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J/MNRAS/416/1844    2XMM ultraluminous X-ray source candidates  (Walton+, 2011)

2XMM ultraluminous X-ray source candidates in nearby galaxies. Walton D.J., Roberts T.P., Mateos S., Heard V. <Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 416, 1844-1861 (2011)> =2011MNRAS.416.1844W (SIMBAD/NED BibCode)
ADC_Keywords: X-ray sources Keywords: black hole physics - X-rays: binaries Abstract: Ultraluminous X-ray sources (ULXs) are some of the most enigmatic X-ray bright sources known to date. It is generally accepted that they cannot host black holes as large as those associated with active galaxies, but they appear to be significantly more luminous than their better understood Galactic X-ray binary (XRB) cousins, while displaying an intriguing combination of differences and similarities with them. Through studying large, representative samples of these sources we may hope to enhance our understanding of them. To this end, we derive a large catalogue of 650 X-ray detections of 470 ULX candidates, located in 238 nearby galaxies, by cross-correlating the 2XMM Serendipitous Survey with the Third Reference Catalogue of Bright Galaxies. Description: Through cross-correlation with the RC3 (Cat. VII/155) galaxy catalogue, we have mined the 2XMM Serendipitous Survey (Watson et al., Cat. J/A+A/493/339) to produce a catalogue of ULX candidates. Our catalogue contains 650 detections of 470 discrete sources, and we conservatively estimate that at most ∼24 per cent, but more likely ∼17 per cent, of these sources are undesirable contaminants, most likely background quasars in this case. File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file catalog.dat 3658 650 catalogue of ultraluminous X-ray source candidates
See also: VII/155 : RC3 (de Vaucouleurs+ 1991) IX/40 : The XMM-Newton 2nd Incremental Source Catalogue (2XMMi) (XMM-SSC, 2008) IX/41 : XMM-Newton Serendipitous Source Catalogue 2XMMi-DR3 (XMM-SSC, 2010) J/A+A/493/339 : XMM-Newton serendipitous Survey. V. (Watson+, 2009) Byte-by-byte Description of file: catalog.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 12 A12 --- name RC3 Name 14- 27 A14 --- altname RC3 Alternate name 29- 42 A14 --- desig RC3 Other designation 44- 52 A9 --- PGC RC3 PGC number 53- 59 A7 --- type RC3 Type 61- 63 A3 --- typesr RC3 Source of revised type 65- 68 F4.1 --- T ? RC3 T (Hubble stage) 70- 72 F3.1 --- e_T ? RC3 Mean error of T 74- 77 F4.1 --- lumcl ? RC3 Luminosity class 79- 81 F3.1 --- e_lumcl ? RC3 Mean error on luminosity class 83 I1 --- o_lumcl ? RC3 Num. of luminosity class estimates 85- 88 F4.2 [0.1arcmin] D25 ? RC3 Log D25 90 A1 --- u_D25 [?] RC3 indicates Log D25 very uncer. 92- 95 F4.2 [0.1arcmin] e_D25 ? RC3 Mean error on log D25 97-100 F4.2 --- R25 ? RC3 Log R25 (isophotal diameter ratio) 102 A1 --- u_R25 [?] RC3 indicates Log R25 very uncertain 104-107 F4.2 --- e_R25 ? RC3 Mean error on log R25 109-112 F4.2 [0.1arcmin] Do ? RC3 Log Do 114-117 F4.2 [0.1arcmin] Ae ? RC3 Log Ae (effective aperture) 119-122 F4.2 [0.1arcmin] e_Ae ? RC3 Mean error on log Ae 124-126 I3 deg PA ? RC3 Position angle of the major axis 128-132 F5.2 mag BT ? RC3 BT (total B magnitude) 134 A1 --- BT_code ? RC3 BT code 136-139 F4.2 mag e_BT ? RC3 Mean error on BT 141-145 F5.2 mag Bmag ? RC3 mB (photographic magnitude) 147-150 F4.2 mag e_Bmag ? RC3 Mean error on Bmag 152-156 F5.2 mag BoT ? RC3 BoT 158-162 F5.2 mag/arcmin2 m'25 ? RC3 m'25 164-167 F4.2 mag/arcmin2 e_m'25 ? RC3 Mean error m'25 169-173 F5.2 mag/arcmin2 