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J/MNRAS/434/1411    Variability of broad emission lines in QSOs (Woo+, 2013)

Variability of broad emission lines in high-luminosity, high-redshift quasars. Woo S.C., Turnshek D.A., Badenes C., Bickerton S. <Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 434, 1411-1421 (2013)> =2013MNRAS.434.1411W (SIMBAD/NED BibCode)
ADC_Keywords: QSOs ; Spectroscopy Keywords: galaxies: active - galaxies: nuclei - quasars: general - galaxies: Seyfert Abstract: We examine the variability of the high-ionization Lyα λ1216 broad emission line (BEL) in a sample of 61 high-luminosity, high-redshift quasars observed at two epochs by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. These bright objects lie in the redshift interval z=[2.5, 4.3] and have luminosities 3.4x1045≲λ*Lλ≲3.4x1046erg/s at 1450Å. Utilizing improved spectrophotometric flux calibrations relative to nearby compact stars observed simultaneously, we are able to measure the flux changes in Lyα and the nearby continuum at two epochs. We find 20 objects that exhibit Lyα BEL flux variability at a significance level greater than 5σ on time-scales ranging from days to years in the quasar rest frame. Description: For this study, we used the SDSS data release (DR8, Aihara et al. (2011ApJS..193...29A)) to select an appropriate sample of quasars. In the observed frame, SDSS spectra cover the optical to near-infrared (3800-9200Å) with resolution λ/Δλ∼2000 at 5000Å (Stoughton et al., 2002AJ....123..485S). To define our quasar sample and ensure that Lyα λ1216 BELs are included in the spectra, we selected objects which are spectroscopically classified as QSOs, have redshifts in the interval z=[2.5-5.0] and have multiple spectroscopic observations. File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file table2.dat 185 61 BEL and continuum flux measurements for sixty-one quasars after recalibration using surrounding compact objects
See also: : SDSS Home Page Byte-by-byte Description of file: table2.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 18 A18 --- SDSS SDSS name ( 20- 24 I5 d HMJD Epoch of HSN flux measurement (MJD) 26- 30 I5 d LMJD Epoch of LSN flux measurement (MJD) 32- 37 F6.4 --- zem Emission redshift 39- 46 F8.4 d dtau Rest-frame time interval between the two observation epochs 48- 54 F7.4 mag rmag SDSS r magnitude 56- 63 E8.3 mW/m2 lL1450 Galactic extinction-corrected luminosity at rest-frame 1450Å (lambda*Llambda) 65- 72 F8.4 10-19W/m2/nm FLyaH HSN-epoch flux at Lymanα BEL (1) 74- 79 F6.4 10-19W/m2/nm e_FLyaH rms uncertainty on FLyaH (1) 81- 87 F7.4 10-19W/m2/nm Fc1300H HSN-epoch flux continuum at 1300Å (1) 89- 94 F6.4 10-19W/m2/nm e_Fc1300H rms uncertainty on Fc1300H (1) 96-102 F7.4 10-19W/m2/nm FCIVH HSN-epoch flux at CIV BEL (1) 104-109 F6.4 10-19W/m2/nm e_FCIVH rms uncertainty on FCIVH(1) 111-117 F7.4 10-19W/m2/nm Fc1600H HSN-epoch flux continuum at 1600Å (1) 119-124 F6.4 10-19W/m2/nm e_Fc1600H rms uncertainty on Fc1600H (1) 126-133 F8.4 10-19W/m2/nm FLyaL LSN-epoch flux at Lymanα BEL (1) 135-140 F6.4 10-19W/m2/nm e_FLyaL rms uncertainty on FLyaL (1) 142-148 F7.4 10-19W/m2/nm Fc1300L LSN-epoch flux continuum at 1300Å (1) 150-155 F6.4 10-19W/m2/nm e_Fc1300L rms uncertainty on Fc1300L (1) 157-163 F7.4 10-19W/m2/nm FCIVL LSN-epoch flux at CIV BEL (1) 165-170 F6.4 10-19W/m2/nm e_FCIVL rms uncertainty on FCIVL (1) 172-178 F7.4 10-19W/m2/nm Fc1600L LSN-epoch flux continuum at 1600Å (1) 180-185 F6.4 10-19W/m2/nm e_Fc1600L rms uncertainty on Fc1600L (1)
Note (1): BEL stands fro broad emission line. Fluxes are in 10-17erg/cm2/s/Å unit.
History: From electronic version of the journal
(End) Patricia Vannier [CDS] 01-Aug-2014
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