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VI/71A       Revised version of the ILLSS Catalogue  (Coluzzi 1993-1999)

A revised version of the Identification List of Lines in Stellar Spectra (ILLSS) Catalogue Coluzzi R. <Bull. Inf. CDS 43, 7 (1993)> =1993BICDS..43....7C (SIMBAD/NED Reference)
ADC_Keywords: Atomic physics ; Spectroscopy Description: This catalogue is a revised version of the Identification List of Lines in Stellar Spectra and now lists wavelength, spectrum, multiplet number, intensity, ionisation potential and stellar type reference for lines in the region 2951 to 13164 Angstroems. (This catalogue was announced as number III/171) See also: VI/84 : UVILLSS Catalogue (Coluzzi 1996) File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file 75 25800 *The ILLSS finding list illss.dat 104 25800 The ILLSS Catalogue, organized as a table elref.dat 24 1172 List of references related to elements refs.dat 80 442 References
Note on this is the file as described in the publication: it contains multiplet number within parentheses (), intensities between square brackets [], potential ionisation between angle brackets <>, and stellar types within braces
Byte-by-byte Description of file: illss.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
2- 11 F10.4 0.1nm lambda [2951/13165]+= Wavelength in Angstroems 13- 21 A9 --- Element Element (or molecule) name and spectrum 22- 23 I2 --- Z [0/90] Atomic element number, zero if not applicable 24- 25 I2 --- Ion [0/15] Electronic charge 27- 28 A2 --- n_lambda [NACLPFf?* ] Note concerning the line (1) 30- 41 A12 --- Multiplet [0-9a, ] Multiplet number(s) 43 A1 --- RefL [A-Y] Reference letter of intensity (2) 44- 47 A4 --- r_Intens Reference of intensity 49- 55 F7.1 --- Intens [-1/10000]? Intensity with Moore notation (2) 56- 61 A6 --- n_Intens Notes about the Intensity (2) 63- 69 F7.3 eV IP ? Ionisation Potential 70 A1 --- u_IP [?] Uncertainty flag on IP 72-104 A33 --- SpTypes List of concerned spectral types
Note (1): The notation is the following: ' ' for observed line '*' for blend 'P' for predicted line 'F' for forbidden predicted line 'f' for forbidden line observed in the laboratory 'N' for nebular forbidden measured line 'L' for laboratory forbidden measured line 'A' for auroral forbidden measured line 'C' for coronal forbidden measured line '?' for which the element attribution is uncertain Note (2): the reference is relative to the Element ; the following notations are used: - A colon : indicates that the intensity is not the first or second choice. - The letters have the following meaning: 'd' double 'g' ghost 'l' shaded to longer wave-length 'n' diffuse or hazy 'm' line is masked by another line that belongs to the spectrum indicated (e.g. mTiI for line masked by a TiI line) 'N' very diffuse or very hazy 'p' part of band 'r' narrow self-reversal 'R' wide self-reversal 's' shaded to shorter wave-length 'sol' this predicted line of FeI is present in the solar spectrum 'sol?' the solar identification as FeI is subject to some question 'tr' trace 'w' wide(fine structure type),broad or complex 'W' very wide(fine structure type) or very broad However, the intensity is marked as '[????]' for the 2 records present in part II (Finding List) and not in part I (Table of Multiplets) of Moore catalogue: 10752.99 FeI (1352) and 10849.68 FeI (1352)
Byte-by-byte Description of file: elref.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 3 I3 --- Z Element number 5- 6 I2 --- Ion Electronic charge 8- 16 A9 --- Topic Domain of reference in "lambda", "Intensity", "Analysis" or "Forbidden" 18 A1 --- RefL [A-Y] Reference letter as in ILSS ("lambda" topic only) 20- 23 A4 --- r_Topic [ 0-9a] Reference number 24 A1 --- n_Topic Note (parenthesied reference)
Byte-by-byte Description of file: refs.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
2- 5 A4 --- RefNo Reference number (repeated when several lines are needed) 7- 80 A74 --- Text Text of reference
Historical Notes: * 31-Aug-1994: file prepared by Regina Coluzzi [Oss. Roma] * 04-Apr-1996: the table illss.dat was created from at CDS (F. Ochsenbein) to allow its usage by a database. * 27-Mar-1997: transformed intensities into numeric column and remarks. at CDS (F. Ochsenbein) * 22-Aug-1999: tables elref.dat and refs.dat added from material kindly mailed by Regina Coluzzi [Oss. Roma]. The catalogue was slightly revised. References: Moore, C.E.: 1972, "A Multiplet Table of Astrophysical Interest, Revised Edition", Nat. Stand. Ref. Data Ser., Nat. Bur. Stand, 40. Seitter, W.C.: 1969, "Atlas for Objective Prism Spectra", Ferd. Dummlers Verlag. Bonn 1970
(End) Regina Coluzzi [Oss. Roma], Francois Ochsenbein [CDS] 27-Sep-1999
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