m'e ? RC3 m'e 175-178 F4.2 mag/arcmin2 e_m'e ? RC3 Mean error m'e 180-184 F5.2 mag mFIR ? RC3 mFIR 186-190 F5.2 mag m21 ? RC3 m21 192-194 F3.1 mag e_m21 ? RC3 Mean error on m21 196-199 F4.2 mag B-VT ? RC3 (B-V)T (total (B-V)) 201-204 F4.2 mag e_B-VT ? RC3 Mean error on (B-V)T 206-209 F4.2 mag B-Ve ? RC3 (B-V)e (mean B-V within Ae) 211-214 F4.2 mag e_B-Ve ? RC3 Mean error on (B-V)e 216-219 F4.2 mag B-VoT ? RC3 (B-V)oT 221-225 F5.2 mag U-BT ? RC3 (U-B)T (total (U-B)) 227-230 F4.2 mag e_U-BT ? RC3 Mean error on (U-B)T 232-236 F5.2 mag U-Be ? RC3 (U-B)e 238-241 F4.2 mag e_U-Be ? RC3 Mean error on (U-B)e 243-247 F5.2 mag U-BoT ? RC3 (U-B)To 249-253 F5.2 mag HI ? RC3 HI (neutral hydrogen index) 255-258 F4.2 mag Ai ? RC3 Ai (internal B extinction) 260-263 F4.2 mag A21 ? RC3 A21 (HI self absorption) 265-268 F4.2 mag Ag ? Ag (galactic extinction in B) 270-272 I3 km/s W20 ? RC3 W20 274-275 I2 km/s e_W20 ? RC3 Mean error on W20 277-279 I3 km/s W50 ? RC3 W50 281-282 I2 km/s e_W50 ? RC3 Mean error of W50 284-288 I5 km/s V21 ? RC3 V21 (heliocentric radial velocity) 290-291 I2 km/s e_V21 ? RC3 Mean error on V21 293-297 I5 km/s cz ? RC3 Vopt= cz 299-301 I3 km/s e_cz ? RC3 Mean error on Vopt 303-307 I5 km/s VGSR ? RC3 VGSR 309-313 I5 km/s V3K ? RC3 V3K 315-324 F10.6 deg RAdeg NED right ascension (J2000) (Gal_RA) 326-335 F10.6 deg DEdeg NED declination (J2000) (Gal_DEC) 337-344 F8.5 arcsec ePos NWD position uncertainty (Gal_PosErr) 346-351 F6.2 Mpc Dist Galaxy distance, calculated assuming the Hubble flow for galaxies with cz>1000km/s, or as in Tully (1998, Cat. VII/145/) otherwise (Distance) 353-358 I6 --- DETID ?=- 2XMM Detection ID of the identified target (DETID) 360-365 I6 --- SRCID 2XMM Source ID (SRCID) 367-387 A21 --- IAUName 2XMM IAU name (IAUName) 389-391 I3 --- SRC ?=- 2XMM Source number per observation of the identified target (SRC) 393-396 A4 --- --- [1XMM] 398-413 A16 --- 1XMM 1XMM match, JHHMMSS.s+DDMMSS (MATCH_1XMM) 415-422 F8.6 arcsec Sep1XMM ?=- Separation to 1XMM match (SEP_1XMM) 424-429 I6 --- 2XMMpID ?=- 2XMMp source ID (SRCID_2XMMP) 431-435 A5 --- --- [2XMMp] 437-452 A16 --- 2XMMp 2XMMp match (MATCH_2XMMP) 454-461 F8.6 arcsec Sep2XMMP ?=- Separation to 2XMMP source (SEP_2XMMP) ----------------------------- 2XMM data ---------------------------------------- 463-472 I010 --- ObsID 2XMM Observation number (ObsID) 474-477 I4 --- Rev 2XMM Satellite revolution number (consecutive in time) (REVOLUT) 479-485 F7.1 d MJD0 2XMM Date of first observation (MJD_START) 487-493 F7.1 d MJD1 2XMM Date of last observation (MJD_STOP) 495 I1 --- Q 2XMM Observations quality (OBS_CLASS) 497-502 A6 --- f.PN 2XMM (PN_FILT) Filter of the PN exposure(s) (PN_FILTER) 504-509 A6 --- f.M1 2XMM (M1_FILT) Filter of the M1 exposure(s) (M1_FILTER) 511-516 A6 --- f.M2 2XMM (M2_FILT) Filter of the M2 exposure(s) (M2_FILTER) 518-540 A23 --- m.PN 2XMM (PN_MODE) Mode of the PN exposure(s) (PN_SUBMODE) 542-556 A15 --- m.M1 2XMM (M1_MODE) Mode of the M1 exposures (M1_SUBMODE) 558-572 A15 --- m.M2 2XMM (M2_MODE) Mode of the M2 exposures (M2_SUBMODE) 574-583 F10.6 deg RA1deg 2XMM Detection right ascension (J2000) (Det_RA) 585-594 F10.6 deg DE1deg 2XMM Detection declination (J2000) (Det_DEC) 596-603 F8.6 arcsec ePos1 2XMM Total radial detection position uncertainty (POSERR) 605-614 F10.6 deg GLON 2XMM XMM1 Galactic longitude (LII) 616-625 F10.6 deg GLAT 2XMM XMM1 Galactic latitude (BII) 627-634 F8.6 arcsec ePos2 2XMM Mean error on position (RADEC_ERR) 636-639 F4.2 arcsec SYSERR 2XMM estimated error arising from the field