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V/141         Light-Motion Curve Catalogue (LMCC) in Stripe 82   (Bramich+ 2008)

The Light-Motion Curve Catalogue in SDSS Stripe 82 (LMCC) Bramich D.M., Vidrih S., Wyrzykowski L., Munn J.A., Lin H., Evans N.W., Smith M.C., Belokurov V., Gilmore G., Zucker D.B., Hewett P.C., Watkins L.L., Faria D.C., Fellhauer M., Miknaitis G., Bizyaev D., Ivezic Z., Schneider D.P., Snedden S.A., Malanushenko E., Malanushenko V., Pan K. <Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 386, 887 (2008)> =2008MNRAS.386..887B =2013yCat.5141....0B
ADC_Keywords: Positional data ; Proper motions ; Photometry, ugriz ; Stars, variable Keywords: catalogues ; stars: photometry, astrometry, variables ; Galaxy: stellar content ; galaxies: photometry Abstract: We present a public archive of light-motion curves in Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) Stripe 82, covering 99° in right ascension (20.7h to 3.3h) and spanning 2.52° in declination (-1.26 to 1.26), for a total sky area of about 249sq.deg. Stripe 82 has been repeatedly monitored in the u, g, r, i and z bands over a seven-year baseline. Objects are cross-matched between runs, taking into account the effects of any proper motion. The resulting catalogue contains almost 4million light-motion curves of stellar objects and galaxies. The photometry are recalibrated to correct for varying photometric zeropoints, achieving ∼20mmag and 30mmag root-mean-square (RMS) accuracy down to 18mag in the g, r, i and z bands for point sources and extended sources, respectively. The astrometry are recalibrated to correct for inherent systematic errors in the SDSS astrometric solutions, achieving 32mas and 35mas RMS accuracy down to 18mag for point sources and extended sources, respectively. For each light-motion curve, 229 photometric and astrometric quantities are derived and stored in a higher-level catalogue. On the photometric side, these include mean exponential and PSF magnitudes along with uncertainties, RMS scatter, χ2 per degree of freedom, various magnitude distribution percentiles, object type (stellar or galaxy), and eclipse, Stetson and Vidrih variability indices. On the astrometric side, these quantities include mean positions, proper motions as well as their uncertainties and χ2 per degree of freedom. The here presented light-motion curve catalogue is complete down to r∼21.5mag and is at present the deepest large-area photometric and astrometric variability catalogue available. Description: The full LMCC catalogue consists of 396 FITS files in the "lmcc" subdirectory, each of these files containing the astrometric and photometric results for the sources in 1 minute of right ascension. The higher-level catalogue consists of 8 FITS files in the "hlc" subdirectory, each containing the 229 photometric and astrometric quantities for the sources in 1 hour of right ascension. The 8 files "hlc_xx.dat" (xx representing the hour of right ascension) represent a "slim" version of the full catalogue, and contain 36 of the 229 parameters for each of the 3,700,548 sources. File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file hlc_00.dat 303 446842 High-level "slim" catalogue, RA=00:00-01:00 hlc_01.dat 303 426892 High-level "slim" catalogue, RA=01:00-02:00 hlc_02.dat 303 442984 High-level "slim" catalogue, RA=02:00-03:00 hlc_03.dat 303 128785 High-level "slim" catalogue, RA=03:00-03:18 hlc_20.dat 303 390491 High-level "slim" catalogue, RA=20:42-21:00 hlc_21.dat 303 844981 High-level "slim" catalogue, RA=21:00-22:00 hlc_22.dat 303 549637 High-level "slim" catalogue, RA=22:00-23:00 hlc_23.dat 303 469936 High-level "slim" catalogue, RA=23:00-24:00 hlc/* 0 8 Full FITS version of Higher-level catalogue lmcc/* 0 396 Full Light-Motion Curve Catalog, FITS files
