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J/ApJS/219/15   Morphologies of z=0-10 galaxies with HST data   (Shibuya+, 2015)

Morphologies of ∼190000 galaxies at z=0-10 revealed with HST legacy data. I. Size evolution. Shibuya T., Ouchi M., Harikane Y. <Astrophys. J. Suppl. Ser., 219, 15 (2015)> =2015ApJS..219...15S (SIMBAD/NED BibCode)
ADC_Keywords: Galaxy catalogs ; Morphology ; Photometry, HST ; Ultraviolet Keywords: early universe; galaxies: formation; galaxies: high-redshift Abstract: We present the redshift evolution of the galaxy effective radius re obtained from the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) samples of ∼190000 galaxies at z=0-10. Our HST samples consist of 176152 photo-z galaxies at z=0-6 from the 3D-HST+CANDELS catalog (Skelton+, 2014, J/ApJS/214/24) and 10454 Lyman break galaxies (LBGs) at z=4-10 identified in the Cosmic Assembly Near-infrared Deep Extragalactic Legacy Survey (CANDELS), HUDF 09/12, and HFF parallel fields, (Harikane+, 2015, in prep) providing the largest data set to date for galaxy size evolution studies. We derive re with the same technique over the wide redshift range of z=0-10, evaluating the optical-to-UV morphological K correction and the selection bias of photo-z galaxies+LBGs as well as the cosmological surface-brightness dimming effect. File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file table4.dat 123 80106 *Catalog of photo-z galaxies with our size measurements table5.dat 48 4993 Catalog of Lyman break galaxies (LBGs) with our size measurements
Note on table4.dat: A catalog of the photo-z galaxies with S/N≥15 and reliable outputs of GALFIT fitting.
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Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 7 A7 --- Field HST field name as in Skelton et al. 2014, J/ApJS/214/24; column added by CDS 9- 12 A4 --- --- Field abbreviation 13- 17 I5 --- ID Catalog identifier (1) 19- 23 F5.2 mag UVmag [19.7/30]? Total UV, 1500-3000Å, magnitude 25- 30 F6.2 mag e_UVmag [0/197]? Uncertainty in UVmag (2) 32- 37 F6.3 arcsec ReffUV [0.03/24]? Effective UV, 1500-3000A, radius (3) 39- 45 F7.3 arcsec e_ReffUV [0/151]? Uncertainty in ReffUV (2) 47- 50 F4.2 --- nUV [0.2/8]? UV, 1500-3000Å, Sersic index 52- 57 F6.2 --- e_nUV [0/200]? Uncertainty in nUV (2) 59- 62 F4.2 --- qUV [0.1/1]? UV, 1500-3000Å, axis ratio 64- 69 F6.2 --- e_qUV [0/199]? Uncertainty in qUV (2) 71- 75 F5.2 mag Optmag [16/30]? Total optical, 4500-8000Å, magnitude 77- 82 F6.2 mag e_Optmag [0/200]? Uncertainty in Optmag (2) 84- 89 F6.3 arcsec ReffOpt [0.03/24]? Effective Optical, 4500-8000Å, radius (3) 91- 97 F7.3 arcsec e_ReffOpt [0/189]? Uncertainty in ReffOpt (2) 99-102 F4.2 --- nOpt [0.2/8]? Optical, 4500-8000Å, Sersic index 104-109 F6.2 --- e_nOpt [0/198]? Uncertainty in nOpt (2) 111-114 F4.2 --- qOpt [0.1/1]? Optical, 4500-8000Å, axis ratio 116-121 F6.2 --- e_qOpt [0/186]? Uncertainty in qOpt (2) 123 I1 --- Flag GALFIT fitting reliability flag (1=good or 0=reliable measurement)
Note (1): The numeric characters correspond to the ID number in the 3D-HST catalog (Skelton et al. 2014, J/ApJS/214/24). IDs are not unique unless they are combined with the field name. Note (2): The uncertainties are the half-width of the 68%-confidence interval. Note (3): Along the major axis.
Byte-by-byte Description of file: table5.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 14 A14 --- ID Catalog identifier (1) 16- 20 F5.2 mag UVmag [21.6/29.6] Total UV, 1500-3000Å, magnitude 22- 25 F4.2 mag e_UVmag [0/3.2] Uncertainty in UVmag (2) 27- 30 F4.2 arcsec Reff [0.03/6] Effective UV, 1500-3000A, radius (3) 32- 35 F4.2 arcsec e_Reff [0/0.8] Uncertainty in Reff (2) 37- 40 F4.2 --- q [0.1/1] UV, 1500-3000Å, axis ratio 42- 46 F5.2 --- e_q [0/45] Uncertainty in q (2) 48 I1 --- Flag [0] GALFIT fitting reliability flag (0=reliable measurement) (4)
Note (1): A catalog of the LBGs with S/N≤15 and reliable outputs of GALFIT fitting. Catalog identifier from Y. Harikane et al. (in preparation). Note (2): All measurement uncertainties are the half-width of the 68%-confidence interval. Note (3): Along the major axis. Note (4): The values of 0 and 1 indicates reliable and good measurements, respectively. The GALFIT fitting is performed in the coadded HST images (see Section 3). Note that Sersic indices are not listed due to fixed n values in the GALFIT fitting.
History: From electronic version of the journal
(End) Prepared by [AAS], Emmanuelle Perret [CDS] 23-Sep-2015
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