rectification process on position (SYSERR) 641-650 F10.6 deg RAudeg 2XMM Right Ascension as determined by the SAS task (J2000) (RA_UNC) 652-661 F10.6 deg DEudeg 2XMM DEclination as determined by the SAS task (J2000) (DECA_UNC) 663-674 E12.6 mW/m2 FluxEP1 2XMM Mean flux in 0.2-0.5keV band (EP1FLUX) 676-687 E12.6 mW/m2 e_FluxEP1 2XMM Mean error on FluxEP1 (EP1FLUX_ERR) 689-700 E12.6 mW/m2 FluxEP2 2XMM Mean flux in 0.5-1.0keV band (EP2FLUX) 702-713 E12.6 mW/m2 e_FluxEP2 2XMM Mean error on FluxEP2 (EP2FLUX_ERR) 715-726 E12.6 mW/m2 FluxEP3 2XMM Mean flux in 1.0-2.0keV band (EP3FLUX) 728-739 E12.6 mW/m2 e_FluxEP3 2XMM Mean error on FluxEP3 (EP3FLUX_ERR) 741-752 E12.6 mW/m2 FluxEP4 2XMM Mean flux in 2.0-4.5keV band (EP4FLUX) 754-765 E12.6 mW/m2 e_FluxEP4 2XMM Mean error on FluxEP4 (EP4FLUX_ERR) 767-778 E12.6 mW/m2 FluxEP5 2XMM Mean flux in 4.5-12keV band (EP5FLUX) 780-791 E12.6 mW/m2 e_FluxEP5 2XMM Mean error on FluxEP5 (EP5FLUX_ERR) 793-804 E12.6 mW/m2 FluxEP8 2XMM Mean flux in 0.2-12keV band (EP8FLUX) 806-817 E12.6 mW/m2 e_FluxEP8 2XMM Mean error on FluxEP8 (EP8FLUX_ERR) 819-830 E12.6 mW/m2 FluxEP9 2XMM Mean flux in 0.5-4.5keV band (EP9FLUX) 832-843 E12.6 mW/m2 e_FluxEP9 2XMM Mean error on FluxEP9 (EP9FLUX_ERR) 845-856 E12.6 mW/m2 FluxPN1 ?=- 2XMM Mean flux in 0.2-0.5keV band (SCPN1_FLUX) 858-869 E12.6 mW/m2 e_FluxPN1 ?=- 2XMM Mean error on FluxPN1 (SCPN1FLUXERR) 871-882 E12.6 mW/m2 FluxPN2 ?=- 2XMM Mean flux in 0.5-1.0keV band (SCPN2_FLUX) 884-895 E12.6 mW/m2 e_FluxPN2 ?=- 2XMM Mean error on FluxPN2 (SCPN2FLUXERR) 897-908 E12.6 mW/m2 FluxPN3 ?=- 2XMM Mean flux in 1.0-2.0keV band (SCPN3_FLUX) 910-921 E12.6 mW/m2 e_FluxPN3 ?=- 2XMM Mean error on FluxPN3 (SCPN3FLUXERR) 923-934 E12.6 mW/m2 FluxPN4 ?=- 2XMM Mean flux in 2.0-4.5keV band (SCPN4_FLUX) 936-947 E12.6 mW/m2 e_FluxPN4 ?=- 2XMM Mean error on FluxPN4 (SCPN4FLUXERR) 949-960 E12.6 mW/m2 FluxPN5 ?=- 2XMM Mean flux in 4.5-12keV band (SCPN5_FLUX) 962-973 E12.6 mW/m2 e_FluxPN5 ?=- 2XMM Mean error on FluxPN5 (SCPN5FLUXERR) 975-986 E12.6 mW/m2 FluxPN8 ?=- 2XMM Mean flux in 0.2-12keV band (SCPN8_FLUX) 988-999 E12.6 mW/m2 e_FluxPN8 ?=- 2XMM Mean error on FluxPN8 (SCPN8FLUXERR) 1001-1012 E12.6 mW/m2 FluxPN9 ?=- 2XMM Mean flux in 0.5-4.5keV band (SCPN9_FLUX) 1014-1025 E12.6 mW/m2 e_FluxPN9 ?=- 2XMM Mean error on FluxPN9 (SCPN9FLUXERR) 1027-1038 E12.6 mW/m2 FluxM1-1 ?=- 2XMM Mean flux in 0.2-0.5keV band (SCM11_FLUX) 1040-1051 E12.6 mW/m2 e_FluxM1-1 ?=- 2XMM Mean error on FluxM1-1 (SCM11FLUXERR) 1053-1064 E12.6 mW/m2 FluxM1-2 ?=- 2XMM Mean flux in 0.5-1.0keV band (SCM12_FLUX) 1066-1077 E12.6 mW/m2 e_FluxM1-2 ?=- 2XMM Mean error on FluxM1-2 (SCM12FLUXERR) 1079-1090 E12.6 mW/m2 FluxM1-3 ?=- 2XMM Mean flux in 1.0-2.0keV band (SCM13_FLUX) 1092-1103 E12.6 mW/m2 e_FluxM1-3 ?=- 2XMM Mean error on FluxM1-3 (SCM13FLUXERR) 1105-1116 E12.6 mW/m2 FluxM1-4 ?=- 2XMM Mean flux in 2.0-4.5keV band (SCM14_FLUX) 1118-1129 E12.6 mW/m2 e_FluxM1-4 ?=- 2XMM Mean error on FluxM1-4 (SCM14FLUXERR) 1131-1142 E12.6 mW/m2 FluxM1-5 ?=- 2XMM Mean flux in 4.5-12keV band (SCM15_FLUX) 1144-1155 E12.6 mW/m2 e_FluxM1-5 ?=- 2XMM Mean error on FluxM1-5 (SCM15FLUXERR) 1157-1168 E12.6 mW/m2 FluxM1-8 ?=- 2XMM Mean flux in 0.2-12keV band (SCM18_FLUX) 1170-1181 E12.6 mW/m2 e_FluxM1-8 ?=- 2XMM Mean error on FluxM1-8 (SCM18FLUXERR) 1183-1194 E12.6 mW/m2 FluxM1-9 ?=- 2XMM Mean flux in 0.5-4.5keV band (SCM19_FLUX) 1196-1207 E12.6 mW/m2 e_FluxM1-9 ?=- 2XMM Mean error on FluxM1-9 (SCM19FLUXERR) 1209-1220 E12.6 mW/m2 FluxM2-1 ?=- 2XMM Mean flux in 0.2-0.5keV band (SCM21_FLUX) 1222-1233 E12.6 mW/m2 e_FluxM2-1 ?