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J/MNRAS/477/2068    RV survey of the Carina Nebula's O stars    (Kiminki+, 2018)

A radial velocity survey of the Carina Nebula's O-type stars. Kiminki M.M., Smith N. <Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 477, 2068 (2018)> =2018MNRAS.477.2068K (SIMBAD/NED BibCode)
ADC_Keywords: Associations, stellar ; Stars, O ; Radial velocities Keywords: binaries: spectroscopic - stars: early-type - stars: kinematics and dynamics - stars: massive - ISM: evolution - open clusters and associations: individual: Carina Nebula Abstract: We have obtained multi-epoch observations of 31 O-type stars in the Carina Nebula using the CHIRON spectrograph on the CTIO/SMARTS 1.5-m telescope. We measure their radial velocities to 1-2 km/s precision and present new or updated orbital solutions for the binary systems HD 92607, HD 93576, HDE 303312, and HDE 305536. We also compile radial velocities from the literature for 32 additional O-type and evolved massive stars in the region. The combined data set shows a mean heliocentric radial velocity of 0.6km/s. We calculate a velocity dispersion of ≤9.1km/s, consistent with an unbound, substructured OB association. The Tr 14 cluster shows a marginally significant 5km/s radial velocity offset from its neighbour Tr 16, but there are otherwise no correlations between stellar position and velocity. The O-type stars in Cr 228 and the South Pillars region have a lower velocity dispersion than the region as a whole, supporting a model of distributed massive star formation rather than migration from the central clusters. We compare our stellar velocities to the Carina Nebula's molecular gas and find that Tr 14 shows a close kinematic association with the Northern Cloud. In contrast, Tr 16 has accelerated the Southern Cloud by 10-15km/s, possibly triggering further massive star formation. The expansion of the surrounding H II region is not symmetric about the O-type stars in radial velocity space, indicating that the ionized gas is constrained by denser material on the far side. Description: Heliocentric radial velocities of 31 O-type stars in the Carina Nebula, measured from fiber-mode observations with the CHIRON spectrograph on the CTIO/SMARTS 1.5-m telescope. Dates are given for the midpoints of the exposures. File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file stars.dat 40 31 List of studied stars table2.dat 52 145 CHIRON radial velocities
See also: II/82 : Galactic O-type Stars (Garmany+ 1982) J/A+A/549/A67 : Embedded YSOs in Carina Nebula complex (Gaczkowski+, 2013) J/A+A/567/A109 : Carina nebula optically identified YSOs (Kumar+, 2014) J/A+A/603/A81 : Trumpler 14 and 16 in the Carina nebula (Damiani+, 2017) Byte-by-byte Description of file: stars.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 13 A13 --- Name Star name used in the Galactic O-Star Catalog 15- 16 I2 h RAh Right ascension (J2000) 18- 19 I2 min RAm Right ascension (J2000) 21- 25 F5.2 s RAs Right ascension (J2000) 27 A1 --- DE- Declination sign (J2000) 28- 29 I2 deg DEd Declination (J2000) 31- 32 I2 arcmin DEm Declination (J2000) 34- 38 F5.2 arcsec DEs Declination (J2000) 39- 40 I2 --- N Number of radial velocity measurements in table2
Byte-by-byte Description of file: table2.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 13 A13 --- Name Star name used in the Galactic O-Star Catalog 16- 24 F9.3 d HJD Heliocentric Julian date (HJD-2400000) at midpoint of exposure 27- 32 F6.1 km/s RV1 Radial velocity of primary star 35- 38 F4.1 km/s e_RV1 One-sigma uncertainty on RV1 41- 46 F6.1 km/s RV2 ? Radial velocity of secondary star (where present) 49- 52 F4.1 km/s e_RV2 ? One-sigma uncertainty on RV2
Acknowledgements: Megan M. Kiminki, mbagley(at)
(End) Megan M. Kiminki [Univ. of Arizona], Patricia Vannier [CDS] 18-Jun-2018
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