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J/MNRAS/402/226     NGC 5053 variables VrI light curves  (Arellano Ferro+, 2010)

CCD time-series photometry of the globular cluster NGC 5053: RR Lyrae, blue stragglers and SX Phoenicis stars revisited. Arellano Ferro A., Giridhar S., Bramich D.M. <Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 402, 226-244 (2010)> =2010MNRAS.402..226A
ADC_Keywords: Clusters, globular ; Stars, variable ; Photometry, VRI Keywords: stars: horizontal branch - stars: individual: RR Lyrae - globular clusters: individual: NGC 5053 Abstract: We report the results of CCD V, r and I time-series photometry of the globular cluster NGC 5053. New times of maximum light are given for the eight known RR Lyrae stars in the field of our images, and their periods are revised. Their V light curves were Fourier decomposed to estimate their physical parameters. Description: The observations employed in the present work were performed using the Johnson V, R and I filters and obtained with the 2.0-m telescope of the Indian Astronomical Observatory (IAO), Hanle, India, located at 4500m above sea level, during several runs between 2006 April and 2009 January. The cluster was observed during a total of 10 nights, and 151 images were gathered in the Johnson V, 139 in R and 13 in I. Objects: ----------------------------------------------- RA (2000) DE Designation(s) ----------------------------------------------- 13 16 27.0 +17 41 52 NGC 5053 = C 1313+179 ----------------------------------------------- File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file stars.dat 35 37 List of stars table2.dat 82 5561 V, r, I magnitudes of the RR Lyrae, variable blue stragglers and new variable stars in NGC 5053
Byte-by-byte Description of file: stars.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 4 A4 --- Star Star name (1) 6- 14 F9.7 d Per ? Period 16- 35 A20 --- SName Simbad name
Note (1): Nomenclature note: BSNN = Cl* NGC 5053 SMBS NN, Sarajedini and Milone, 1995AJ....109..269S NCNN = Cl* NGC 5053 NC NN, Nemec and Cohen, 1989ApJ...336..780N VNN = New variables, this paper
Byte-by-byte Description of file: table2.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 4 A4 --- Star Star name 6- 17 F12.4 d HJDV ? Heliocentric Julian date for V-band observation 19- 24 F6.3 mag Vmag ? Johnson V magnitude 26- 30 F5.3 mag e_Vmag ? rms uncertainty on Vmag 32- 43 F12.4 d HJDr ? Heliocentric Julian date for r-band observation 45- 50 F6.3 mag rmag ? Instrumental r magnitude 52- 56 F5.3 mag e_rmag ? rms uncertainty on rmag 58- 69 F12.4 d HJDI ? Heliocentric Julian date for I-band observation 71- 76 F6.3 mag Imag ? Johnson I magnitude 78- 82 F5.3 mag e_Imag ? rms uncertainty on Imag
History: From electronic version of the journal
(End) Patricia Vannier [CDS] 02-Jul-2010
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