=- 2XMM Mean error on FluxM2-1 (SCM21FLUXERR) 1235-1246 E12.6 mW/m2 FluxM2-2 ?=- 2XMM Mean flux in 0.5-1.0keV band (SCM22_FLUX) 1248-1259 E12.6 mW/m2 e_FluxM2-2 ?=- 2XMM Mean error on FluxM2-2 (SCM22FLUXERR) 1261-1272 E12.6 mW/m2 FluxM2-3 ?=- 2XMM Mean flux in 1.0-2.0keV band (SCM23_FLUX) 1274-1285 E12.6 mW/m2 e_FluxM2-3 ?=- 2XMM Mean error on FluxM2-3 (SCM23FLUXERR) 1287-1298 E12.6 mW/m2 FluxM2-4 ?=- 2XMM Mean flux in 2.0-4.5keV band (SCM24_FLUX) 1300-1311 E12.6 mW/m2 e_FluxM2-4 ?=- 2XMM Mean error on FluxM2-4 (SCM24FLUXERR) 1313-1324 E12.6 mW/m2 FluxM2-5 ?=- 2XMM Mean flux in 4.5-12keV band (SCM25_FLUX) 1326-1337 E12.6 mW/m2 e_FluxM2-5 ?=- 2XMM Mean error on FluxM2-5 (SCM15FLUXERR) 1339-1350 E12.6 mW/m2 FluxM2-8 ?=- 2XMM Mean flux in 0.2-12keV band (SCM28_FLUX) 1352-1363 E12.6 mW/m2 e_FluxM2-8 ?=- 2XMM Mean error on FluxM2-8 (SCM28FLUXERR) 1365-1376 E12.6 mW/m2 FluxM2-9 ?=- 2XMM Mean flux in 0.5-4.5keV band (SCM29_FLUX) 1378-1389 E12.6 mW/m2 e_FluxM2-9 ?=- 2XMM Mean error on FluxM2-9 (SCM29FLUXERR) 1391-1398 F8.6 ct/s EP8rate 2XMM EPIC 8 count rate (EP8RATE) 1400-1407 F8.6 ct/s e_EP8rate 2XMM rms uncertainty on EP8rate (EP8RATE_ERR) 1409-1416 F8.6 ct/s EP9rate 2XMM EPIC 9 count rate (EP9RATE) 1418-1425 F8.6 ct/s e_EP9rate 2XMM rms uncertainty on EP9rate (EP9RATE_ERR) 1427-1434 F8.6 ct/s PN1rate 2XMM PN1 count rate (PN1RATE) 1436-1443 F8.6 ct/s e_PN1rate 2XMM rms uncertainty on PN1rate (PN1RATE_ERR) 1445-1452 F8.6 ct/s PN2rate 2XMM PN2 count rate (PN2RATE) 1454-1461 F8.6 ct/s e_PN2rate 2XMM rms uncertainty on PN2rate (PN2RATE_ERR) 1463-1470 F8.6 ct/s PN3rate 2XMM PN3 count rate (PN3RATE) 1472-1479 F8.6 ct/s e_PN3rate 2XMM rms uncertainty on PN3rate (PN3RATE_ERR) 1481-1488 F8.6 ct/s PN4rate 2XMM PN4 count rate (PN4RATE) 1490-1497 F8.6 ct/s e_PN4rate 2XMM rms uncertainty on PN4rate (PN4RATE_ERR) 1499-1506 F8.6 ct/s PN5rate 2XMM PN5 count rate (PN5RATE) 1508-1515 F8.6 ct/s e_PN5rate 2XMM rms uncertainty on PN5rate (PN5RATE_ERR) 1517-1524 F8.6 ct/s PN8rate 2XMM PN8 count rate (PN8RATE) 1526-1533 F8.6 ct/s e_PN8rate 2XMM rms uncertainty on PN8rate (PN8RATE_ERR) 1535-1542 F8.6 ct/s PN9rate 2XMM PN9 count rate (PN9RATE) 1544-1551 F8.6 ct/s e_PN9rate 2XMM rms uncertainty on PN9rate (PN9RATE_ERR) 1553-1560 F8.6 ct/s M1-1rate 2XMM M1-1 count rate (M11RATE) 1562-1569 F8.6 ct/s e_M1-1rate 2XMM rms uncertainty on M1-1rate (M11RATE_ERR) 1571-1578 F8.6 ct/s M1-2rate 2XMM M1-2 count rate (M12RATE) 1580-1587 F8.6 ct/s e_M1-2rate 2XMM rms uncertainty on M1-2rate (M12RATE_ERR) 1589-1596 F8.6 ct/s M1-3rate 2XMM M1-3 count rate (M13RATE) 1598-1605 F8.6 ct/s e_M1-3rate 2XMM rms uncertainty on M1-3rate (M13RATE_ERR) 1607-1614 F8.6 ct/s M1-4rate 2XMM M1-4 count rate (M14RATE) 1616-1623 F8.6 ct/s e_M1-4rate 2XMM rms uncertainty on M1-4rate (M14RATE_ERR) 1625-1632 F8.6 ct/s M1-5rate 2XMM M1-5 count rate (M15RATE) 1634-1641 F8.6 ct/s e_M1-5rate 2XMM rms uncertainty on M1-5rate (M15RATE_ERR) 1643-1650 F8.6 ct/s M1-8rate 2XMM M1-8 count rate (M18RATE) 1652-1659 F8.6 ct/s e_M1-8rate 2XMM rms uncertainty on M1-8rate (M18RATE_ERR) 1661-1668 F8.6 ct/s M1-9rate 2XMM M1-9 count rate (M19RATE) 1670-1677 F8.6 ct/s e_M1-9rate 2XMM rms uncertainty on M1-9rate (M19RATE_ERR) 1679-1686 F8.6 ct/s M2-1rate 2XMM M2-1 count rate (M21RATE) 1688-1695 F8.6 ct/s e_M2-1rate 2XMM rms uncertainty on M2-1rate (M21RATE_ERR) 1697-1704 F8.6 ct/s M2-2rate 2XMM M2-2 count rate (M22RATE) 1706-1713 F8.6 ct/s e_M2-2rate 2XMM rms uncertainty on M2-2rate (M22RATE_ERR) 1715-1722 F8.6 ct/s M2-3rate 2XMM M2-3 count rate (M23RATE) 1724-1731 