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I/285                 The GPM catalog                       (Rybka+, 1997-2001)

GPM - a catalog of absolute proper motions of stars with respect to galaxies. Rybka S.P., Yatsenko A.I. <Main Astronomical Observatory of the National Academy of Sciences, Kiev, Ukraine, (2001)> =1997KFNT...13e..70R +1999KFNT...15a..79R +2000KFNT...16a..69R
ADC_Keywords: Positional data ; Photographic catalog ; Proper motions Description: GPM is the newer version of the General Compiled Catalogue of Absolute Proper Motions, derived with respect to galaxies within the plan called Catalogue of Faint Stars (KSZ, Deutch, 1952, Trans. IAU, Vol. 8, 789). The programme was proposed for several observatories of the former Soviet Union, China, Rumania and Spain. There are some resulting individual catalogues of absolute proper motions of stars compiled at five observatories (Kiev, Pulkovo, Moscow, Tashkent and Shanghai). The GPM combines these catalogues and comprises absolute proper motions for 52805 stars from 8 to 15.5mag in 185 fields north of -25 degrees of declination. The size of each region is nearly 1.5 square degrees. The mean standard error of proper motion is 8 mas/yr on average. Detailed information on the construction methodology and input data can be found in (Rybka & Yatsenko, 1997KFNT...13e..70R). In addition to absolute proper motions the GPM contains accurate equatorial coordinates and three-colour B V R photometry for the vast majority of its stars (Rybka 2000KFNT...16e..60R). Additional information was selected from all available sources. Usage of the ACT catalog should provide improved positions (mostly in removing of systematic errors) and improved photometry (because the brightest stars in each GPM region had B and V magnitudes measured by the Tycho experiment on the Hipparcos satellite). The mean accuracies achived, as demonstrated by comparison with above catalogue, are 250 mas for the positions and 0.22mag for B magnitude and 0.26mag for B-V colour. The GPM gives right ascensions and declinations for equinox J2000.0 and epoch copied from available sources. They were only presented to identify the GPM stars with those from other catalogues. The compiled catalogue also presents B magnitudes and B-V colours. They were converted to be close to Johnson system. The Tycho stars were also identified in the GPM catalogue. A search area with a radius of 2 arcseconds was used to search for multiple entries of the same star, which may be appeared in the region overlap areas. The detected entries were then removed from the final catalogue. The procedure decreased the number of stars in the catalogue by about 0.4 %. The adopted catalogue organization includes data in 185 regions sorted according the KSZ region numbers. The data were then sorted nearly in right ascension order within each GPM region. All information needed to associate a point on the sky with region number and provide a more rapid access to that region are given in file region.dat. File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file gpm.dat 73 52805 The GPM Catalogue region.dat 37 185 Index to the GPM regions
See also: I/220 : The HST Guide Star Catalog (Lasker+ 1992) I/239 : The Hipparcos and Tycho Catalogues (ESA 1997) I/246 : The ACT Reference Catalog (Urban+ 1997) I/243 : The PMM USNO-A1.0 Catalogue (Monet 1997) I/252 : The USNO-A2.0 Catalogue (Monet+ 1998) : GPM catalog Home Page Byte-by-byte Description of file: gpm.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 4 I4 --- KSZ *Region number 6- 15 F10.6 deg RAdeg Right Ascension J2000 at "Epoch" 16- 25 F10.6 deg DEdeg Declination J2000 at "Epoch" 27 I1 --- u_Pos *[1]? Discrepancy flag for Positions 29- 35 F7.2 yr Epoch *? Epoch of Positions 36- 41 F6.1 mas/yr pmRA Absolute proper motion in RA*cos(DE) 42- 47 F6.1 mas/yr pmDE Absolute proper motion in DE 49- 52 F4.1 mag Bmag Blue magnitude in Johnson B band 54 I1 --- u_Bmag *[1]? Discrepancy flag for Photometry 56- 60 F5.2 mag B-V *?=-9.99 Johnson B-V colour 62- 65 I4 --- TYC1 *? Tycho identifier 1 67- 71 I5 --- TYC2 *? Tycho identifier 2 73 I1 --- TYC3 *? Tycho identifier 3
Note on KSZ: Numbers from 1 to 205 are given according to the KSZ plan, numbers larger than 205 are NGC numbers of the nearest galaxies from region center. Note on u_Pos : blank: typical quality for positions, the standard error = 250 mas 1 : extremely low quality for positions, the standard error may be larger than 18 arcseconds Note on Epoch: blank: extremely low quality for positions Note on u_Bmag : blank: typical quality for photometry, the standard error=0.22 mag 1 : low quality for photometry, the standard error=0.35 mag Note on B-V: B-V = -9.99 if no data Note on TYC1, TYC2, TYC3: Tyc1 is the GSC region number, Tyc2 is the running number within the region, Tyc3 is a component identifier (normally 1)
Byte-by-byte Description of file: region.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 4 I4 --- KSZ The KSZ region number 6- 10 I5 --- RecNo The record number for the first star in each GPM region 12- 15 I4 --- Nstar The number of stars in the GPM region 17- 26 F10.6 deg RAdeg Region center RA (J2000.0) 27- 36 F10.6 deg DEdeg Region center DE (J2000.0)
Acknowledgements: Yatsenko Anatoliy
(End) Patricia Bauer [CDS] 27-Sep-2001
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