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J/MNRAS/424/11      Rotation of field stars from CoRoT data       (Affer+, 2012)

The rotation of field stars from CoRoT data. Affer L., Micela G., Favata F., Flaccomio E. <Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 424, 11-22 (2012)> =2012MNRAS.424...11A
ADC_Keywords: Stars, nearby ; Stars, variable ; Photometry Keywords: Stars: rotation - stars: solar-type - solar neighbourhood Abstract: We present period measurements of a large sample of field stars in the solar neighbourhood, observed by the COnvection ROtation and planetary Transits (CoRoT) satellite in two different directions of the Galaxy. The presence of a period was detected using the Lomb-Scargle normalized periodogram technique and the autocorrelation analysis. The assessment of the results has been performed through a consistency verification supported by the folded light-curve analysis. The data analysis procedure has discarded a non-negligible fraction of light curves due to instrumental artefacts; however, it has allowed us to identify pulsators and binaries among a large number of field stars. We measure a wide range of periods, from 0.25 to 100d, most of which are rotation periods. The final catalogue includes 1978 periods, with 1727 of them identified as rotational periods, 169 as pulsations and 82 as orbital periods of binary systems. Description: We initially selected from the CoRoT data base (Archive of the CoRoT Data Center at Space Astrophysics Institute, Orsay, France, observations of dwarf stars (labelled as luminosity class V) with colour index B-V between 0.44 and 1.4 performed during the LRa01 and LRc01 runs of the exoplanet field (the luminosity class and colour information are from both the EXODAT/COROTSKY data base and the archive of the CoRoT Data Center). File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file table2.dat 82 1978 Catalogue of periods for CoRoT MS stars towards the Galactic Centre and anticentre plots/* 0 1978 Individual light curves images
See also: B/corot : CoRoT observation log Release 12 (CoRoT, 2009-2013) V/133 : Kepler Input Catalog (Kepler Mission Team, 2009) Byte-by-byte Description of file: table2.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 10 I10 --- CoRoT CoRoT identification number 12- 27 A16 --- 2MASS 2MASS name (HHMMSSss+DDMMSSs) 29- 37 F9.5 deg RAdeg Right ascension in decimal degrees (J2000) 39- 46 F8.5 deg DEdeg Declination in decimal degrees (J2000) 48- 54 F7.3 d Per Period 56- 58 A3 --- Meth [12- ] Method used: 1=periodogram analysis, 2=autocorrelation 62 A1 --- LC [PRE] Type of lightcurve: P=pulsation, R=rotation, E=eclipsing binary 64- 77 A14 --- FileName Name of the file with the light curves, in subdirectory plots 79- 82 F4.1 --- Prot ? Rotational periods of eclipsing binaries
History: * 21-Jun-2013: From electronic version of the journal * 14-Jan-2014: 2MASS names corrected.
(End) Patricia Vannier [CDS] 06-Apr-2013
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