F8.6 ct/s e_M2-3rate 2XMM rms uncertainty on M2-3rate (M23RATE_ERR) 1733-1740 F8.6 ct/s M2-4rate 2XMM M2-4 count rate (M24RATE) 1742-1749 F8.6 ct/s e_M2-4rate 2XMM rms uncertainty on M2-4rate (M24RATE_ERR) 1751-1758 F8.6 ct/s M2-5rate 2XMM M2-5 count rate (M25RATE) 1760-1767 F8.6 ct/s e_M2-5rate 2XMM rms uncertainty on M2-5rate (M25RATE_ERR) 1769-1776 F8.6 ct/s M2-8rate 2XMM M2-8 count rate (M28RATE) 1778-1785 F8.6 ct/s e_M2-8rate 2XMM rms uncertainty on M2-8rate (M28RATE_ERR) 1787-1794 F8.6 ct/s M2-9rate 2XMM M2-9 count rate (M29RATE) 1796-1803 F8.6 ct/s e_M2-9rate 2XMM rms uncertainty on M1-9rate (M29RATE_ERR) 1805-1816 F12.5 ct EP8cts 2XMM EP 8 counts (EP8CTS) 1818-1826 F9.5 ct e_EP8cts 2XMM rms uncertainty on EP8cts (EP8CTS_ERR) 1828-1839 F12.5 ct PN8cts ?=- 2XMM PN 8 counts (PN8CTS) 1841-1849 F9.5 ct e_PN8cts ?=- 2XMM rms uncertainty on PN8cts (PN8CTS_ERR) 1851-1862 F12.5 ct M1-8cts ?=- 2XMM M1-8 counts (M18CTS) 1864-1872 F9.5 ct e_M1-8cts ?=- 2XMM rms uncertainty on M1-8cts (M18CTS_ERR) 1874-1885 F12.5 ct M2-8cts ?=- 2XMM M2-8 counts (M28CTS) 1887-1895 F9.5 ct e_M2-8cts ?=- 2XMM rms uncertainty on M2-8cts (M28CTS_ERR) 1897-1908 E12.6 --- EP8detML 2XMM EP8 detection likelihood (EP8DET_ML) 1910-1921 E12.6 --- EP9detML 2XMM EP9 detection likelihood (EP9DET_ML) 1923-1934 E12.6 --- PN1detML ?=- 2XMM PN1 detection likelihood (PN1DET_ML) 1936-1947 E12.6 --- PN2detML ?=- 2XMM PN2 detection likelihood (PN2DET_ML) 1949-1960 E12.6 --- PN3detML ?=- 2XMM PN2 detection likelihood (PN3DET_ML) 1962-1973 E12.6 --- PN4detML ?=- 2XMM PN4 detection likelihood (PN4DET_ML) 1975-1986 E12.6 --- PN5detML ?=- 2XMM PN5 detection likelihood (PN5DET_ML) 1988-1999 E12.6 --- PN8detML ?=- 2XMM PN8 detection likelihood (PN8DET_ML) 2001-2012 E12.6 --- PN9detML ?=- 2XMM PN9 detection likelihood (PN9DET_ML) 2014-2025 E12.6 --- M1-1detML ?=- 2XMM M1-1 detection likelihood (M11DET_ML) 2027-2038 E12.6 --- M1-2detML ?=- 2XMM M1-2 detection likelihood (M12DET_ML) 2040-2051 E12.6 --- M1-3detML ?=- 2XMM M1-2 detection likelihood (M13DET_ML) 2053-2064 E12.6 --- M1-4detML ?=- 2XMM M1-4 detection likelihood (M14DET_ML) 2066-2077 E12.6 --- M1-5detML ?=- 2XMM M1-5 detection likelihood (M15DET_ML) 2079-2090 E12.6 --- M1-8detML ?=- 2XMM M1-8 detection likelihood (M18DET_ML) 2092-2103 E12.6 --- M1-9detML ?=- 2XMM M1-9 detection likelihood (M19DET_ML) 2105-2116 E12.6 --- M2-1detML ?=- 2XMM M2-1 detection likelihood (M21DET_ML) 2118-2129 E12.6 --- M2-2detML ?=- 2XMM M2-2 detection likelihood (M22DET_ML) 2131-2142 E12.6 --- M2-3detML ?=- 2XMM M2-2 detection likelihood (M23DET_ML) 2144-2155 E12.6 --- M2-4detML ?=- 2XMM M2-4 detection likelihood (M24DET_ML) 2157-2168 E12.6 --- M2-5detML ?=- 2XMM M2-5 detection likelihood (M25DET_ML) 2170-2181 E12.6 --- M2-8detML ?=- 2XMM M2-8 detection likelihood (M28DET_ML) 2183-2194 E12.6 --- M2-9detML ?=- 2XMM M2-9 detection likelihood (M29DET_ML) 2196 I1 --- --- [0] 2XMM extent radius (EP_EXTENT) 2198 I1 --- --- ? 2XMM extent radius error (EPEXTENTERR) 2200 I1 --- --- [0] 2XMM extent likelihood (EPEXTENTML) 2202-2210 F9.6 --- HREP1 [-1/1]?=- 2XMM Hardness ratio, bands 1,2 (EP_HR1) 2212-2220 F9.6 --- e_HREP1 ?=- 2XMM Mean error on HREP1 (EPHR1ERR) 2222-2230 F9.6 --- HREP2 [-1/1]?=- 2XMM Hardness ratio, bands 2,3 (EP_HR2) 2232-2240 F9.6 --- e_HREP2 ?=- 2XMM Mean error on HREP2 (EPHR2ERR) 2242-2250 F9.6 --- HREP3 [-1/1]?=- 2XMM Hardness ratio, bands 3,4 (EP_HR3) 2252-2260 F9.6 --- e_HREP3 ?=- 2XMM Mean error on HREP3 (EPHR3ERR) 2262-2270 F9.6 --- HREP4 [-1/1]?=- 2XMM Hardness ratio, bands 4,5 (EP_HR4) 2272-2280 F9.6 --- e_HREP4 ?