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J/PAZh/32/906   Kinematics of Gould Belt Based on Open Clusters  (Bobylev, 2006)

Kinematics of Gould Belt Based on Open Clusters. Bobylev V.V. <Pis'ma Astron. Zh. 32, 906 (2006)> =2006PAZh...32..906B =2006AstL...32..816B
ADC_Keywords: Clusters, open ; Associations, stellar ; Space velocities ; Radial velocities Abstract: We have redetermined kinematic parameters of the Gould Belt using currently available data on the motion of nearby young (logt<7.91) open clusters, OB associations, and moving stellar groups. Our modeling shows that the residual velocities reach their maximum values of -4km/s for rotation (in the direction of Galactic rotation) and +4km/s for expansion at a distance from the kinematic center of 300pc. We have taken the following parameters of the Gould Belt center: R0=150pc and l0=128°. The whole structure is shown to move relative to the local standard of rest at a velocity of 10.7±0.7km/s in the direction l=274±4° and b=-1±3°. Using the derived rotation velocity, we have estimated the virial mass of the Gould Belt to be 1.5 million solar masses. File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file table1.dat 73 20 Space velocities of open clusters and OB associations table2.dat 73 29 Space velocities of open clusters. All input data were taken from COCD (J/A+A/438/1163, J/A+A/440/403)
See also: I/280 : All-sky Compiled Catalogue of 2.5 million stars (ASCC-2.5) (Kharchenko, 2001) J/A+A/438/1163 : Catalogue of Open Cluster Data (COCD-1) (Kharchenko+, 2005) J/A+A/440/403 : 109 new Galactic open clusters (COCD-2) (Kharchenko+, 2005) J/AZh/83/821 : Compiled stellar radial velocities catalog (OSACA) (Bobylev+, 2006) Byte-by-byte Description of file: table1.dat table2.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 12 A12 --- Name Cluster or OB-association designation 14- 16 I3 pc Dist Cluster distance 18- 19 I2 pc e_Dist ? Standar error in Dist (only in table1) 21- 26 F6.2 km/s UVel Velocity component U in Gal. coord. system (1) 28- 32 F5.2 km/s e_UVel Standard error in UVel 34- 39 F6.2 km/s VVel Velocity component V in Gal. coord. system (1) 41- 44 F4.2 km/s e_VVel Standard error in VVel 46- 51 F6.2 km/s WVel Velocity component W in Gal. coord. system (1) 53- 56 F4.2 km/s e_WVel Standard error in WVel 58- 59 I2 --- o_RV Number of stars used for calculation of RV 60 A1 --- n_RV [*] Note on velocity errors (2) 62- 67 F6.2 km/s RV ? Average radial velocity (only in table1) 69- 73 F5.2 km/s e_RV ? Standard error in RV (only in table1)
Note (1): These velocities were corrected for the differential Galactic rotation with Oort constants: A=13.7km/s/kpc and B=-12.9km/s/kpc. Note (2): * marks the four clusters for which the random errors e_RV in one of the velocity component U,V,W exceed 5km/s.

(End) Veta Avedisova (INASAN) 01-Oct-2007
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