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VII/165A    Measured Redshifts of Abell Clusters of Galaxies   (Andernach 1991)

A Catalogue of Measured Redshifts of Abell Clusters of Galaxies Andernach H. <ASP Conf. Ser. 15, 279 (1991)> =1991lssp.conf..279A
ADC_Keywords: Clusters, galaxy; Redshifts Description: The 'ACO' catalog (Abell, Corwin and Olowin 1989; Cat. VII/110) that contains 4076 rich (A-) clusters of galaxies and 1174 supplementary (S-) clusters was used to compile this catalog. In the compilation, many papers containing galaxy redshifts were checked for positional coincidences of objects with Abell clusters (typically within one Abell radius). In a total of 1059 ACO clusters a redshift for one or more galaxies were found. These 1059 clusters (records) are sorted by the R.A. (B1950) of their centre. Each record consists of cluster name, cluster centre equatorial coordinates (B1950), Abell richness, distance, Bautz-Morgan class, the magnitude of the tenth-brightest cluster member, cluster measured redshift, the reference code, the Abell radius, and the decimal log of the ratio between measured and estimated redshift. File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file catalog.dat 46 1059 Measured redshifts of Abell clusters of galaxies refs.dat 74 45 References expl.txt 80 114 Original explanation file
See also: VII/110 : The "ACO-catalogue" (Abell+ 1989) VII/177 : Redshifts and Vel Dispersions for Abell Clusters (Struble+ 1991) Byte-by-byte Description of file: catalog.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
2 A1 --- Prefix *[AS] prefix for the cluster name 3- 6 I4 --- IDnum [1,4076] numbering part of the cluster name 7 A1 --- m_IDnum [=ABCNS] suffix for the cluster name 8- 9 I2 h RAh *[0,24[+= right ascension (hours) (B1950) 10- 12 I3 0.1min RAdm *[0,600[ right ascension (0.1minutes) 13 A1 --- DE- declination sign 14- 15 I2 deg DEd *declination (degrees) (B1950) 16- 17 I2 arcmin DEm *declination (minutes) 19 I1 --- Rich [0,5] Abell richness class 20 I1 --- Dist [0,7] Abell distance class 21 I1 --- BM [1,5]? Bautz-Morgan class 22 A1 --- q_BM [:?] quality code of BM, as of ACO 24- 26 I3 0.1mag m10 magnitude of 10th brightest cluster member 27 A1 --- q_z *[:*!?f] quality code of redshift 28- 31 I4 10-4 z [0,] cluster redshift 32 A1 --- r_z [A-Za-z]! reference code in "refs.dat" 36- 39 I4 0.1arcmin Arad [0,] Abell radius (=3 Mpc/Ho/50), using qo=0.10 41- 46 F6.3 [---] log(Zm/Ze) The ratio between measured and estimated z
Note on Prefix: 'A' for rich clusters, 'S' for ACO extension of poor or distant clusters. Note on RAh, RAdm, DEd, DEm: Right ascension and declination of the cluster center, as of ACO Note on q_z: A blank quality indicates a z measured and within factor 2 of the m10-estimate. : = z measured and within factor 2 to 4 of the m10-estimate. * = z measured but outside the above range. Likely due to foreground or background object (rejected for m10-z relation) ! = listed redshift is average of very discordant ones, indicating possible line-of-sight projection of clusters (not used for m10-z relation) ? = listed redshift is single peripheral object, concordant within factor of 2 from estimate (not used for m10-z relation) f = cluster is known from published notes to have foreground galaxies. Listed redshift likely due to these objects. (rejected for m10-z relation) See also the "expl.txt" file.
Byte-by-byte Description of file: refs.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1 A1 --- Ref Reference code 2 A1 --- --- [=] 3- 21 A19 --- BibCode 19-digit reference code 23- 74 A52 --- Text Original text of reference
Acknowledgments: The original "expl.txt" file by H. Andernach (1991) was used to create this ReadMe file. History: * 08-Nov-1993: First archived (Koichi Nakajima, CDS) * 28-Feb-1994: Removed leading zeroes in Abell numbers, and replaced "expl.txt" by a new one (Koichi Nakajima, CDS) * 31-Oct-1996: Standardized ReadMe (C.-H. Lyu, Hughes STX/NASA) * 25-Jul-2004: Added refs.dat (Francois Ochsenbein, CDS)
(End) K. Nakajima, H. Andernach [CDS]; C.-H. Lyu [Hughes STX/NASA] 31-Oct-1996
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