=- 2XMM Mean error on HREP4 (EPHR4ERR) 2282-2290 F9.6 --- HRPN1 [-1/1]?=- 2XMM PN Hardness ratio, bands 1,2 (PN_HR1) 2292-2300 F9.6 --- e_HRPN1 ?=- 2XMM Mean error on HRPN1 (PNHR1ERR) 2302-2310 F9.6 --- HRPN2 [-1/1]?=- 2XMM PN Hardness ratio, bands 2,3 (PN_HR2) 2312-2320 F9.6 --- e_HRPN2 ?=- 2XMM Mean error on HRPN2 (PNHR2ERR) 2322-2330 F9.6 --- HRPN3 [-1/1]?=- 2XMM PN Hardness ratioPN, bands 3,4 (PN_HR3) 2332-2340 F9.6 --- e_HRPN3 ?=- 2XMM Mean error on HRPN3 (PNHR3ERR) 2342-2350 F9.6 --- HRPN4 [-1/1]?=- 2XMM PN Hardness ratio, bands 4,5 (PN_HR4) 2352-2362 F11.6 --- e_HRPN4 ?=- 2XMM Mean error on HRPN4 (PNHR4ERR) 2364-2372 F9.6 --- HRM1-1 [-1/1]?=- 2XMM M1 Hardness ratio, bands 1,2 (M1_HR1) 2374-2382 F9.6 --- e_HRM1-1 ?=- 2XMM Mean error on HRM1-1 (M1HR1ERR) 2384-2392 F9.6 --- HRM1-2 [-1/1]?=- 2XMM M1 Hardness ratio, bands 2,3 (M1-_HR2) 2394-2402 F9.6 --- e_HRM1-2 ?=- 2XMM Mean error on HRM1-2 (M1HR2ERR) 2404-2412 F9.6 --- HRM1-3 [-1/1]?=- 2XMM M1 Hardness ratio, bands 3,4 (M1-_HR3) 2414-2422 F9.6 --- e_HRM1-3 ?=- 2XMM Mean error on HRM1-3 (M1HR3ERR) 2424-2432 F9.6 --- HRM1-4 [-1/1]?=- 2XMM M1 Hardness ratio, bands 4,5 (M1-_HR4) 2434-2442 F9.6 --- e_HRM1-4 ?=- 2XMM Mean error on HRM1-4 (M1HR4ERR) 2444-2452 F9.6 --- HRM2-1 [-1/1]?=- 2XMM M1 Hardness ratio, bands 1,2 (M2_HR1) 2454-2462 F9.6 --- e_HRM2-1 ?=- 2XMM Mean error on HRM2-1 (M2HR1ERR) 2464-2472 F9.6 --- HRM2-2 [-1/1]?=- 2XMM M2 Hardness ratio, bands 2,3 (M2-_HR2) 2474-2482 F9.6 --- e_HRM2-2 ?=- 2XMM Mean error on HRM2-2 (M2HR2ERR) 2484-2492 F9.6 --- HRM2-3 [-1/1]?=- 2XMM M2 Hardness ratio, bands 3,4 (M2-_HR3) 2494-2502 F9.6 --- e_HRM2-3 ?=- 2XMM Mean error on HRM2-3 (M2HR3ERR) 2504-2512 F9.6 --- HRM2-4 [-1/1]?=- 2XMM M2 Hardness ratio, bands 4,5 (M2-_HR4) 2514-2523 F10.6 --- e_HRM2-4 ?=- 2XMM Mean error on HRM2-4 (M2HR4ERR) 2525-2536 E12.6 s PN1ExpT ?=- 2XMM PN1 exposure time (PN1EXP) 2538-2549 E12.6 s PN2ExpT ?=- 2XMM PN2 exposure time (PN2EXP) 2551-2562 E12.6 s PN3ExpT ?=- 2XMM PN3 exposure time (PN3EXP) 2564-2575 E12.6 s PN4ExpT ?=- 2XMM PN4 exposure time (PN4EXP) 2577-2588 E12.6 s PN5ExpT ?=- 2XMM PN5 exposure time (PN5EXP) 2590-2601 E12.6 s M1-1ExpT ?=- 2XMM M1-1 exposure time (M11EXP) 2603-2614 E12.6 s M1-2ExpT ?=- 2XMM M1-2 exposure time (M12EXP) 2616-2627 E12.6 s M1-3ExpT ?=- 2XMM M1-3 exposure time (M13EXP) 2629-2640 E12.6 s M1-4ExpT ?=- 2XMM M1-4 exposure time (M14EXP) 2642-2653 E12.6 s M1-5ExpT ?=- 2XMM M1-5 exposure time (M15EXP) 2655-2666 E12.6 s M2-1ExpT ?=- 2XMM M2-1 exposure time (M21EXP) 2668-2679 E12.6 s M2-2ExpT ?=- 2XMM M2-2 exposure time (M22EXP) 2681-2692 E12.6 s M2-3ExpT ?=- 2XMM M2-3 exposure time (M23EXP) 2694-2705 E12.6 s M2-4ExpT ?=- 2XMM M2-4 exposure time (M24EXP) 2707-2718 E12.6 s M2-5ExpT ?=- 2XMM M2-5 exposure time (M25EXP) 2720-2728 F9.6 ct/pix PN1BG ?=- 2XMM PN1 background map value (PN1BG) 2730-2738 F9.6 ct/pix PN2BG ?=- 2XMM PN2 background map value (PN2BG) 2740-2748 F9.6 ct/pix PN3BG ?=- 2XMM PN3 background map value (PN3BG) 2750-2758 F9.6 ct/pix PN4BG ?=- 2XMM PN4 background map value (PN4BG) 2760-2768 F9.6 ct/pix PN5BG ?=- 2XMM PN5 background map value (PN5BG) 2770-2778 F9.6 ct/pix M1-1BG ?=- 2XMM M1-1 background map value (M11BG) 2780-2788 F9.6 ct/pix M1-2BG ?=- 2XMM M1-2 background map value (M12BG) 2790-2798 F9.6 ct/pix M1-3BG ?=- 2XMM M1-3 background map value (M13BG) 2800-2808 F9.6 ct/pix M1-4BG ?=- 2XMM M1-4 background map value (M14BG) 2810-2818 F9.6 ct/pix M1-5BG ?=- 2XMM M1-5 background map value (M15BG) 2820-2828 F9.6 ct/pix M2-1BG ?