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VII/167    General Catalog of Photometry of Galaxies    (Longo+ 1983)

A general catalogue of photometric magnitudes and colors in the U,B,V system of 3,578 galaxies brighter than 16-th V-magnitude (1936-1982) Longo G., de Vaucouleurs A. <University of Texas Astronomy Monographs, No.3 (1983)>
ADC_Keywords: Galaxy catalogs ; Galaxies, photometry Description: (Introduction of published catalogue, summarized by CDS) Details of the integrated photometry of galaxies in the UBV system (generally through circular apertures centered at the nucleus) published prior to 1963 were given in three appendices to the (First) Reference Catalogue of Bright Galaxies (RCBG = RC1). The publication of an updated listing in the Second Reference Catalogue (RC2) has been requested since then. The present catalogue contains no less than 16,680 observations of 3,578 galaxies generally brighter than the 16-th V-band magnitude collected from 150 different sources, including several recent unpublished series from McDonald and Siding Spring Observatories. We excluded only the numerous galaxies fainter than this magnitude, and the numerous observations of the nuclei of Seyfert galaxies and variable N-galaxies through small apertures published after 1972-73 which add little or no new information on the magnitude-aperture curve of the underlying galaxy. In addition to the measured magnitudes and colors, the important notes relative to each observation were extracted from the original publications and/or our own unpublished records. This is necessary for a proper interpretation of the raw data which are often affected by field stars, nearby companion galaxies, centering difficulties, and of course weather conditions. We have generally rejected photographic observations made through undefined apertures and photoelectric observations not directory transformable to the UBV system. the transformation equations adopted for observations not originally in the UBV system are given in Table 1, after RC1 (Tables 10, 11 and 12), RC2 (Table 11) and de Vaucouleurs (1961). Alternative transformations are indicated in the notes to Table 1. (* Table 1 of the published catalogue is not archived here. -- CDS) Altogether the catalogue contains 12,796 observations of 2086 NGC objects, 1059 observations of 303 IC objects, and 2825 observations of 1189 anonymous objects. This is still far insufficient for coverage of galaxies in RC2 and those anticipated in future RC3. The need for large systematic programs of photoelectric aperture photometry of galaxies in the U,B,V system remains as pressing as ever. Observatories should consider dedicating small telescopes to this urgent task. In this respect the present catalogue should be helpful to identify unobserved or insufficiently observed objects. Total magnitudes and colors, and other photometric parameters derived from the present catalogue of raw data will be included in the RC3. Notes: * RC1, RC2 and RC3 are archived in VII/16/, VII/112/ and VII/155 respectively. * The column "X" of the published catalogue is not included in the archived catalogue. * Table 1, List of references and codes, that in alphabetical order, and a table of Notes, in the published catalogue, are not archived here. * A supplement of "Corrections to the UBV catalogue" was circulated as a photocopy print, dated on July 1985. The archived catalogue is not made this corrections. File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . this file catalog.dat 68 16712 UBV catalogue of 3578 galaxies
See also: VII/112 : RC2 Catalogue (de Vaucouleurs+ 1976) VII/155 : Third Reference Cat. of Bright Galaxies (RC3) (de Vaucouleurs+ 1991) VII/206 : General Photometry of Galaxies (Prugniel+ 1998) Byte-by-byte Description of file: catalog.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1 A1 --- NIA [NIA]! identification is given by: 'N'= NGC number, 'I'= IC number, 'A'= anonymous designation 2- 12 A11 --- Name [ 0-9A-I.±]! identification name of galaxy (1) 15- 17 A3 --- Type [0-9- ] morphological type code (2) 18 A1 --- u_Type [*$?PpR] uncertainty flag of TYPE 20- 24 F5.2 [0.1arcmin] logD []? log. of face-on isophotal diameter from RC2 27- 31 F5.2 [0.1arcmin] logA log. of photometer field aperture diameter 33- 38 A6 --- source sources, coded as indicated in the list of references (3) 42- 46 F5.2 mag Vmag []? V band mag., except where suffix B is attached if only B-band mag. is available 47 A1 --- u_Vmag [*B$] uncertainty flag of V ('B' see above) 49- 53 F5.2 mag B-V []? B-V color index 54 A1 --- u_B-V [*$] uncertainty flag of B-V 56- 60 F5.2 mag U-B []? U-B color index 61 A1 --- u_U-B [*$] uncertainty flag of U-B 64- 68 A5 --- Note [0-9, ] refer to identifications and observer's remarks listed on pp. 339 to 400 of the printed catalogue
Note (1): NGC and IC numbers are designated by 4 digits with suffix, if any. Anonymous numbers already listed in RC2 are given with 4 digits for RA and 2 digits for Dec., and additional objects are given with 4 digits for RA and 4 digits for Dec., both with suffix, if any. The suffix 'A', 'B', etc. designates multiple or close objects. Two letters, e.g. "A+B", indicate that two small objects are simultaneously present in the photometer field aperture. If a fraction of an adjacent object is included in the aperture, a '+' sign is added to the designation. Note (2): Morphological type is along the Hubble sequence, coded numerically as in RC2 from -6 for compact E to +11 for compact Im (see RC2 Table 2a). In general the RC2 type was adopted. For many additional objects south of -22 deg new types were provided by H.Corwin from "Southern Galaxy Cat.". Note (3): The list of references in pp. vii to xviii of the published catalogue is not archived here. See also p.iii of it.
History: The catalogue was provided by courtesy of N.Nanni to H. Andernach; it was numbered A116 in H. Andernach's "List of Astronomical Catalogues and Documents kindly provided on request by various authors" * 13-Feb-1994: First archived. (The date of the latest archiving, see the date of each file)
(End) Koichi Nakajima [CDS] 27-Jan-1994
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