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J/MNRAS/404/1801    Horizon MareNostrum cosmological run     (Gay+, 2010)

On the filamentary environment of galaxies. Gay C., Pichon C., Borgne D.L., Teyssier R., Sousbie T., Devriendt J. <Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 404, 1801-1816 (2010)> =2010MNRAS.404.1801G
ADC_Keywords: Models ; Galaxy catalogs ; Galaxies, photometry Keywords: hydrodynamics - methods: numerical - galaxies: evolution - large-scale structure of Universe Abstract: The correlation between the large-scale distribution of galaxies and their spectroscopic properties at z=1.5 is investigated using the Horizon MareNostrum cosmological run. We have extracted a large sample of 105 galaxies from this large hydrodynamical simulation featuring standard galaxy formation physics. Spectral synthesis is applied to these single stellar populations to generate spectra and colours for all galaxies. We use the skeleton as a tracer of the cosmic web and study how our galaxy catalogue depends on the distance to the skeleton. We show that galaxies closer to the skeleton tend to be redder but that the effect is mostly due to the proximity of large haloes at the nodes of the skeleton, rather than the filaments themselves. The virtual catalogues (spectroscopical properties of the MareNostrum galaxies at various redshifts) are available online at File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file mn1d57.dat 285 97563 Catalogue at z=1.56506 mn1d80.dat 285 103589 Catalogue at z=1.80229 mn2d10.dat 285 111184 Catalogue at z=2.09892 mn2d51.dat 285 119978 Catalogue at z=2.50993 mn3d01.dat 285 124642 Catalogue at z=3.00882 mn3d53.dat 285 119612 Catalogue at z=3.53147 mn3d95.dat 285 103187 Catalogue at z=3.95021
See also: : MareNostrum Home Page Byte-by-byte Description of file: mn*.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 11 E11.8 Mpc Xpos X position (in Mpc/h) 13- 24 E12.8 Mpc Ypos Y position (in Mpc/h) 26- 37 E12.8 Mpc Zpos Z position (in Mpc/h) 39- 45 F7.5 --- z Redshift used for the model (1) 47- 54 F8.5 --- Zl Luminosity-averaged stellar metallicity 56- 63 F8.5 --- Zm Mass-averaged stellar metallicity 65- 75 F11.6 Myr Agel Luminosity-averaged stellar age 77- 87 F11.6 Myr Agem Mass-averaged stellar age 89- 95 F7.4 mag FUV Observed AB magnitude in FUV band (2) 97-103 F7.4 mag Gmag Observed AB magnitude in G band (2) 105-111 F7.4 mag Rmag Observed AB magnitude in R band (2) 113-119 F7.4 mag Imag Observed AB magnitude in I band (2) 121-127 F7.4 mag zmag Observed AB magnitude in z band (2) 129-135 F7.4 mag Kmag Observed AB magnitude in K band (2) 137-143 F7.4 mag [3.6] Observed AB magnitude in IRAC 3.6um band (2) 145-151 F7.4 mag [8.0] Observed AB magnitude in IRAC 8um band (2) 153-161 F9.5 mag FUVM Absolute AB magnitude in FUV band 163-171 F9.5 mag GMAG Absolute AB magnitude in G band 173-180 F8.4 mag RMAG Absolute AB magnitude in R band 182-189 F8.4 mag IMAG Absolute AB magnitude in I band 191-198 F8.4 mag zMAG Absolute AB magnitude in z band 200-207 F8.4 mag KMAG Absolute AB magnitude in K band 209-217 F9.5 mag [3.6]M Absolute AB magnitude in IRAC 3.6um band 219-227 F9.5 mag [8.0]M Absolute AB magnitude in IRAC 8um band 229-240 F12.8 Mpc Dists Distance to the skeleton (in Mpc/h) 242-256 F15.7 Mpc Distn Distance to the nodes of the skeleton (in Mpc/h) 258-272 F15.7 Msun/yr SFR Stellar formation rate 274-285 E12.9 Msun Mass Total stellar mass
Note (1): Redshift values: * for mn1.57.dat, z=1.56506 * for mn1.80.dat, z=1.80229 * for mn2.10.dat, z=2.09892 * for mn2.51.dat, z=2.50993 * for mn3.01.dat, z=3.00882 * for mn3.53.dat, z=3.53147 * for mn3.95.dat, z=3.95021 Note (2): Available filters: FUV = FUV Galex, 1520Å Gmag = G, 4810Å Rmag = R, 6980Å Imag = I CFHT 12K, 8130Å zmag = SDSS-z, 8960Å Kmag = Johnson K, 21950Å [3.6] = Spitzer IRAC channel 1 IRAC-3.6um, 35610Å [8.0] = Spitzer IRAC channel 4 IRAC-8um, 79580Å
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(End) Patricia Vannier [CDS] 04-Dec-2010
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