60 I1 --- ID *[0,3] Code for identification reliability 61 I1 --- IQ *[0,3] Code for image quality 62 I1 --- IN [0,1] Code for footnote in npm2foot.dat (see ID and IQ) 0=no footnote, 1=has footnote 66- 95 A30 --- PUB Abbreviated publication reference (npm2ref1.dat) 97-100 I4 --- r_Star Four-digit code for publication reference (see npm2ref1.dat) 102-106 A5 --- REFc *Code for reference to finding chart, 110-114 F5.2 mag mag ?=0.00 Magnitude quoted from publication reference (rarely other source); zero if none 116-120 F5.2 mag col ?=0.00 B-V color quoted from publication reference (rarely other source); zero if none 122 I1 --- n_mag *[0,8] Magnitude type code: 123 I1 --- n_col [0,2] Color-index type code: 0=none, 1=B-V, 2=other (if any) 126 A1 --- tyc [T] Code for star in Tycho-2 catalog ' '=no, 'T'=yes 127 A1 --- hip [H] Code for star in Hipparcos catalog ' '=no, 'H'=yes
Note on RAh, RAm, RAs, DE-, DEd, DEm, DEs: The position is truncated from NPM2 Catalog -- it is meant for ID only Note on ID: the values are: 0= ID acceptable, no comment 1= ID confirmed from good/fair finding chart, variability, or proper motion 2= ID may be doubtful, star may have footnote in npm2foot.dat (see code IN) 3= ID probably or certainly incorrect (from post-reduction check) Note on IQ: the values are: 0= acceptable, no comment 1= weak (faint) or oversize (bright) image (poor measures) 2= near-blend: neighboring star, grating image, film defect, elongated image, or reseau cross on first-epoch blue plate 3= reject image (survey code error, wrong exposure system, blank field, etc) Reject list: NPM2+62.1518, NPM2+60.0713, NPM2+07.1658, NPM2+05.2146, NPM2-22.1382 Note on REFc: the conventions are: 0000 = No chart used D0000 = Durchmusterung chart G0000 = Guide Star Catalog nnnn = Usually the same as r_Star, except for variable stars (see file "npm2cros.txt") Vnnn = Variable star catalog chart number nnn in REFc=0001,0614,0615,0616,0971,0972,0973,1003 (see file "npm2cros.txt") Note on n_mag: the codes are: 0= none 1= V 2= B 3= mpv (or visual estimate, other yellow measures) 4= mpg (mb and similar blue measures) 5= red (near-ir, others of uncertain type) 6= Cousins magnitudes (Rc,Ic), 7= Hipparcos Hp and/or Tycho-2 BT (rarely used) 8= JHKVLM near-ir bands (rarely used)
Byte-by-byte Description of file: npm2code.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 3 A3 --- KLA Code for class of object (npm2cros.dat) 5 A1 --- --- '=' 8- 80 A73 --- Text Translation of class code into star type
Byte-by-byte Description of file: npm2ref1.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 4 I04 --- REFs Four-digit code for publication reference (npm2ref1.dat is sorted by this number) 6- 24 A19 --- BibCode 19-digit bibliographical code 26- 56 A31 --- PUB Abbreviated publication reference 58- 61 I4 --- nref Number of NPM2 stars from this reference (npm2cros.dat) 63- 65 A3 --- KLA1 Code for object class found in this reference '+++'= more than five classes 67- 69 A3 --- KLA2 Additional class found in this reference 71- 73 A3 --- KLA3 Additional class found in this reference 75- 77 A3 --- KLA4 Additional class found in this reference 79- 81 A3 --- KLA5 Additional class found in this reference 84-117 A34 --- nomR Nomenclatures used in this reference 119 A1 --- sim *[ 012] Code for comparison with SIMBAD 121-150 A30 --- nomS Nomenclature used in SIMBAD if sim = ' '. "Sim other" stars may be found in SIMBAD by position matching. Range in B-magnitude is listed as guide in matching.
Note on sim: the codes for comparison with SIMBAD nomenclature are: ' '= "PUB" reference is found in SIMBAD '0'= "PUB" reference not found in SIMBAD. '1'= NPM2 used chart with labeled stars but no coordinates. '2'= NPM2 used chart with unlabeled stars and no coordinates.
Byte-by-byte Description of file (5 headlines): npm2foot.dat (Appendix 5)
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 8 A8 --- NPM2 NPM2 star "name", as in file npm2cros.dat 11- 80 A70 --- Text Footnote text
Acknowledgements: We thank the National Science Foundation for its long-term support of the NPM program. The NPM2 phase was supported by NSF grants AST-9530632 and AST-0088105.
(End) Arnold R. Klemola, Robert B. Hanson [UCO/Lick Observatory] 2004-May-05
The document above follows the rules of the Standard Description for Astronomical Catalogues.From this documentation it is possible to generate f77 program to load files into arrays or line by line

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