See also: : SDSS-Stripe82 LMCC page Byte-by-byte Description of file: hlc_*.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 21 A21 --- Name Light curve name (LC_NAME) 24- 33 F10.2 d t0 [2451075/2456710] Weighted mean heliocentric Julian date (T0) 35- 41 F7.2 d dt Time span of the light-motion curve (TIME_SPAN) 44- 45 I2 --- Nep [1/85] Number of good positional measurements (NPOSEPOCHS) 47- 49 F3.1 --- Ot [3/6] Mean object type (MEANOBJECTTYPE) (3) 51- 61 F11.7 deg RAdeg Weighted mean of the RA measurements (ICRS) (RA_MEAN) 63- 73 F11.7 deg DEdeg Weighted mean of the Dec measurements (ICRS) (DEC_MEAN) 75- 77 I3 mas e_RAdeg [3/78] Uncertainty on RAdeg (RAMEANERR) 79- 81 I3 mas e_DEdeg [3/78] Uncertainty on DEdeg (DECMEANERR) 83- 90 E8.2 --- chi2RA ?=- χ2 of RA for a model with a proper motion (RACHISQLIN) 92- 99 E8.2 --- chi2DE ?=- χ2 of Declination for a model with a proper motion (DECCHISQLIN) 101-109 F9.1 mas/yr pmRA ?=- Proper motion along RA (RA_PM) (1) 111-116 F6.1 mas/yr e_pmRA ?=- Uncertainty on pmRA (RAPMERR) 118-126 F9.1 mas/yr pmDE ?=- Proper motion along Declination (DEC_PM) 128-133 F6.1 mas/yr e_pmDE ?=- Uncertainty on pmDE (DECPMERR) 136-137 I2 --- Nu [0/66] Number of good u-band photometric data points (NGOODEPOCHS) 139-144 F6.3 mag umag ?=- Weighted mean SDSS u-band magnitude (2) 146-151 F6.3 mag e_umag ?=- Uncertainty on umag 153-158 F6.3 mag s_umag ?=- Root-mean-square deviation of umag 160-167 E8.2 --- uchi2 ?=- Chi-squared of umag 170-171 I2 --- Ng [0/84] Number of good g-band photometric data points (NGOODEPOCHS) 173-178 F6.3 mag gmag ?=- Weighted mean SDSS g-band magnitude (2) 180-185 F6.3 mag e_gmag ?=- Uncertainty on gmag 187-192 F6.3 mag s_gmag ?=- Root-mean-square deviation of gmag 194-201 E8.2 --- gchi2 ?=- Chi-squared of gmag 204-205 I2 --- Nr [0/84] Number of good r-band photometric data points (NGOODEPOCHS) 207-212 F6.3 mag rmag ?=- Weighted mean SDSS r-band magnitude (2) 214-219 F6.3 mag e_rmag ?=- Uncertainty on rmag 221-226 F6.3 mag s_rmag ?=- Root-mean-square deviation of rmag 228-235 E8.2 --- rchi2 ?=- Chi-squared of rmag 238-239 I2 --- Ni [0/85] Number of good i-band photometric data points (NGOODEPOCHS) 241-246 F6.3 mag imag ?=- Weighted mean SDSS i-band magnitude (2) 248-253 F6.3 mag e_imag ?=- Uncertainty on imag 255-260 F6.3 mag s_imag ?=- Root-mean-square deviation of imag 262-269 E8.2 --- ichi2 ?=- Chi-squared of imag 272-273 I2 --- Nz [0/85] Number of good z-band photometric data points (NGOODEPOCHS) 275-280 F6.3 mag zmag ?=- Weighted mean SDSS z-band magnitude (2) 282-287 F6.3 mag e_zmag ?=- Uncertainty on zmag 289-294 F6.3 mag s_zmag ?=- Root-mean-square deviation of zmag 296-303 E8.2 --- zchi2 ?=- Chi-squared of zmag
Note (1): Computed only when dt≥1.5 days Note (2): PSF magnitude (MEAN_PSFMAG) for point sources (Ot≥4.5), or exponential magnitude (MEAN_EXPMAG) for extended objects (Ot<4.5). Note (3): the value is the averaged types from the various observations, between 3.0=galaxy and 6.0=stellar
History: * 07-Oct-2013: The FITS files were prepared by D. Bramich; creation of the files hlc_*.dat from the FITS files at CDS, unfortunately with the wrong magnitude (MEAN_PSFMAG for extended sources and MEAN_EXPMAG for point sources) * 20-Mar-2014: correction of magnitudes (use MEAN_EXPMAG for extended sources and MEAN_PSFMAG for point sources)
(End) Francois Ochsenbein [CDS] 07-Oct-2013
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