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J/MNRAS/367/627     X-ray/NIR correlation for early-type galaxies (Ellis+, 2006)

Correlations of near-infrared, optical and X-ray luminosity for early-type galaxies. Ellis S.C., O'sullivan E. <Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc., 367, 627-645 (2006)> =2006MNRAS.367..627E
ADC_Keywords: Galaxy catalogs ; X-ray sources ; Infrared sources ; Photometry Keywords: galaxies: fundamental parameters - galaxies: general Abstract: The relation between X-ray luminosity and near-infrared (NIR) luminosity for early-type galaxies has been examined. NIR luminosities should provide a superior measure of stellar mass compared to optical luminosities used in previous studies, especially if there is significant star formation or dust present in the galaxies. However, we show that the X-ray-NIR relations are remarkably consistent with the X-ray-optical relations. This indicates that the large scatter of the relations is dominated by scatter in the X-ray properties of early-type galaxies, and is consistent with early-types consisting of old, quiescent stellar populations. We have investigated scatter in terms of environment, surface brightness profile, Mg2, Hβ, Hγ line strength indices, spectroscopic age and nuclear Hα emission. File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file tablea1.dat 78 376 Catalogue of X-ray luminosities for early-type galaxies
See also: J/MNRAS/328/461 : X-ray luminosities of early-type galaxies (O'Sullivan+, 2001) : LEDA and HyperLEDA Home Page Byte-by-byte Description of file: tablea1.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 10 A10 --- Name Galaxy name 11- 16 F6.2 Mpc Dist Distance (1) 18- 22 F5.2 [Sun] logLB B luminosity (2) 23 A1 --- n_logLB [*] *: values derived from mB 25- 29 F5.2 [Sun] logLKs Ks luminosity (3) 30 A1 --- n_logLKs [o] Flag for NGC 3557 (4) 32- 36 F5.2 [Sun] logLH H luminosity (3) 37 A1 --- n_logLH [o] Flag for NGC 3557 (4) 39- 40 A2 --- l_logLX [≤] Limit flag on logLX 41- 45 F5.2 [10-7W] logLX X-ray luminosity (5) 47 A1 --- Env1 [FGDC] Environment (6) 49 A1 --- Env2 [DGAC-] Environment (7) 51- 57 F7.4 --- Mg2 ?=- Absorption Mg2 line strength (8) 58- 63 F6.3 --- 100a(4)/a ?=- Isophotal shape parameter (9) 64- 67 F4.2 --- Gamma ?=- Slope of power-law, I(r)∝r-Gamma (10) 69- 72 F4.2 --- Hbeta ?=- Absorption Hbeta line strength (11) 74- 78 F5.2 --- Hgamma ?=- Absorption Hgamma line strength (11)
Note (1): From Prugniel & Simien (1996, Cat. J/A+A/309/749; HyperLEDA Note (2): BT and mB from LEDA or NED, Note (3): From Jarrett et al. (2003AJ....125..525J, 2000AJ....119.2498J). Apparent magnitudes were converted to luminosities using the distances in column 2 (see the text for details). Note (4): Flag not explained in the paper, for NGC 3557, logLKs=logLH=10.89. Apparently, not a Ks or H luminosity. Note (5): All values are from O'Sullivan et al. (2001, Cat. J/MNRAS/328/461), however, some of these were derived from the catalogues Beuing et al (1999MNRAS.302..209B>, Fabbiano et al. (1992, Cat. J/ApJS/80/531) and Roberts et al (1991ApJS...75..751R) Note (6): Environment following O'Sullivan et al. (2001, J/MNRAS/328/461): F = field galaxy G = group member (based on Garcia (1993, Cat. J/A+AS/100/47) C = cluster member (based on Abell et al. (1989, Cat. VII/110) and Faber et al. (1989, Cat. VII/176) D = distance>70Mpc (for which environment cannot be accurately determined). Note (7): Environment defined as follows: G = Brightest group galaxies from Garcia (1993, Cat. J/A+AS/100/47) C = brightest cluster galaxies from Abell et al. (1989, Cat. VII/110) and and Faber et al. (1989, Cat. VII/176) D = dwarfs (LB<10^{9} LB☉) A = AGN from Veron-Cetty and Veron, 2001A&A...374...92V, VII/224, as given in O'Sullivan et al. (2001, Cat. J/MNRAS/328/461) Note (8): From HyperLEDA, where more than one value was available an average value is given. Note (9): From Pellegrini (1999A&A...351..487P), Faber et al. (1997AJ....114.1771F) and Bender et al. (1989A&A...217...35B) Note (10): From Pellegrini (1997AJ....114.1771F), Rest et al. (2001AJ....121.2431R), Ravindranath et al. (2002ApJ...566..801R) and Faber et al. (1997AJ....114.1771F) Note (11): From Denicolo et al. (2005MNRAS.358..813D), Kuntschner (2000MNRAS.315..184K) and Trager (1997, PhD thesis)
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(End) Patricia Vannier [CDS] 02-Jun-2006
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