=- 2XMM M2-1 background map value (M21BG) 2830-2838 F9.6 ct/pix M2-2BG ?=- 2XMM M2-2 background map value (M22BG) 2840-2848 F9.6 ct/pix M2-3BG ?=- 2XMM M2-3 background map value (M23BG) 2850-2858 F9.6 ct/pix M2-4BG ?=- 2XMM M2-4 background map value (M24BG) 2860-2868 F9.6 ct/pix M2-5BG ?=- 2XMM M2-5 background map value (M25BG) 2870-2877 F8.6 --- PN1Vig ?=- 2XMM PN1 vignetting value (PN1VIG) 2879-2886 F8.6 --- PN2Vig ?=- 2XMM PN2 vignetting value (PN2VIG) 2888-2895 F8.6 --- PN3Vig ?=- 2XMM PN3 vignetting value (PN3VIG) 2897-2904 F8.6 --- PN4Vig ?=- 2XMM PN4 vignetting value (PN4VIG) 2906-2913 F8.6 --- PN5Vig ?=- 2XMM PN5 vignetting value (PN5VIG) 2915-2922 F8.6 --- M1-1Vig ?=- 2XMM M1-1 vignetting value (M11VIG) 2924-2931 F8.6 --- M1-2Vig ?=- 2XMM M1-2 vignetting value (M12VIG) 2933-2940 F8.6 --- M1-3Vig ?=- 2XMM M1-3 vignetting value (M13VIG) 2942-2949 F8.6 --- M1-4Vig ?=- 2XMM M1-4 vignetting value (M13VIG) 2951-2958 F8.6 --- M1-5Vig ?=- 2XMM M1-5 vignetting value (M15VIG) 2960-2967 F8.6 --- M2-1Vig ?=- 2XMM M2-1 vignetting value (M21VIG) 2969-2976 F8.6 --- M2-2Vig ?=- 2XMM M2-2 vignetting value (M23VIG) 2978-2985 F8.6 --- M2-3Vig ?=- 2XMM M2-3 vignetting value (M23VIG) 2987-2994 F8.6 --- M2-4Vig ?=- 2XMM M2-4 vignetting value (M24VIG) 2996-3003 F8.6 --- M2-5Vig ?=- 2XMM M2-5 vignetting value (M25VIG) 3005-3010 I6 s PNonTime ?=- 2XMM PN total good exposure time (PN_ONTIME) 3012-3017 I6 s M1onTime ?=- 2XMM M& total good exposure time (M1_ONTIME) 3019-3024 I6 s M2onTime ?=- 2XMM M2 total good exposure time (M2_ONTIME) 3026-3034 F9.6 arcmin PNoffax ?=- 2XMM PN offaxis angle (PN_OFFAX) 3036-3044 F9.6 arcmin M1offax ?=- 2XMM M1 offaxis angle (M1_OFFAX) 3046-3054 F9.6 arcmin M2offax ?=- 2XMM M2 offaxis angle (M2_OFFAX) 3056-3063 F8.6 --- PNMaskFr ?=- 2XMM PN PSF weighted mean of the detector coverage of a detection (PN_MASKFRAC) 3065-3072 F8.6 --- M1MaskFr ?=- 2XMM M1 PSF weighted mean of the detector coverage of a detection (M1_MASKFRAC) 3074-3081 F8.6 --- M2MaskFr ?=- 2XMM M2 PSF weighted mean of the detector coverage of a detection (M2_MASKFRAC) 3083-3091 F9.5 arcsec DistNN 2XMM distance to the nearest neighbouring detection (DIST_NN) 3093 I1 --- SumFlag 2XMM summary flag of the detection (SUM_FLAG) 3095-3106 A12 --- EPFlag 2XMM EPIC flag string (EP_FLAG) 3108-3119 A12 --- PNFlag 2XMM PN flag string (PN_FLAG) 3121-3132 A12 --- M1Flag 2XMM M1 flag string (M1_FLAG) 3134-3145 A12 --- M2Flag 2XMM M2 flag string (M2_FLAG) 3147 A1 --- Tseries 2XMM flag set to True if this detection has a time series made in at least one exposure (TSERIES) 3149 A1 --- spectra 2XMM flag set to True if this detection has a spectrum made in at least one exposure (SPECTRA) 3151-3158 F8.6 --- EPchi2 ?=- 2XMM EPIC chi2 probability that the source is constant (EP_CHI2PROB) 3160-3167 F8.6 --- PNchi2 ?=- 2XMM PN chi2 probability that the source is constant (PN_CHI2PROB) 3169-3176 F8.6 --- M1chi2 ?=- 2XMM M1 chi2 probability that the source is constant (M1_CHI2PROB) 3178-3185 F8.6 --- M2chi2 ?=- 2XMM M2 chi2 probability that the source is constant (M2_CHI2PROB) 3187 I1 --- VarFlag 2XMM flag set to True if this source was detected as variable (VAR_FLAG) 3189-3192 A4 --- VarExpID 2XMM exposure ID if the source is detected as variable (VAREXPID) 3194-3195 A2 --- VarInstID 2XMM instrument ID if the source is detected as variable (VARINSTID) 3197-3206 F10.6 deg RAsdeg 2XMM source right ascension (J2000) (SC_RA) 3208-3217 F10.6 deg DEsdeg 2XMM source declination (J2000) (SC_DEC) 3219-3226 F8.6 arcsec ePoss 2XMM source total radial detection position uncertainty (SC_POSERR) 3228-3239 E12.6 mW/m2 Flux1 2XMM Mean flux in 0.2-0.5keV band (SCEP1_FLUX) 3241-3252 E12.6 mW/m2 e_Flux1 2XMM Mean error on Flux1 (SCEP1FLUXERR) 3254-3265 E12.6 mW/m2 Flux2 2XMM Mean flux in 0.5-1.0keV band (SCEP2_FLUX) 3267-3278 E12.6 mW/m2 e_Flux2 2XMM Mean error on Flux2 (SCEP2FLUXERR) 3280-3291 E12.6 mW/m2 Flux3 2XMM Mean flux in 1.0-2.0keV band (SCEP3_FLUX) 3293-3304 E12.6 mW/m2 e_Flux3 2XMM Mean error on Flux3 (SCEP3FLUXERR) 3306-3317 E12.6 mW/m2 Flux4 2XMM Mean flux in 2.0-4.5keV band (SCEP4_FLUX) 3319-3330 E12.6 mW/m2 e_Flux4 2XMM Mean error on Flux4 (SCEP4FLUXERR) 3332-3343 E12.6 mW/m2 Flux5 2XMM Mean flux in 4.5-12keV band (SCEP5_FLUX) 3345-3356 E12.6 mW/m2 e_Flux5 2XMM Mean error on Flux5 (SCEP5FLUXERR) 3358-3369 E12.6 mW/m2 Flux8 2XMM Mean flux in 0.2-12keV band (SCEP8_FLUX) 3371-3382 E12.6 mW/m2 e_Flux8 2XMM Mean error on Flux8 (SCEP8FLUXERR) 3384-3395 E12.6 mW/m2 Flux9 2XMM Mean flux in 0.5-4.5keV band (SCEP9_FLUX) 3397-3408 E12.6 mW/m2 e_Flux9 2XMM Mean error on Flux9 (SCEP9FLUXERR) 3410-3418 F9.6 --- HR1 [-1/1]?=- 2XMM Hardness ratio, bands 1,2 (SC_HR1) 3420-3428 F9.6 --- e_HR1 ?=- 2XMM Mean error on HR1 (SCHR1ERR) 3430-3438 F9.6 --- HR2 [-1/1]?=- 2XMM Hardness ratio, bands 2,3 (SC_HR2) 3440-3448 F9.6 --- e_HR2 ?=- 2XMM Mean error on HR2 (SCHR2ERR) 3450-3458 F9.6 --- HR3 [-1/1]?=- 2XMM Hardness ratio, bands 3,4 (SC_HR3) 3460-3468 F9.6 --- e_HR3 ?=- 2XMM Mean error on HR3 (SCHR3ERR) 3470-3478 F9.6 --- HR4 [-1/1]?=- 2XMM Hardness ratio, bands 4,5 (SC_HR4) 3480-3488 F9.6 --- e_HR4 ?=- 2XMM Mean error on HR4 (SCHR4ERR) 3490-3501 E12.6 --- srcML 2XMM Source detection likelihood (SCDETML) 3503-3510 F8.6 --- extML 2XMM Detection likelihood of the extended source (SCEXTML) 3512-3519 F8.6 --- Cst [0/1]? 2XMM Constant probability (SC_CHI2PROB) 3521 I1 --- V [0/1] 2XMM Variability flag (V=1) (SCVARFLAG) 3523 I1 --- S [0/4] 2XMM summary flag, 0=best (SCSUMFLAG) 3525-3526 I2 --- Ndet 2XMM Number of detection (N_DETECTIONS) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3528-3537 F10.6 arcsec Sep ?=- Separation between the 2XMM detection and the galaxy position (Galactic Separation) 3539-3560 E22.15 10-7W LumDet Detection 0.2-12.0 keV luminosity and its uncertainty (Det_Luminosity) 3562-3583 E22.15 10-7W e_LumDet rms uncertainty on LumDet (Det_Luminosity Error) 3585-3590 A6 --- CP02 Source names of any ULXs in the Colbert & Ptak (2002ApJS..143...25C, Cat. J/ApJS/143/25) catalogue likely to be matched with the 2XMM detection (CP02) 3592-3605 A14 --- LB05 Source names of any ULXs in the Liu & Bregman (2005ApJS..157...59L, Cat. J/ApJS/157/59) catalogue likely to be matched with the 2XMM detection (LB05) 3607-3614 A8 --- SW04 Record number of any ULXs in the Swartz et al. (2009ApJ...703..159S) catalogue likely to be matched with the 2XMM detection (SW04) 3616-3636 A21 --- LM05 Source names of any ULXs in the Liu & Mirabel (2005A&A...429.1125L, Cat. J/A+A/429/1125) catalogue likely to be matched with the 2XMM detection (LM05) 3638-3650 A13 --- LM05O Alternative source names of any ULXs in the Liu & Mirabel (2005A&A...429.1125L Cat. J/A+A/429/1125) catalogue likely to be matched with the 2XMM detection (LM05O) 3652-3654 A3 --- New? Flag stating whether the source is a 'new' ULX candidate (i.e. not present in the above catalogues) (New?) 3656-3658 A3 --- Comp Flag stating whether the detection of a source is included in the sub-sample compiled from complete observations (Complete_subsample?)
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